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  1. Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    I have a bootstrap native version of the admin in progress and removed those icons so was easy to make the code with the list of changes I made. I have some other replacements of gifs untested - will post here or send them to you if you like. That code (and part of yours) works wonderfully on my work to give compatibility to old addons. It's about 40% done (most of the template) but still want to move the infoboxes to bootstrap modals and will take some time. I'll show it on the forum once it's more advanced in case people are interested.
  2. Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    @wHiTeHaT In case you want to add font awesome icons to buttons: $("a.btn span.document").addClass('fa fa-edit fa-lg').removeClass('document'); $("a.btn span.trash").addClass('fa fa-trash').removeClass('trash'); $("a.btn span.arrow-4").addClass('fa fa-arrows fa-lg').removeClass('arrow-4'); $("a.btn span.copy").addClass('fa fa-clone fa-lg').removeClass('copy'); $("a.btn span.plus").addClass('fa fa-plus fa-lg').removeClass('plus'); $("a.btn span.close").addClass('fa fa-times fa-lg').removeClass('close'); $("a.btn span.disk").addClass('fa fa-floppy-o fa-lg').removeClass('disk'); $("a.btn span.key").addClass('fa fa-unlock fa-lg').removeClass('key'); $("a.btn span.refresh").addClass('fa fa-refresh fa-lg').removeClass('refresh'); $("a.btn span.mail-closed").addClass('fa fa-envelope fa-lg').removeClass('mail-closed'); $("a.btn span.arrowreturnthick-1-n").addClass('fa fa-share-square-o fa-lg').removeClass('arrowreturnthick-1-n'); $("a.btn span.triangle-1-nw").addClass('fa fa-share-square-o fa-lg').removeClass('triangle-1-nw'); $("a.btn span.circle-triangle-n").addClass('fa fa-globe fa-lg').removeClass('circle-triangle-n'); $("a.btn span.arrow-1-w").addClass('fa fa-caret-left fa-lg').removeClass('arrow-1-w'); $("a.btn span.arrow-1-e").addClass('fa fa-caret-right fa-lg').removeClass('arrow-1-e'); $("a.btn span.arrow-1-n").addClass('fa fa-caret-up fa-lg').removeClass('arrow-1-n'); $("a.btn span.arrow-1-s").addClass('fa fa-caret-down fa-lg').removeClass('arrow-1-s'); $("a.btn span.triangle-1-w").addClass('fa fa-caret-left fa-lg').removeClass('triangle-1-w'); $("a.btn span.triangle-1-e").addClass('fa fa-caret-right fa-lg').removeClass('triangle-1-e'); $("a.btn span.triangle-1-n").addClass('fa fa-caret-up fa-lg').removeClass('triangle-1-n'); $("a.btn span.triangle-1-s").addClass('fa fa-caret-down fa-lg').removeClass('triangle-1-s'); $("a.btn span.arrowrefresh-1-w").addClass('fa fa-refresh fa-lg').removeClass('arrowrefresh-1-w'); $("a.btn span.arrowrefresh-1-e").addClass('fa fa-refresh fa-lg').removeClass('arrowrefresh-1-e');
  3. This is a admin sidebar that replaces the stock menu. It can be expanded or condensed on a column of icons. It also adds bootstrap framework to admin. Hope you enjoy it. Please comment here if you have any improvements or find any problem. Download: https://apps.oscommerce.com/ebjVY&admin-responsive-sidebar-with-bootstrap
  4. @discxpress I can't replicate it - don't have a bottom scrollbar on my test site
  5. @discxpress can you post aa screenshot of the issue? Does everything else work fine?
  6. @discxpress have you enabled the new navigation bar under content modules->navigation bar?
  7. @Bobber I mean - is it working that way in the zip I uploaded or it's failing?
  8. I made it to hide the search bar in mobile view so it's only seen when you press the search button. Is this the way it works for you?
  9. @Bobber Thanks for your words :) Of course I'll upload it - I vaguely remember having fixed the problem but wanted to check if everything worked fine before uploading.
  10. I've compared the files with my current setup and there are some differences (mainly CSS and js code). Can you please test this one to see if the problem dissapears? navbar extra 1.2.zip
  11. That's the way it works for me in firefox. Maybe a browser issue?
  12. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I don't use this feature but there's a "SEO title" apart of the "title" of the product. Maybe you can use one for SEO and the other for being shown in the product?
  13. 2.4 Series

    It's not a good sign at all for us shopowners to see this kind of questions unanswered. I understand some debates are not for the public, but we see days, weeks, months and years pass and official oscommerce is still at the same point with only promises and a community that wants to move forward but is weaker day by day. Please Harald, give us a clear answer and don't let these questions lie here forever. If you do, people will understand the silence as a disregard to us.
  14. Few problems with database due new addon

    I solved the issue in a similar way by creating two new columns on the orers_products_attributes table: products_options_id and products_options_values_id. Those values are stored separately so you don't have to decode the brackets into attributes and values. I also added those values to the orders class so I can work easily with those values, for example on a report or a stock/sales table.