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  1. vandiermen

    setting up MultiGeoZone Multitable

    When you change the number of zones, you may need to remove and then re-install the module from the Admin Shipping Modules page. Work for me with this mod in zencart
  2. I found that my easy populate was doing exactly the same thing (was booting me back to the login) and I to spent sometime looking through this post and found the replies to yours, I found that it was only booting me back to the login when my shop was not in the root directory (e.g. www.myshop.com/catalog/) as soon as I moved the shop to my root directory(e.g. www.myshop.com/) easy populate worked fine! THANK YOU!! :)
  3. vandiermen

    text editor

    I am new to osCommerce but I don’t think there is one because I could not find one and the installation file is too small You would have to install one of these http://www.oscommerce.com/community?contri...&category=3 I hate all those little update files !