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  1. I have MoneyBooker / Skrill installed as a payment option on my site. However, sometimes I get this intermittent error when customer goes to the checkout confirmation page. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can fix? It seems to happen when a customer does not already have an existing MoneyBookers account, but not always? 1062 - Duplicate entry '54' for key 1 INSERT INTO moneybookers (cart_id, plugin) VALUES('', 'mbACC') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id_moneybookers=(LAST_INSERT_ID(id_moneybookers) + 1); [TEP STOP]
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    SagePay Server Integration - RESOLVED

    I tried the new Addon at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8292 using the new sage_pay_server.php file, but still experience the same issue, with the 5006 error code. Being honest, I am currently waiting on client to finalise setting up of new account with a different payment processor. I receive this error, using both 2.2 and a clean install of 2.3.1, and also with SEO URL's turned off in 2.2. It could be a setting on my server, or something else. but this has me beat!
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    SagePay Server Integration - RESOLVED

    Afraid that didn't work for me also. In fact, I had sent an email to a contributor on this forum who has posted 1000's of times and who has created some very widely used contributions, asking for some professional help on this issue. Basically word back from this person is that there is a long standing incompatibility issue with Sagepay's servers and OSC. Say that only fix is to post the order to the osCommerce database before sending the data to Sagepay. I think I will simply choose a different Payment Processor provider.
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    Sage pay Server Error 5006

    Did you have same problem with Sagepay? I have just tried using OSC built-in Search Engine Friendly URL's but this didn't work either. Now getting a "Your ID address has been logged, please go away message". In my current version of 2.2 I have SEO Url's turned OFF, and the new 2.3.1 doesn't have this installed as normal. I did see other post which seemed to point to what you are saying, but I don't know if this was sucessful answer for them, nor unfortunately was there very clear instructions. HAve been on the phone to Sagepay all morning, but no success yet. Have quite given up yet, but very close to it.
  5. achieve

    Sage pay Server Error 5006

    Have this same problem with a heavily modified version of 2.2. and have just now completed a new clean install of OSC 2.3.1 and am still receiving the 5006 error. Will I ever get this sorted?
  6. achieve

    SagePay Server Integration - RESOLVED

    Did this solution work? I would love to get easy step by step instructions, as I'm now triyng to integrate Server, as I was getting missing orders in OSC using Form
  7. achieve

    Sage Pay Form V1.1

    I have spent the last 2 days on this same issue, but I have not still not come up with a solution. Strange thing is that it seems to be an intermittent issue, in that some times the order goes through fine and is recorded properly by both Sagepay & OsCommerce. However, given that Sagepay is the only payment option on the website, my client has been left with no option but to take the website offline. It is doing too much damage to the business having to make refunds etc. Sagepay staff are very friendly but not very knowledable 'm afraid. Think it's getting to the stage where we will have to look at different payment processor.
  8. Upping the PHP memory limit from 32 to 64MB enabled me to turn cache back on!
  9. Hi, there was a separate thread about "Fatal error: allowed memory size .... seo.class.php....." I thought I'd post my experience with this here. First post included below: ---------- I had same issue after moving client website to new server. There are 20,000 producst in this shop. I did end up re-installing SEO v2.2d, as verson I had was a slightly earlier version. However I stiil ended up with same error. Resetting SEO Url Cache would allow me see the homepage etc, but I would get an error if I tried any links. Then in admin, I turned off (made false) all the settings for caching, and website now works. However, I do think that this could have an effect on website speed, but at least am not receiving errors for the moment. I will play around with this some more, and post any other updates.
  10. I am in same situation, in that RMA is working fine for standard products, but does not work properly if product has attributes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Just to let you know that this fix worked for me. Global Register is also "off" on my server. Thanks.
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    Display images from external site

    While looking to see if there was any update on this thread, I then came across this contribution - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4936 I haven't tried it yet, but will let you know how I get on.
  13. achieve

    Display images from external site

    I have just encountered a similar situation for a client of mine, and would also like to know if anybody has come up with a solution for this. Thanks in advance!
  14. Can somebody post examples of this contrib in action? Would like to have a look a finished product before installing.