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  1. can htis be used with the dynamic metatags contribution or will it overwrite it. thanks
  2. Anyone wanna show how it looks on their site, i gave up on mine.
  3. I cant find step 2, ive looked, who posts it, how far down on what page please, sorry if im being thick.
  4. Hi not yet no as i need to sort it out if it will make it like the link i wnat but it wont will it as my box has curved edges so you will have no spaces but indents on the side of the category box where they have had the space removed, the menu on the one i linked too has no spaces , if i add multiple boxes and remove space you will be able to tell wont you as my category box has curved corners?
  5. How can I get a menu category system like www.countrysupplies.com where the categories are in one box and seperated by a colourd title bar. Also can i make sub categories stay on main page in the middle when a top level category is clicked on the left menu.
  6. How long does it take to install cheers Any examples of it.
  7. thanks so i just allocate the top level categories to the boxes i want yes?
  8. Cna i add this contribution despite alreday having 10 top evel categories. I mean can I add it then move the categtories i wnat to the boxes i want or do you have to start afresh and add categories again etc after instillation of this contribution.
  9. OK cool cheers, any new examples of sites with this working please thanks. I want categories like www.countrysupplies.com, seperated by headers , dont really want seperate boxes for each industry i have but 1 continuos box with the different areas seperated by header in colour with title of that industry in it then clickable categories below. whats best way to do this please. dont want text header to be clickable link either. any ideas please.
  10. Do the top level categories still open up to sub level categories when using this contribution or can you ONLY have top level categories that dont expand.
  11. Yes possibly, if you wanted could you get the categories to hav sub categories too just out of interest, how did you get that. thanks
  12. Is this working ok now, really after something like this, i want to. OK so at the moment my sites top level categories is like this. fishing equipment fishing clothing outdoor wear outdoor equipment womens clothing Now how can I make it so the different arease are seperated by a header with that sections topic, so it would be like this. FISHING EQUIPMENT (this would be in a coloured bar)and non clickable text fishing equipment fishing clothing OUTDOOR PURSUITS (this would be in a coloured bar)and non clickable text outdoor clothing outdoor equipment WOMANS CLOTHING (this would be in a coloured bar)and non clickable text horse riding general clothing footwear So rather then have all top level categories underneath each other the different industries are seperated by a header bar coloured with the type of sport or industry in in text on it as a title. Can I do this thanks
  13. what sql is used when you search for a product in your oscommerce admin please.
  14. have been testing my site and I have notived on certain products when i add it to my cart and go to checkout i click on confirm and go to the checkout shipping page and then when i click continue it just goes to sam page, the shipping page i alreday on, in other words i dont leave the checkout shipping page. Ive also noticed this only happans on products tha when i search for in products in my admin they appear twice but not as individual products, ie the same product appears twice under each other but wont let me select either 1 of them just both. It is these products that when i cart wont let me move on in the payments process. I did use easy populate and a second time i uploaded some stuff there was duplicate products BUT when they appear twice in products in admin i cannot select 1 to delete as its a sif they are joined together and when i click on either one to turn on or off the products listing it turns off both or turns on both whichever I select. I cant turn on or off just 1 of the duplicate products. So just to clarify so i havent confused myself lol when i add 1 of these products i go to checkout get to the delivery information page at checkout_shipping and click continue and nothng happens, page sort of just refreshes. If i check the product in admin and search for it the product has 2 listings but they behave as 1. Any ideas please, my site did go live but now its offline due to this. Is there also another quicker way of finding out which product has these 2 listings and has duplicate listings on my site without checking each one at a time. thanks