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  1. Dan Cole

    Missing order(s)

    Are you using the Paypal APP or an older add-on? Dan
  2. Dan Cole

    getting 'easy' csv import to work

    I'm going to lock this thread so it doesn't get out of hand but leave it here as an example of how not to ask for help. If the OP persists further action will be taken. Let's all play nice folks. Dan
  3. Well you can vote NO but you can't change your vote after you've already voted. Bummer I thought we might use the poll feature in rating the add-ons but it seems that is not a viable option. Dan
  4. It is interesting that no one voted no....even those who were quick to criticize the whole idea....can you actually vote no?...I'm off to try it. I also want to see if you can change your vote. Dan
  5. The system I use also records the tracking number with in the order status comments so I always have a record of it. Dan
  6. Haven't had that one asked yet but I have been asked why the shipper doesn't have a record of the shipment. It is probably an answer that needs to be added to my shipping notification email. Dan
  7. We generate the shipping labels using the shippers software. In my case it is either Canada Post or Fedex. The labels have the bar coded tracking numbers on them so it is just a matter of scanning that bar code as the label is being produced. I then modified one of the osC batch report contributions to accept the tracking number and send out the usual emails and update the order status etc. It took a task that was getting very time consuming and made it easy, pesy. Sometimes customers now have the tracking information before we can even get the label on the box. Dan
  8. Are you entering the tracking numbers by hand Steve? We did that for years until one day....when the team let me near the shipping station, I realized I had the tracking number in my hand standing next to a bar code reader. I now scan the label bar codes and send out the YOUR ORDER HAD SHIPPED emails as the labels are being printed. I use a modified batch report to do the actual work. It has been a tremendous help. Dan
  9. Dan Cole

    Paypal App - Fee

    Thanks for the explanation John and for hanging in there with me....that makes sense now....I was reading to much into your first post. For us, there are no charges for making cash deposits and of course no risk of charge backs, so cash is still king around here and is encouraged even for retail sales. The under the table stuff is a whole different matter however. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I was raised to honestly to pay that game. I probably couldn't manage a second set of books anyway. Dan
  10. Dan Cole

    Paypal App - Fee

    I'm not sure I understand John. So you can discount for cash as long as you offer that discount to everyone paying in cash? Dan
  11. Trying to add some way to rate/review add-ons has been under discussion on the forums, for years. I just saw this as an extension of that -- I didn't realize that Gary was getting complaints. Dan
  12. Sounds like you grew up in my era. Dan
  13. I think we can all agree with that. The idea as I see it, is to see if we can come up with something that we can do while we wait for a more ideal solution. Dan
  14. It looks like you can vote as often as you want but perhaps it just adjusts your rating rather then affecting the average. Maybe adding a simple poll to the support threads might help. ie as simple as Solid add-on. OR Can be Improved (PM author). Dan
  15. Done....I didn't see any moderation functions or any idea of what it is suppose to mean. Dan