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  1. It has been awhile....3 years....where does the time go? I'm pretty sure Jim's build was simply a stock install so I don't think any add-ons were involved. If you like what you see have a look at a stock install of the version of osC that you're using to see if it does what you want out of the box. It maybe that you've made changes that are preventing you from getting the look/function you're looking for. Dan
  2. Dan Cole

    Fake accounts

    If that's what they are doing, you are spot on as usual Rainer. The ones I've seen on my site were only changing, as I recall, the email address but if everything is being changed I see the problem. Dan
  3. Dan Cole

    Fake accounts

    What do you mean by this Gergely? Won't you just limit how frequently one can access that page if you set up an action recorder module for it? Dan
  4. Dan Cole

    2.4 Series

    I'm hoping that we've covered this often enough recently we'll not have to deal with it again anytime soon. I don't know about the other moderators but I'll certainly be less forgiving of this behavior on a going forward basis. Thanks for that Zahid...I found a few similar packages as I was researching this. I'm guessing that something like this was used in the add-on we were discussing. Dan
  5. Dan Cole

    2.4 Series

    I dealt with/deleted the slider for both this reason and at the request of one of the authors of the posts that got a bit out of hand. Personal digs and attacks are not at all helpful and are in violation of the forum rules. Let's all take a deep breath before saving those posts and be respectful to each other. It makes for a much better community. Dan
  6. Dan Cole

    Come together

    Locked as requested Scott. Dan
  7. Dan Cole

    cannot login

    Google is your friend... oscommerce resetting admin password Dan
  8. I don't think it was just with 7.2 issue but irregardless, getting it sorted is a good thing. Dan
  9. Dan Cole

    SPPC - for 2.3.4

    This query isn't right but it has me wondering where it came from...I can't image that it was in the add-on. It should probably be something like... $price_query = tep_db_query("select customers_group_price from products_groups WHERE products_id = ' " . (int)$products_id . " ' AND customers_group_id = ' ". (int)$customers_group . " ' "); Dan
  10. Can you call/ask the customer what was happening and if they can recreate it? That is probably what I would do. Dan
  11. Dan Cole

    Pay what you want pricing

    I think the problem was they were buying a more expensive package so they owed him the difference...he is just looking for an easy way to handle that. I think Tim's solution is a good one. Dan
  12. Dan Cole

    Pay what you want pricing

    Phil...I think the customer has already purchased a package but wants to buy a different one so CCGV will probably work. You give them a credit for the package they purchased and don't want...they order the package they do want...apply the credit and pay the balance. I think that is what the OP was saying. Dan
  13. Dan Cole

    TEP STOP error when changing to PHP7.2

    That's the right answer. Keeping the old version running will be a continued source of problems. Dan
  14. Dan Cole

    Report or tool to show when product was sold

    @14steve14 Steve I use the one that you had trouble with. As I recall it needed a fair bit of work and I may have tweaked it some for my purposes but it was well worth the effort. It is probably the add on that I use the most....it is very helpful to see where your inventory goes, who bought what as well as for cross sell, recalls, warranty stuff etc. It is invaluable to me. You might find it helpful to get the information you want in some other way, for the time, being but don't give up on that add-on. As I said, for me it was well worth the effort and I'd be happy swap files with you for comparison purposes if you want. Dan
  15. Dan Cole

    Discount Modules - Any Views?

    Just FWIIW, I believe the Discount Code add-on was a collaboration between Lambros and Rainer and there is a 2.3.1 version but I haven't used it and just wanted to give you another option. I wasn't pushing one or the other and in fact I use the Discount Coupon add-on referenced by Jack. Dan