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  1. ellie@lostie

    Batch Order Center Update 1.1

    I had the same, i just followed this members post and it worked:
  2. ellie@lostie

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Anyone had any luck with edit account? So existing customers can enter a referral?
  3. ellie@lostie

    Sandbox? This invoice has already been paid.

    In your PayPal account, go to "Profile" - > "Payment Receiving Preferences". In there you will have the option: Block accidental payments: You may prevent accidental payments by blocking duplicate invoice IDs Yes, block multiple payments per invoice ID No, allow multiple payments per invoice ID Select "No". PayPal will now allow all orders to be paid, even if the order ID has already been paid previously. A potential problem is if customers pay an invoice twice by mistake (e.g. refreshing browser, hitting button twice etc.).
  4. ellie@lostie

    [Contribution] More Category Boxes

    Ive installed the More Category Boxes mod. I want to insert a new categories, but when i do, it gets duplicated like this ~ I only want "sawyer" once in the new box, not in the main category. Does anyone know how i can fix this? Thanks in advance x