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  1. Thanks Tom now it's working fine. Great contribution
  2. Further to this i have reloaded the old file orders_protx.php into the admin and it works ok and shows authorise/cancel in the box - something is not quite right
  3. Hi Tom Well I re-installed with the new updated version 5.0b everything appears fine except i cannot authorise/cancel/repeat etc nothing appears under the action or live Status box it appears as a blank box - any ideas Payment Method: Protx Direct Time Payment Type Value Status Status Detail AVS/CV2 Check Address Check Postcode Check CV2 Check 3D Secure Action Live Status 2008-11-28 20:16:13 AUTHENTICATE 7.6900 AUTHENTICATED 2010 : The Authentication was Successful. OK
  4. Theres no message other than Credit card error - my site is very heavily modded but i have no problems with version 4.4 - version 5 doesn#t seem to talk to the database and there's no acknowledged order anywhere other than in protx database itself. i am going to try again and see if it's something i have done but i am very meticulous when changing anything. Any suggestions would be welcome TRONIX
  5. We installed this originally with the 4.4 version but recently upgraded to the new version. However we did not realise for a couple of days that there is still a problem somewhere. It all seemed ok but when the customer placed an order it went through to the 3d secure ok but then came back and reported a creditcard error. On further investigation we found that the card had been authenticated but seemed to fail coming back to our site. We ended up with 30 or so transactions fully authenticated but not appearing on oscommerce. please advise