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  1. From the forum guidelines... If you want to get started with something we can assist with, see the link in my signature file for the latest version of osC to install. Dan
  2. Dan Cole

    version with php7.2

    While Gary won't mention it -- he is far to humble 😀, you can provide support by purchasing one or more of his excellent add-on modules. For details see his Club osC forum. Funds obtained in that way are ear marked by him, so he can to continue provide support for the community versions of osC. Dan
  3. See the link in my signature file on how to get the help you need. Dan
  4. Dan Cole

    Flat Rate Shipping

    Have you looked at this add-on? Separate Shipping Per Product v2.5[SSPP] Dan
  5. I don't have time to play around with this at the moment but that should be possible. If you're having trouble with the query have a look at the product query used to handle 'specials'. That should give you a place to start. Dan
  6. Dan Cole


    @Hotclutch The second post is definitely a spammer and he/she or it is about to be toast. Dan
  7. Dan Cole

    Changing Address Format

    @MrPhil Seriously....I always thought you were a pretty smart guy Phil. Surely you knew Canada was number 1. 🤣 Dan
  8. Dan Cole

    Bulk SMS API

    Link removed...please let us know how this relates to osCommerce? Dan
  9. Dan Cole

    adminAppMenu Missing

    So why not post the details of your configure.php file (minus your db login information of course) so someone can have a look and offer suggestions. Dan
  10. Dan Cole

    Email queuing system

    I noticed that too Gary and I look forward to seeing how it works "accessing a special page". Great idea. 👍 Dan
  11. Dan Cole

    Email queuing system

    @ArtcoInc It sends both, in the same email, for those who were raised funny. 😂 Dan
  12. Dan Cole

    Email queuing system

    @ArtcoInc It is indeed HTML....Gary is using the tep_mail function which sends both HTML and Text (assuming HTML is set to true, as I learned the hard way). It works well but needs a bit of tweaking for linefeeds but otherwise handles it well. I just needed to hack my slug. Dan
  13. Dan Cole

    Email queuing system

    Gary has been letting me play around with his new Queued Email add-on and I thought I would try to dress up one of the emails. I selected the standard Order Confirmation email and here is what I came up with. It works a treat and is sent automatically in place of the stock Order Confirmation Email. His system does a lot more then just replace the stock emails, so it'll be a must have when it's released.
  14. Not sure what that is...get the latest version from the link in my signature file. Dan