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  1. Hi,

    i downloaded and installed CKEditor' app on my site oscom 2.3.4 BS Gold months ago whitout any trouble. The only question is: how can i add microdata in the text of an article?

    span tags and itemscope/prop....and so on, always disappear in the source code, even if some times Google reads them!!!

     is there any plugin or some codes i should add to get it working properly?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Good evening,

    i've installed Products Extra fields add-on and i'd like to change the layout of the fields in product_info.php: does anyone has tried to display them with Jquery Tabs?

    I guess the following code, just after the db query, must be totaly changed...

           echo '<tr>
    	  <table border="0" width="50%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2px">';
      while ($extra_fields = tep_db_fetch_array($extra_fields_query)) {
            if (! $extra_fields['status'])  // show only enabled extra field
         echo'<tr><td class="main" align="left" valign="middle"><font size="1" color="#666666"><b>'.$extra_fields['name'].': </b>' . stripslashes($extra_fields['value']).'</font></td></tr>';
         echo' </table>

    Any suggestions?



  3. Hi Phil and Bob!

    well, sometimes you try to find a solution and you spend too many hours that you can't see the "evidence" anymore!

    you're right

    $t = new upload($key);

    were missing !!!!! there're two changes to be made in two dif places in category.php, same code to be added, and i forgot that part on the top of the first one....

    sometime i feel....

    thanks a lot anyway, everything runs ok now.

    'have a nice week-end,


  4. Hi !

    i installed Select Product Image Directory on local 2.3.1 oscommerce french version. Saw a few posts about it but only about installation on ms2.2.

     Everithing runs quite well except when i go back to a product'page (in admin) to modify few items and when i save it: the diferent images files were created before and are ok but even if i don't change the images and save my other changes i've got this error message "Fatal error: Call to a member function set_destination() on a non-object in...".


    This part of the code added is concerned

    /* BOF  Select Product Image Directory */			
      $t->set_destination($root_images_dir . $dir);
    /* EOF  Select Product Image Directory */			
      if ($t->parse() && $t->save()) {             
    /* BOF  Select Product Image Directory */              
      $sql_data_array['image'] = $dir . tep_db_prepare_input($t->filename);
    /* EOF  Select Product Image Directory */

     i've re-installed twice the add-on without succes, checking whether some code are missing, but not!

    This function must be define somewhere but i'm not good enought at coding to do it.

    'need a thread and i deal with it!






  5. Hi everybody!

    i installed QPBPP for SPPC and it runs pretty well, so thanks a lot.... but attributes are ignored and i saw in the contrib fix and evolution that it was corrected in 2007(to be ignored). i would like them to be concerned by the quantity discount: any advise about what i should do for? or any additional contrib i should use?


    B) (from La Réunion island)

  6. Hi,


    i've installed SPPC 421a on my osCommerce 2.2-MS2 version(not a fresh one...many contribs already on) and every thing seems to run quite well except:

    i can't create more than one customers group (except retail that was already in) and in this new group i can't add or tranfer more than two customers ... i've tried many times, checked my (manual) installation but i can't find out where the problem is...

    does anyone had this problem before ?




  7. good morn',


    well, i agree with you chris but my site is on production since beg of this year and i did'nt plan till a few weeks ago to add such modification !!!

    anyway, i've got to make it work (even if i started localy a new one throught a W3C last version...).

    i'm gonna digg here in the forum and i'll find it : 2 customers per group , it's really a few.... don't you think ?! :lol:



  8. Hi Rapetet !



    1146 - Table 'mydatabase.TABLE_CUSTOMERS_GROUPS' doesn't exist


    select IF(c.customers_payment_allowed <> '', c.customers_payment_allowed, cg.group_payment_allowed) as payment_allowed from customers c, TABLE_CUSTOMERS_GROUPS cg where c.customers_id = '4' and cg.customers_group_id = '0'


    What the hell is wrong!!!


    i suggest you to have a look in your filename.php files and database_table.php files on both side... you're probaly missing some lines to complete your

    modifications: check !


    hummmmm.... if you've got an idea, every thing seems to run well on my side (well ?) but my customers transfered to their "new" customer group can't be more than 2 in it !!!!! it doesn't match for more....

    any reason ?


    best regards,

    Thierry. B)