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  1. I need to calculated prices after size on my shop. A little like the square meter contrib, and then not. I had one made, that calculated after a pricematrix, but it was crappy made, and cost lot of money... For each product, I had to specify a matrix with 550 prices, and then add 10 attributes for each product for it to work. I have the prices in matrixes from my supplier, and when adding products, i thought if it was possible to specify that each 50mm height would cost $5 extra and the same for the width. Anyone know anything that could work like this?
  2. Hi Torben,

    I am writing to you in regards to your post a few months ago on the support forum of oscommerce.

    I need to do something similar with custom made wallpaper and I was wondering if you had found a fix.

    Could you please let me know as I am a bit stuck here and I cannot find any info online.

    Thank you,

    Patrick Torres

  3. TCDK

    Get 1 Free

    Hmm, something diden't work right... What I would have written, was: Is it possible, that instead of the product is added in the cart, as another product, it will add the free products under the bought product, like it was a product attribute - Or something else. The problem for me, is that if the customer would like to delete the product in the cart, the customer will have to write "0" in both the bought product, and the free product, to get it out of the cart. It would be smarter, that if the customer just delete the bought product, it also will remove the free product. Possible?
  4. TCDK

    Get 1 Free

    This addon is fantastic!
  5. TCDK

    Products after measurement

    Sorry - it isen't I have made a html page, with where you can see what I mean. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2609738/Torben/product_dimension.html The price is calculated, after what the customer types in the forms!
  6. TCDK

    Products after measurement

    Yes, product attributes allows the customer to choose some pre-set dimensions - But that isen't good enough because the customer should be able to order excact the size it want.
  7. TCDK

    Products after measurement

    No - Customers should be able to order a product, where they put in the dimensions.
  8. Hi After several days of searching for a module, that can do this, I give up. I do not have the skills to make this type of module myself, so I hope there is anyone out there, that would be interested in helping with it. You will get full credit, and even a payment if wanted! The module I need, should let the customer order products with customized dimensions. Eg. if you have a shop where you sell windows and doors, the customer should be able to configure what size those windows and doors should be. The administrator should be able to put in a price pr. mm/inch or something. On the product_info page, there should be 2 inputs - like when you now can put in what amount you want to order of a item. I have other ideas for this module, that we can discuss together. Please help me!
  9. TCDK

    Products after measurement

    Can it be true, is there not a add-on that can do this?
  10. Hi Im looking for a add-on, that makes it possible for customers to order a product, with custom measurements. Eg. they want a window, and it should be 1200x1200mm The add-on should show them a price, and when they press "buy" it add this product to the cart. I should be able to set a price per mm - Eg 1mm windows cost $1 and so on. I have not been able to find an add-on like this - but there must be one?! Im starting to set up a store for a customer, where every single product, is customer-sized. Thanks!
  11. Don't see anything there? Well, it seems to work when I disable STS, (it writes that all mails are sendt) but no mails are recieved, not at trustpilot, and not when sending testmails.
  12. Hi Message #147 in this thread? The link you posted is not valid.
  13. Any news on STS support? Will the module work automaticly when STS is enabled?
  14. Hi Great contrib, but is it possible only to list top categories in the list? Eg. I have Car Brakes Wheels Windows I only want to show "Car" and not "Brakes, Wheels, Windows" etc.
  15. TCDK

    free shipping by categories support thread

    I posted later in this thread with a problem. It all works now, except one thing. I cannot select as many categories as we have in our store. How can I make it possible to select categories, without any limits?