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  1. Dan Cole

    Upgrading to the latest version

    Or if you're not a member of the club it's on the osC download page... https://www.oscommerce.com/Products Dan
  2. Dan Cole

    Import CSV?

    Take a look at EasyPopulate...it'll allow you to import and export product information using a csv file. It might do what you want or at least get you on your way. Dan
  3. Dan Cole

    Products Image Verify

    I would turn on error reporting to see what messages are shown. Once you know what the problem is you can then fix them or ask for additional help. Dan
  4. Dan Cole

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I don't use this version but normally if you go to your customers list, select a customer and then create order it should take you to edit_orders.php so you can add a phone order etc. At least it does with the version I use. Dan
  5. Dan Cole

    Phoenix Dashboard

    When it gets released beyond the Club, I'm sure Gary will post the usual install instructions. Dan
  6. You need to add that field to your products table. That field was missing in my database at one point too. Back up your database and then try adding it. I did so using... ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `products_gtin` CHAR(14) NULL AFTER `products_ordered`; Dan
  7. Perfect....wasn't hard was it? Congratulations. Just because Gary releases an update doesn't mean that you need to stop what you're doing. Get your store up and running and come back to that at some future date. Dan
  8. Tom I would just follow Gary's advice and copy over the entire database, minus the configuration files. You'll want to keep your Phoenix configuration files. That is the easiest approach and exactly what I did....you'll be missing a couple of fields but Phoenix will complain about those and you can simply add them. You'll end up with some data you don't need but it really doesn't matter...in my case I actually wanted that data. I added extra fields over the years and didn't want to loose any of that information I had collected. Dan
  9. Congratulations Martin. Woot, woot!!! Dan
  10. I think I gave up on this one...faced the same issues and fate as Malcolm did. My advice...move along...it will be a time sink and not likely end well. Dan
  11. Interesting idea. 👍 Dan PS: That's one ugly thumbs up Emoji.
  12. That's a good example....now lets see if there is any interest. Dan
  13. You're right...for some reason, over night, I recalled trying to get a "How to get help" post pinned and we weren't able to do that either so it would need to be a pinless thread. Not ideal but not a show stopper either. Dan
  14. I haven't seen any information on what is involved in the certification process but was under the impression that it was per developer. I'm not sure how feasible or practical that would be, for the masses though. I guess if we had a few certified developers, willing to adopt many of these add-ons it could work otherwise I think number 3 is probably closer to what was being suggested and would maybe serve as a stop gap measure and perhaps a task list. Unless I'm mistaken (and it is entirely possible) I think Gary has the ability to pin posts. Whether he'll want to or not I don't know. Dan
  15. Matt...I had a quick peek. It looks like that dashboard was added in but unfortunately I'm not that up-to-date yet. As I recall, I think we both saw a preview of it and, unless it changed substantially I don't think it would capture what was being suggested here. I think the suggestion was to pull together a list of add-ons, not only certified ones, but also ones from shop owners and other contributors, including add-ons that have been around for years and been updated to work with Phoenix. Things like the Order Editor that is invaluable to many, has been around for years and most recently updated by BrockleyJohn or perhaps the Multi-Zone-Multi-Table add- on I was messing around with the other day or the bunch of add-ons that Jack has been updating recently. Having a list of those that work and are generally very useful would, I think, be a big help to newer users of Phoenix that just aren't familiar with what is available or even how to find them if they did. As I'm sure you're aware, the add-ons area is a mess in it's current form. Dan