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  1. @greasemonkeySorry Scott...I just realized you were talking about the product_listing page and not product_info...the later is what he has been working on. And I've had lots of coffee today. Dan PS: And you're right...it would be good to see that modularized. It is probably something that the community could tackle like what we've done with the shopping cart and checkout processes.
  2. @greasemonkey Scott I think Gary just finished doing this...have a look at the repo. Dan
  3. Paypal duplicate orders

    That thought went through my mind as well especially since I hadn't heard/seen mention of it anywhere else. I agree with you regarding the ever increasing fees, not only with PayPal but with the various credit card issuers as well. I would love to have a good EMT payment module to reduce my operating cost in this area. Dan
  4. Paypal duplicate orders

    Yes, it seems to be a bit of a comfort thing. Dan
  5. Paypal duplicate orders

    Sorry, no idea John...it was kind of mentioned in passing as he was trying to move me to the Express Checkout Platform. I googled for a date but couldn't come up with anything. Dan
  6. Paypal duplicate orders

    Received another duplicate payment earlier this morning. It resulted in different osC order numbers but with the same PayPal transaction number showing in the Order Status information for both orders. Interestingly the PayPal confirmation emails that I received showed different transaction numbers though...one was the same as shown in the Order Status info but the other was an entirely different number. I've been in touch with the customer and have inquired if anything odd happened on their end I'll report back if I learn anything useful. BTW, I'm using Paypal Standard which my PayPal rep indicated was being discontinued in a recent introduction phone call. Dan
  7. Rainer are these things you need answers to or looking for feedback on? Dan
  8. The version your host is suggesting is also out of date. You should update to the latest version...EDGE. You'll find the link in my signature file and it is already mobile friendly. Dan
  9. Upgrading to the latest version

    @suscrofa Lark...see the link in my signature file...is that where you got the latest version from? Also what exactly was the server error? Dan
  10. @burt I guess I really did need that coffee. I completely missed the fact that you updated the module files. It works and looks much better/cleaner. Dan
  11. @burt Gary @piernas Juanma I added this to my test site and I couldn't see any problems with the way the spacer is handled. I assume I shouldn't see any change on the display side of things but I'm curious if my coffee has kicked in. Oh wait, I haven't had any yet. Off to get some coffee. Dan
  12. @frankl Frank I think this is the right next step and I'll certainly do what I can to help but first I think we need to get the EDGE Community Version locked down. Testing is needed and there doesn't seem to be very much interest in helping out. I hope that is not a sign of the interest in osC as a whole. I think it's time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and give EDGE the final push that it needs. If you're reading this and can help out please see this thread. Once EDGE gets finalized then hopefully the active community will get behind this initiative. I will, and will definitely push to get some kind of workable team structure in place to make this a reality. In summary, I think this is a great idea. Dan
  13. Updates to osCommerce

    Yup....start upgrading to EDGE. Install it in a separate directory on your site and start configuring it to work as you want/like. There is a link to that download in my signature file. There a lots on threads on how to update the database files and get any other help you might need but the key is to get started. Dan
  14. Which file controls showing products

    Any problems that you'll have will likely be the result of having added dated add-ons so you should be able to just test them out and verify whether they work correctly or not. Dan
  15. Addon installer concept

    IMHO, I think this is the way forward, if we can get a proper management structure in place to keep things moving. Dan