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  1. But it hurts when I do that. Dan PS: For anyone else reading this and who don't what to hurt themselves, think tokenization.
  2. I'm sorry I have no clue what you are asking? Dan
  3. That is my shopping cart that I posted. I think the other checkout pages are stock but is there is something specific you're after let me know. Dan
  4. In theory I agree with this but in practice I find that most customers don't login until they have to ie to check out. At that point they already have what they want in their shopping carts so adding to the cart based on previous order history usually doesn't help much -- at least that has been my experience. Previous customers also tend to order other items, they may have purchased in the past from other vendors, rounding out their orders. They don't need to visit the product-info page. Allowing them to "add to cart" from any of the pages using product_listing routine saves another step and click. To me, as was stated earlier, I think this all depends on your customer demographics so your mileage might be different. Dan
  5. Yup...I think that at times we believe it's a problem on our end when really it's a PayPal issue. Dan
  6. Indeed....I get pretty emotional when I'm reminded of stories like this. On 9/11, a tiny Canadian town opened its runways and heart to 7,000 stranded travelers Dan
  7. I forget you were in Florida John. I bet you're glad you're not in the Keys. I assume you were down due to the power...we sent down a lot of Hydro guys to help out as you guys do when we have our sever ice storms. Dan
  8. Personally I have my Purchase Buttons ( I don't think most customers really make any distinction about whether it is called a Buy Now or Add to Cart button these days ) on both my Product Listing and Product Info pages....about 50% of my business is repeat business so I think it makes sense to do that in a business like mine. I think if my demographic was entirely or mostly new customers I'd want them to see the product details (product info page) and would likely just want my Purchase button shown there. I think your customer demographic should dictate how you handle this....and probably how many lawyers you have involved in your business. Dan
  9. John a few month ago I had a few duplicate orders and happened over a span of a couple of days and then stopped. In one case the customer was aware of it and in the other case they were not. I got the sense that it was an issue that PayPal was experiencing. It hasn't happened since. I've also seen some strange things with them transferring funds to my bank account on my request...doing so and not debiting my PayPal account. On another occasion they completed a transfer...then later reversed it saying they had a system issue so I repeated it and then they repeated it. They actually caused my Paypal account to be overdrawn and then refused a couple of small automatic monthly bill payments I had set up. Simply put, some strange activity for a large financial institution like PayPal. Nothing surprises me now. Dan
  10. John I use Paypal standard and have both IPN and PDT enabled? I'm no expert on configuring Paypal but I've been using it like that for years without issue. Dan
  11. Does Walmart count? Dan
  12. Bootstrap with the modular shopping cart. Dan
  13. I don't use this specific discount code module but my shopping cart looks like this....I would think that this module would be similar or at least should be. Dan
  14. There should be one on the shopping cart page already. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be of much help testing this since I use a different discount coupon module but I am curious as to why this one doesn't work Paypal Standard. Dan