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  1. guido76

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Maybe I have the same problem....the latest versione of OSC with Price Breaks and Login for Pirce Contributions. Well everything seems to be working but as i am on the product info page and ad I add the product to the shopping cart in quantity > of 1 using the quantity box, I got a shopping cart page with the quantity always of two.... I don't know where could be the problem....
  2. guido76

    Extra Field in Product Listing

    Thanks for the suggestion, also if I'm not sure that this contribution works with product listing files.... I already have the extra products fileds running and i hoped to use that data but if necessary, I'll replace fileds with this contribution..
  3. Hi Every body, I've seen that there is the possibility to add to the product listing page the extra field of a product like in this website http://www.emailers.it/index.php?cPath=3 Does anyone knows if this is a particular contribution?
  4. guido76

    Category Box + Gender Box

    As a new osc user, in the past months i've placed few answers and waited for a reply that never appeared. And it happens also now. Unfortunately I do not know oscommerce as well as to be able to help other users with therir matters but I'm astonished for how anybody never replies to a post that maybe could not be directly useful to them.
  5. Hi everybody, I have seen that actually in my shop the customer can reach a certain product just surfing the category box or the manufacter box (a part from new products or most sold). I'd like to have to have more boxes to classify products but i couldn't find any contributions that could help e with that. I've seen that zen cart allows to classify the products in differnt way with more category box, but i couldn't find something similiar for osc...does anyone know a contributions that allows you to do that?
  6. Hi, unfortunately i can't use the contribution due to .htacces mode set to off.... so i have to remove it. I've cleaned all the files but now as i click on a product i got Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_manufacturers_name() in /home/www.mywebsite.com/htdocs/catalog/product_info.php on line 97 Does anyone know on how to solve this matter? Thanks a lot...
  7. Hi, i was looking for a contributions that lets customers to personalize an item like it happens in Dell Computer web site. Do you know if something smiliar has been realized before?
  8. Hi, I've installed the contribution and I can say that it seems to be working. Actually i can download a csv file that is ''and comma separated. To work in excel i choose the entire area, and then go to text in column function and convert in a normal excel file so that i can for example add products. When i try to update that file, everything is working, i mean I see that the file is uploaded and inserted in the db but I don't find any changed in the web site. I mean probably cause i have to convert it back to 'text','text1','text2' format but i don't know how to convert it Do you think that this could be the reason on the "unseen changes" on the web site? Thanks
  9. Hi, I've installed the contributions and it works with IE6, Safari and Firefox. Unfortunately I've seen that the image loading.gif is not loaded like the other "close" or else. And another porblem is that i don't see the product title (the name) displayed at the basis of the pop up. Does anyone had this problem?