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  1. Because I want the "old" site to be functional even after I have launched a new one in root.
  2. I want to put my entire shop into a folder and keep it functional while I build a new one in root. Do a htacces rewrite to eliminate the folder name on google indexed pages like product_info ect. How can I achieve this? I know I have to change paths in includes/configure but exactly how? Htacces script? I have seo urls installed if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!
  3. Ok thanks, last question witch of your ultimate seo versions should I use for best possible compability with headertags?, remember there was some issues with the ultimate seo versions in the past.. Cheers Rob
  4. Have reinstalled the whole shop and will try again, maybe something was wrong even before the headertags install, anyways it truly does do seo wonders on my other sites. Oh and is it ok to use the "catolog for new shop only" files even when I use the very latest osc release?
  5. Well any info that I save, for example if I click edit on a product and save it, all product info exluding the name is gone, yes also in configure lets say I put false to show gender and save it gender is gone all together.. everything saved to the database vanishes.. any Idea where I should start checking for errors ? Thanks
  6. Hi Jack, After installing headertags seo on a fresh v 2,3,3,4 all info in admin disappears when clicked or edited, this includes true/false products and all its info, countries ect.. I have followed all instructions, please advise. Thanks!
  7. Hi and thanks for a great contrib that has done wonders to my google ranking!! However Im using multilanguage support witch adds a country code after my image names like image1.jpg/cs.. when I use jquery for lightboxes and Jq zoom etc.. This is resulting in a page not found error when the site is used in the secondary language Is there any way to fix this crusual error that makes a modern jquery packed site totally useless with this contrib?? Thanks in advance Rob
  8. Hi thanks for a great contrib it does wonders for seo however my popup images does not work in my second language setting.. in default it all works fine.. the link is: mens/mens_pant.jpg in my second language it adds a /cs at the end like: mens/mens_pant.jpg/cs how can I get rid off the /cs in the link name?? it is clearly seo url that causes this thanks for a fast reply... losing a lot of customers here
  9. Txt is ok and no errors.. but I have ultimate seo innstalled as well and if turn it off the second language tags are working just fine can this be solved in some way?
  10. In my deafult language the title tags work but in my second language nothing shows what can be wrong?? Thanks in advance Rob
  11. In admin you have the option to "Group parent with sub-images" it groups horisontally any tips on changing this to a vertical display???? Thanks in advance Rob