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  1. Dan Cole

    New installation - which one to choose?

    Yes you should be setting up Phoenix....Frozen is an older version and has reached SunSet Status with EOL scheduled for the end of the year. This post might help you understand the naming convention but suffice it to say...install Phoenix. Bootstrap is a dependency used by all of these versions however Phoenix uses a more up to date version. I hope that helps.... Dan
  2. Juanma I haven't looked at any of the admin updates other then looking at the screen shots that were posted but I know you've probably been following those threads. Do you know if any of them have taken a modular approach with their builds similar to what is used and evolving on the shop side of things? Dan
  3. If you haven't been making changes to the core code the update should be pretty easy. Updates to php, osC and other dependencies are just a fact of life. Just be sure to keep the core changes to a minimum and if you do find it necessary...keep a good record of them as MrPhil has mentioned numerous times. Dan
  4. Dan Cole

    Undefined index:

    Based on the add on that line should look like this.... tep_db_query("delete from " . TABLE_STOCK_NOTIFICATION . " where snid = " . (int)$_GET['delete'] . " and " . $customer_id . '= sn_customer_id'); I still don't like that single quote at the end but let's assume it's okay. Are you getting any MySQL error messages? One of the things I like to do when I have trouble with queries is to run them from phpmyadmin, adding the actual variables to see where things are failing and why. Dan
  5. Dan Cole

    Undefined index:

    In the code in your first post you seem to be mixing quotes....some single and others double. Sorting that out might help. Dan
  6. Dan Cole

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    I don't use this but based on the line you quoted above, try changing.... tep_href_link('invoice.php', to tep_href_link('pdfinvoice.php', You could also try moving your pdfinvoice.php to the admin directory. I'm assuming there are no instructions with the add-on? Let us know what happens and maybe we can give a little more guidance. Dan
  7. Then I'm not sure what to say other than PayPal might have had a hiccup on their end. Every now and again (fortunately not often) I have had something similar happen and never been able to trace it down. Dan
  8. Does anything show up for the missing order, in your paypal apps log? Maybe there is a clue there as to what went wrong. Dan
  9. Probably a stupid question (I'm good at that LOL) but did you ask your friend why they placed the second order? I assume they noticed something wrong and repeated the order. Dan
  10. It would be nice to sort out any issues beforehand. Dan
  11. What are the issues? It is about to become an osC offered download so if there are any problems it would be good to get them sorted out. Dan
  12. @peterbuzzin Peter, this thread might be of interest to you....
  13. I don't think it was Gary's call but I'm not sure. I believe it was a decision taken by Harald. Keep in mind that OSC V3 was released long before Bootstrap came along. If it helps, there is a compatibility add-on that you can use to continue on with the defines...at least for filenames. I understand your point about tables and as I recall some were upset about that aspect of the change. There was some discussion about using a table prefix and namespaces but a lot of that discussion was lost on me. I'm sure those threads are still here somewhere if you care to look for them. I'm not sure I understand why you'd want to have the filenames as a define though since I don't see the need to ever change them. IMHO it just adds a layer of complication in installing modules and updating a filenames.php file for no particular reason. If you can make a case to revert that decision, maybe someone will change that, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Dan
  14. It is intentional Peter and was decided a few years back. I guess it was felt that adding a define was just adding another step for something that was of little, if any, benefit. How often are you going to change one of the file names and I guess if you were going to do that for some reason, a global search and replace can be used these days. Probably not something you could do easily 20 years ago. Dan