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  1. Thanks a lot.... I am using the version 1.48 and the rest of 1.49. and I solve the problem.... thanks again
  2. Hi All: While I am running Newsdesk at my laptop, that is working pefect, but after I uploaded this upto my web space. I got the exact the same problem. artical management is blank. and I havt restalled this for so many times. and I just realized that, my laptop is using PHP 5.2.3, and the web space is using PHP 4.0.1, I think that might the difference to make this error. but I don't know howt to solve this issue. anybody please help. ...
  3. wanderhorse

    [Contribution] More Category Boxes

    Hi: I have to install more_catalogies onto my shop. However, I met some problem. After I done all the steps. I cannot login the admin/index.php but the shop/index.php is ok, I can still view the shop content, it seems nothing has been change from the shop view. I wonder what cause the problem for me not able to go to the admin/index.php? Before I install the more-catagories, I have back up my original php code, but not the database. currently, both version of the php code are not working then, I assume that is because of the mysql dababase, since I have imported the more_catagories.sql Is there anybody know how can i solve this problem? btw, I am running this at my local computer. thanks Alex