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  1. I am getting this error message whenever I try to view a product from the shop side. Can someone please assist? I have Osc 2.2 rc1 installed and the problem only appeared when I installed v4.3. Thanks in advance.
  2. zippie76

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Hi, I've installed this and all seems well until I try to click on the next page (or any other page numbered) within the results, without resorting from the drop down menu. I get the following error message come up and I have seen that others also receive the same message but havent seen a solution to resolve it. Message reads: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'p.products_recent_sales desc, pd.products_name desc' at line 1 select count(p.products_id) as total from products_description pd, products p left join manufacturers m on p.manufacturers_id = m.manufacturers_id left join specials s on p.products_id = s.products_id, products_to_categories p2c where p.products_status = '1' and p.products_id = p2c.products_id and pd.products_id = p2c.products_id and pd.language_id = '1' and p2c.categories_id = '14'p.products_recent_sales desc, pd.products_name desc [TEP STOP] If I sort the products with the dropdown menu and try changing the page it all works great. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Sorry, I've managed to sort it myself, just incase others get the same problem, this is what I did. On the Installation instructions it states to have the following: And to rectify it I added Order by so the 2 lines in question now looked like this: Hope this helps if you encounter the same problem.