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  1. mse_uk

    UK Debit Cards & cc_Validate

    Hi, This is the code I use for one of my customers. I ripped it from a Zencart module and commented out the lines for the cards my customer didn't accept. Simply comment out the Return -1 and uncomment the card name. Just remember to backup first. Hope it's ok for you. Mark.
  2. mse_uk

    SECPAY - problems

    That looks like the module i'm using.
  3. mse_uk

    SECPAY - problems

    Hi m8, I don't know if this will help you but i've just had stress with secpay. It turns out that secpay doesn't like spaces in the shop name. eg "My Shop" will cause failure but if you change it to "My_Shop" it works! The only other thing I have is the -jredir option set on the merchant id. You're more than welcome to the module i'm currently using if you need it. Regards, Mark.
  4. mse_uk

    SECPay description

    You can do this by editing the file /includes/languages/english/modules/payment.secpay.php Mine is set to define('MODULE_PAYMENT_SECPAY_TEXT_TITLE', 'Credit/Debit Card (SECPay)'); --Mark.