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  1. It is part of the supporters code so folks that are behind the project get it automatically and the pieces fit together nicely. Others will have to find their own way, hence my suggestion to you. Dan
  2. Fredi for the slider you might want to check with Jack...he has a jessor slider but I don't know if he updated it to work with the Advert Mgr or not. I use his slider on an older site with the also old banner manager and it works well. If he hasn't updated it, he might have it on his list of things to do. Dan
  3. You may also find these videos, that Gary posted, helpful if you haven't seen them already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNn-E2HORmQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrOacTp4Pyg Dan
  4. Fredi...were you using it in an earlier version of Phoenix or is that a new install of Advert Manager with Dan
  5. The table defines were removed a long time ago so you should be able to just replace... with... Dan
  6. Dan Cole

    Store Search Bar (BS)

    Harald is on the only one that can change it but it can always be uploaded as a new version. Dan
  7. Gary, I assume you mean withOUT a core code change? Dan
  8. I have those working and have prettied them up over the years and while they are all individual modules the routine to do accomplish that is hacked into the index page as I recall. At some point I might rework them so they are of use in Phoenix, if and when I ever get the time to look at the admin side of my shop. It certainly won't be anytime soon. Dan
  9. @ArtcoInc Sorry Malcolm I'm not going to be of much use to you on this. My admin is still running on RC2. I've made so many hacks to the core on the admin side of my shop over the years that I'm not sure where to start (not really) and it has a real low priority for me. Dan
  10. As a wise person once said.... If you are not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Dan
  11. No one should be upset by that. It is a good thing. Shop owners and developers just need pick the version they want to use or support and go from there. You don't need to follow every update as some seem to be doing and then complain to developers that add-ons are broken. Dan
  12. I would, at least start working on updating. Frozen is getting a little long on the tooth and is sun-setted. If you're relying on any add-ons using might be your best bet. I would land there and once you get that as you like....launch it and then begin updating beyond that. Dan
  13. For me that is both fair and realistic. I have add-ons I can't live without and until they are updated the choice is update or keep those functions. My current plan is to get a live site up and running (I'm close) and then keep a development branch going that I can add updates to, both core and add-ons. Taking that to say and when it's ready to release, I'll rinse and repeat. Until the add-ons get to a point where they are not impacted by changes to the core I don't think it can be managed in any other way. If there is, I'd certainly be interested in knowing. Dan
  14. Dan Cole


    You don't have to update but it is a good opportunity to see the latest developments, what is planned and the support that is offered. You'll also ensure that any requests you have for help are seen by those who can help. Many of them are no longer active in the open part of this forum, or at least don't frequent it as often as they once use to. Dan
  15. Dan Cole


    I think there is one in the Phoenix Club where you can show your gratitude. 😀 Dan