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  1. @Dutch1 So you want to continue to use 2.4? Dan
  2. @ArtcoInc Hi Malcolm. This concept evolved over time and is quite involved. At this point I really don't have the time to properly write it up but if you really want to go down this path I would suggest starting up a separate thread on the topic and I'll try to give you a bullet form outline of what I did and try to help with any questions you might have. It really isn't all that complicated but be prepared to invest a ton of time making changes and modifying core code. Dan
  3. @Jack_mcs Thanks Jack...I was coming to that conclusion they say the proof is in the pudding. It's now on my ever growing list of things to do. Dan
  4. @Dutch1 David here is a summary of where we are with the osC releases. You should be using the EDGE version referenced in that post. 2.4 is still under development and not ready for prime time. Dan
  5. I looked at the pricing and it seemed ridiculously cheap but that is certainly an important criteria. Their calculator can be found here. See the Cloud DataStore Tab. Speed is definitely another important criteria. I didn't see any bench marks but I'd want it to be at least as fast as it would be if it was maintained on the same server where our site was hosted. To me the advantage of having one Database, and the efficiencies that arise from that, is the big plus. BTW, I saw on one of the Cpanels I access something referenced as a Remote Database. I didn't look at it closely but do you happen to know if that might accomplish the same thing as Google seems to be offering? ie the ability to access it from different servers hosting different instances of osC? Dan
  6. I operate a couple of different sites that using a singe MySQL database. Until now the sites have been using separate instances of osC called from different sub directories. Each osC instances has been tailored for the particular site using defines in the configuration files and different configuration tables. Data is pulled/added to the single database. I can select which manufacturers, categories and products etc appear on a particular site or across different sites. This has worked well for several years and the single database allows me to easily manage customer interactions, email marketing, products, orders etc all in one spot without duplication. I've been thinking about moving these sites to separate domains and setting up additional micro sites and have been wondering about hosting the database in the cloud which should allow me to continue to use a single database while deploying the sites across different domains/hosts. I'm not 100% sure I want to do this yet but I'll likely spin off a test site to get my feet wet and see what issues arise. The idea has been percolating for awhile now and at this point I'm wondering if anyone is using a Cloud based MySQL database like Google Cloud SQL with osC and what they think of it. Does it work well? Is it efficient, fast etc? What are the pros and cons etc. I would be interested in any experience or comments you might have in regards to operating osC on a Cloud based or remote database. Dan
  7. have a bit of work to do to get it the way you want but it should be pretty easy work. Dan
  8. It should be easy enough to add an extra field to store the cost if that is all you want to do and there are contributions or add-ons that will walk you through that process. Dan
  9. @richard101000 By net price, are you talking about cost? Not sure I understand what you want to do, where and for what purpose? Maybe a little more detailed information will help. Dan
  10. I was forwarded to the status maintenance page. Dan
  11. @mhsuffolk might be locked so no one but the original author can update the addon but I'm not sure how you can determine that. You might just want to upload your update, as a new contribution, giving credit where credit is due and indicting that it is an update and what is new. Dan
  12. @Bobber There is an add on for Quantity Price Breaks if that is what you are looking for. It'll probably need a fair bit of updating to work with current versions of osC but it might give you some ideas on how to do what you want. Dan
  13. @greasemonkey @sapguy Very interesting Scott....I'm waiting to see what Petter comes up with for integrating osC with Amazon....if it is not too time consuming I'll be testing this too. Seems I need to set up a merchant account before I can get the developers credentials he pointed us to. That involves a monthly fee so I thought I'd take a wait and see approach before taking the plunge. Dan
  14. @burtNice to know you're okay....we were worried about you. Dan
  15. @greasemonkey Scott I had a call shortly after this thread was started offering me a platform for shipping from a company that seems to be based in Toronto. I'm not sure how it fits in with what you're working on but I thought I'd pass the information and link along in case if was of any interest to you. Dan