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  1. This is the official support thread for: Export control for shopping cart v 1.1 which can be found here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6965 this addon allows you to: -enable export controls that your country requires for certain products -only sell certain products to your own country screenshots included in package -adds option to products table so you can set if it is export controlled for each product -shows export controlled message in shopping cart as warning -inhibits clients from outside your own country from ordering export controlled goods (loops them back to shopping cart where they see the message) easy to install.... thanks :)
  2. i already posted that addon to put comment box dynamically into PDF
  3. I did this by editing /admin/order.php when it sends out a notified email , it will attach the pdf to it.... pretty easy and it works great. is that where you are trying to implement it?
  4. for the person who suggest to put the abilitty to email in the admin panel... i got this working!! heres how i did it.. 1. modify the same files on the store side in admin /admin/includes/classes/email.php and /admin/includes/functions/general.php with the normal email install stuff./ 2. add the /admin/includes/languages/english/ * files that u need that are on the store side... same files. 3. copy pdfinvoice.php to /admin and rename pdfinvoicea.php 4. edit phpinvoicea.php and delete the security hash feature... (let htacess handle things since we are in admin now) 5. now edit /admin/orders.php and for every tep_mail function paste the text in the install for the email addon contrib...... which has the function tep_mail_string_with_addon or whatever it is. now whenever you update an order status, it will email out a new invoice attached! -mime emails must be turned off in config. also when you 1st run it you may get some errors.. you will have to edit pdfinvoicea.php and update some "require" paths to "../whatever" to get it working. but it works great!! :)
  5. wokring with paypal IPN module (latest version well i got it working in checkout_process.php no problems. however paypal IPN uses its own file in /ext/modules/payment/ipn.php i pasted the code there and updated the line to read: $HTTP_GET_VARS['order_id']= $_POST(oid); or whatever naming convention paypal ipn uses.... it uses a POST to pass the order # to the paypal ipn form. it still didnt work with that update!! soooo, if someone wants to give it a crack.
  6. for those who are having issues with the mime email settings... this explains it a bit.. and will get your pdf added as an attachment instead of junk. so when a customer orders, he gets an immediate email. so you want to turn off the "mime send emails option" in configuraton. now your email attachments will work but the email will be text.... now if you are like me and have tracking links in your emails sent from admin when the order status is updated, then we want HTML MIME for those!!!! how can we have both settings at once?? goto includes/functions/general.php and add this code to it: also add it to admin/includes/functions/general.php this is an always send mime html email regarless of "send html emails" is set to (becuase we set it to false to attach stuff) function tep_mailmime($to_name, $to_email_address, $email_subject, $email_text, $from_email_name, $from_email_address) { if (SEND_EMAILS != 'true') return false; // Instantiate a new mail object $message = new email(array('X-Mailer: osCommerce Mailer')); // Build the text version $text = strip_tags($email_text); $message->add_html($email_text, $text); // Send message $message->build_message(); $message->send($to_name, $to_email_address, $from_email_name, $from_email_address, $email_subject); } ok now we go edit /admin/orders.php and for every function call to tep_mail we change it to tep_mailmime and thats it!! now we are sending mime html emails on status updates (get those tracking links clickable in emails) and we are sending plain emails as attachments when someone completes a checkout in checkout_process.php so by function and file its: checkout_process.php using tep_mail with "use mime html" set to false /admin/orders.php using tep_mailmime
  7. the reason your email attachment is not working is becuase you have "mime html emails" enabled in configuration. the step to disable that is missing from the email attachment install. then you attachments will work.
  8. i have added a word wrapped dynamically created comments box as an addon in the contrib download link!!! everything after the comments box will be dynamically placed also. here is a screenshot.
  9. Hello here is the methods on how to do word wraps.... this way we can do biiiig comments section and display all the words correctlty.. http://www.fpdf.de/downloads/addons/49/
  10. from my research... it appears to be a DOM READY issue since we are using the document.write method for the lightbox popup. why is IE so screwy with this.. i need a fix!! i have tried other boxes with no success, jqeuery, slimbox,milkbox etc.... no dice. thanks -drex
  11. http://thesiliconhorizon.com/store/silicon...otion-p-77.html am having a big problem with lightbox!! as you can see i moved my product attribs to the top becuase i moved my "add to cart" to top also!! this is a much better layout for people who dont want to read my long descriptions.... sooooooo.. i CAN install lightbox, and it works in both IE and firefox fine when i have no product attributes near the top. BUT like in the link above, when i have product attrib near the top, IE will show an error "about parents and children hahah" firefox will still load but it will be shifted down when lightbox comes up. anyone got a fix for this?? i cant move my product attribs somewhere else. thanks
  12. Hello, <spam link removed> and anyways, im wondering if anyone has had any php uploading problems with files over 5 megs? i have a large database thanks! -drex
  13. drex

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Hello i have direct payments working great. the express button doesnt work!! it keeps taking me back to login.php.... reguardless of where i clicked on the express checkout button... i have tried forcing cookies and that didnt work. any ideas?? tried playing with configuration "reestablish sessions"... takes me back to a blank shopping cart. SSL is working good, direct payments work great. just need express payments to work. please help!! thanks
  14. im using it with STS. the secret is to not edit anything in STS!!! edit the real files instead!! leave STS alone. hahaha. it works.
  15. nevermind!! i found it!! to add stock quantity parsing text and enable or disable the buy it now button based on stockage...... get this mode http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2382 Stock Status in Product Listing v1.22 working with related products!!!! it will display "in stock", "out of stock", or "coming soon" depending on your stock level #. i set the coming soon to -1 (just for future products... 1) install Stock status in product listin v1.22 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2382 2) edit "\include\modules\optional_related_products.php" remove this: if (RELATED_PRODUCTS_SHOW_QUANTITY == 'True') { $caption .= '<p>' . sprintf(RELATED_PRODUCTS_QUANTITY_TEXT, $products_qty_slave) . '</p>' . "\n"; } 3) same file find this: echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $products_id_slave) . '">' . $caption . '</a>' . "\n"; add after the above text: if ($products_qty_slave == 0) { echo "<span class='markProductOutOfStock' style='color:#B22222'><b>Out of Stock</b></span>\n"; } elseif ($products_qty_slave > 0) { echo "<span class='markProductOutOfStock' style='color:#7FFF00'><b>In Stock><br><br></b></span>\n"; }elseif ($products_qty_slave == -1) { echo "<span class='markProductOutOfStock' <style='color:#FF8C00'><b>Coming soon!</b></span>\n"; } of course you can change the buy button as necessary, font colors, stock text and levels as you like!!! here is a screenshot of my mod: