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  1. The test looks a little odd to me but in any case it looks like it was added along the way to support a Google Map Add on. I don't use that addon so I really don't know anything about what it's purpose is....I'm guessing that it will show or give you directions to the delivery address. But that is just a guess on my part. Dan
  2. I assume the email address that is set in admin is used....try.....Admin -> Configuration -> My Store - > E-Mail From Dan
  3. I'm seeing the comment box and I'm using Firefox. What you're seeing Jim is a lot different then what I see though. Let me see if I can add a screen shot. That seems to have the drag and drop feature for adding images. Dan
  4. It can't hurt....go for it. Dan
  5. I think all that is trying to say is it wasn't needed in prior versions of EDGE or Gold but in any case, if you got it working that is all that matters. Dan
  6. Tim...I'm just curious... Do you know what they were selling...were they unique items or common commodities? I can see doing well if you have a unique item(s) but for low margin commodities I think you'll have a had time covering the added cost. At least that was my experience but I often wonder if I should try again. Dan
  7. Eveline....I'm not sure if you fully resolved your issues or not but you can also install the compatibility add on which will resolve these missing filenames for any of the older add-ons. Dan
  8. I had a few minutes today to play around with this again and as I was tweaking the css for one of the pages I realized it was messing with the css created by my ribbon overlay hook on another page. Turns out that my product listing boxes are a slightly different size then the boxes on my specials and new products pages. I'm not sure if that is unique to my site or is standard osC but in any case as I was looking for a way to solve this I started thinking about ways to load different css code depending on the page you were calling and came up with this. <body id="<?php echo basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], ".php")."-page"?>"> It gives you a unique ID (ie #index-page when on the index page or #specials-page when on the specials page etc.) for each page when added to template_top in place of the standard <body> tag. You can then target and alter the stardard css elements differently from page to page to set different sizes, fonts, colors etc. Of course it is not my original idea, just a trick I discovered and thought I would try to solve the problem I was having and as it turns out, it works like a charm. The only problem I have is that it alters cord code and I would like to avoid that if possible. Can anyone think of another way to do this without altering the core? Dan
  9. Thought a quick update was in order. I have now added this to my live shop and I quite like the way it looks. It quickly brings special items to the attention or our customers. As you might recall from my initial post, it entered this world as a hook and has remained that way so far. I'm not sure there is any real value in converting it to a content module but we'll see where it takes us. At this point I've added the hook to the product listing and new products page so it shows up on most pages but still needs to be added to the also purchased page and perhaps there are other pages where it should be included as well. My intention is to have it included on all product listing type pages. As for what the hook now does. So far it is set up to display a ribbon, using different colors and text, for new products, specials and for free shipping. It should be easy to add other ribbons as the ideas arise. I've also included the css directly within the hook but I'm leaning to having it in a separate css file. I just don't like seeing the css in the source code. If anyone wants to have a look at this or install it, pm me with your email address and I'll send you the code. Once it is tested by a few, I'll post the code here so anyone that wants it, or wants a chuckle at my coding skills, can have it. Dan
  10. My email list has been growing quite nicely since I added the subscriber pop up and I think it is time to take advantage of it. The subscribers have received some of my newsletter blasts but now I'd like to send some automatic emails to the list I'm thinking it would be nice to set up a New Products and Specials segment. To start I want to build.... 1. a nicely formatted html email that pulls it's content from my New Products'll be a query of course but would follow the formatting and content used for the New Products page. 2. create the ability to add segments to my subscribers list so customers can opt in and out of receiving emails for new products and specials. 3. bring my email list in house. 4. automate the process of generating and sending the emails. There are probably things I'm over looking at this point but I'm sure they will present themselves as I good forward. To get things started is anyone aware of an add on (or have a routine) that builds an html email based on either their new products or specials? I hate reinventing the wheel. Dan
  11. That is the best approach....if the core changes you won't need to redo it worst, you should be able to just install the content module again. You'll also be able to contribute your work to the community if you wish. Dan
  12. Thanks Tim...hopefully I'll remember that, or at least this thread, if I ever need it again. I appreciate it. Dan
  13. Thanks Jack....I decided, rather than mess with the existing array, to just build my own and that got me past that hurdle. Using the correct terminology I was also able to find a few stackoverflow posts that would have allowed me to alter the existing array using a foreach loop but I finally decided to just build my own. Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate it. Dan
  14. @@Jack_mcs @@clustersolutions Sorry guys....I must admit I don't have a firm grasp on the terminology used for the different arrays. What I want to do is take the first example of the array that I posted and change or convert it to the format of the second array. I think this question by Jack is probably using the right terminology....and the terminology seems pretty simple put that way. :thumbsup: And the answer is yes, I think so. Dan