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  1. @Tsimi Hi Lambros....glad you're having a look. I don't know much about XAMPP so I can't help any there. I'm not sure what you installed but I uploaded a package to the add-ons area awhile ago and there are instructions in it regarding the changes needed to get bootstrap loaded and the css as well. Perhaps you just installed a zip upload that added an additional module some time afterwards. If you've loaded the package from the add-ons area and are still having trouble let me know and I'll do what I can to help. Dan
  2. Editing CSS

    Are you making the changes to user.css? Are you using the last version of osC? See my signature file below. Dan
  3. Merge Accounts

    Jack does this need to move the account details from the old account to the new or more recent account? Can that be optional? I can see this being useful to merge old accounts with newer ones but I wouldn't want to carry old address information forward. Dan
  4. I did a little more research and it looks like there is an agreement between the EU and US which might account for the EUs over reach on this. I also noted that the US has complicated matters further but imposing obligations and sanctions for failing to preserve certain electronic data. Looks like this is getting to be a fairly complicated issue and it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out. https://www.inta.org/Advocacy/Documents/2017/Article - Compliance with the EU_S General Data Protection Regulation and US Discovery Law.pdf Dan
  5. I'm not convinced....I would love to see an article addressing the legal aspects of it, especially one written by an authority outside the EU. Fortunately I don't sell of ship anything outside of Canada or the US so I don't have to worry about it. Dan
  6. I'm no lawyer but I'm not sure this is true. As I understand it, the EU or any country for that matter only has the ability to write laws governing their own people...they can't impose laws or rules on the citizens of other countries nor could they enforce them. Dan
  7. Finding sp0ecific .php page

    Start from scratch? Hopefully you haven't been modifying core files. If you have added items to your database you should be able to recover that data. Just be sure to back everything up first. Dan
  8. Finding sp0ecific .php page

    There is one in my signature file. Dan
  9. Finding sp0ecific .php page

    Yes...that is what the EDGE (responsive version) is all about. Your site will be viewed correctly on all devices. It uses the Bootstrap framework...have a look at the BootStrap website for more information on their framework. Dan
  10. Jack means without the last few lines that contain the database details. He needs more coffee. Dan
  11. And please be sure you're using the latest version of osC. See MrPhils signature file or mine for that mattter. Dan
  12. Unable to have Products appear under Categories

    Are there products as well as sub-categories listed under the categories? I've had problems in the past when there were a mix of products and sub-categories listed under a particular category. Dan
  13. See my signature file. Did you download the most current version of osC? Dan
  14. Contribution for AJAX image upload

    Can you provide a link to it? Maybe someone can get a hint from the code or they might recognize a table name or database field. Dan
  15. Modular Shopping Cart

    I think you're right. Dan