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  1. Okay... Just spent the last couple hours or so reading this thread and could not find an answer. I took the exported all TSV file created by EP and manually placed some new product info in it. I did this because I am creating a dynamic TSV file but wanted to make sure it wasn't that. I upload the file. EP says new products are loaded. The categories save fine, but NO product? I just spent the last 10 hours writing perl code to manipulate 3 text files for a client to build this TSV and now I can't get EP to work. Any help would be great!!! PLEASE! I have checked the MySQL account. no products in there, but in product_description their is 1 row entered but none in the v_products I have .htaccess set with globals on php.ini file has globals set to on it is the only contrib I have installed so far. it does have a blank last row when I am importing it for some reason. I have gone through the configure settings a couple times. I hope that is enough to tip you off on what is happening... Thanks, Adam
  2. asimms1

    Preauthorize with Authorize.net

    HERE IS THE ANSWER!!!! You have an old version of Auth.net installed... install this version and the problem will be fixed! http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5663/v,22 Have a good day
  3. asimms1

    Stop Automatic Charge (Authorize Only)

    This is not an option. You can not do this at the Auth.net level. Does anybody else have any suggestions? Just got off the phone with Auth.net for the second time.
  4. asimms1

    How to ship from mutiple locations?

    Use the MVS Contrib... Use the one closer to the bottom of called MVS 1.1 Hopefully you haven't modified your store much.... The thing is huge and takes a rediculous amount of hand coding if you can't just drop in the new and modified files... Good Luck ADam
  5. I installed the PayPal Pro Contrib and now neither of my paypal modules will work. I am receiveing payment but the sale is not making an order in OsCommerce. Very Frustrating!!! 3rd time I have tried this Paypal pro contrib and 3rd strike on my part... Please help! I am getting eyed up by my boss because of this. lol Adam
  6. Thank you so much... I don't know how I missed that... I was in the middle of re codeing the Chemo Google Site index to make it export in the google base format... much easier when it is already done.... One day I will get a contrib up! Adam
  7. asimms1

    Unable to import csv file

    Try editing it in textpad
  8. When using Google Base product feed contrib the contrib exports the old style ?product_id=123 dynamic url. Which doesn't work when you have SEO URLs installed. Chemo's google sitemap generator exports the SEO URLs. Does anybody know of a way or a contrib that will do this? I love the SEO URLs, but I am missing major traffic (I am sure other are also) by not having my products listed on google base.. desperately weeks into this! Adam
  9. asimms1

    Replace new_products on index.php

    You could just write a basic html table and put your product cat. with links and pictures in the rows... just use dreamweaver or any simple html WYSIWYG program ... Cut and Paste the code to the catalog/includes/language/english/index.php Make sure not to replace the whole code. Just the text that appears on your index.page... or... their might be a contrib that does it... never looked
  10. asimms1

    Customer Add Fields

    I would suggest changing the comment section during checkout and making it where they put the text they want printed, or whtever the info is... Kind of a redneck fix, but would work quite well. and no... I don't know of any contribs that do what your talking about... but if I was to search for one I would search for 'add custom order field' Adam
  11. Well... I have done more research on this problem. I haven't found a solution that is already developed. A contribute needs to be developed that will out put the product url in the format the SEF modifies the URL to. I have sent a message to Expert, a user on this forum, about using his XML Feed creator contribute to base the development on, but haven't received a message back. Does anyone know of this already exsisting? I don't want to waste my time developing something that already is made. Adam
  12. asimms1

    SUPPORT : XML Export contribution

    I was wondering if there is a XML export mod. that will export your products with their respective .htaccess modified SEF URLs? Hmmm... I know I need one! I am sure their has to be others that need it also... Looks like I am going to have to build one if its not developed already... Expert... Think you could give me a hand with your code so I could format the XML output to build the URL in the same pattern the Ultimate SEO url contrib uses? Could be a great project... you have most of it written... just need to format the output... if it is not already availible... Adam
  13. asimms1

    Discount Coupon Codes Module

    Have you re- checked your code modifications? I would check the order_confermation.php first Hope that helps Adam
  14. The Store Feed contribute outputs the data file but... it continues to use the old product=343, instead of the new nioxin-shampoo-cleanser-c-23.html... which makes all the feeds point to nothing... Any Ideas? Just spent the last 4 hours on this one... Adam
  15. asimms1

    Broken and Beat up

    You are correct sir! fixed it! Thanks for the tip!