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  1. I didn't inspect that one in detail - just installed it to have a quick look and only saw the visual appearance. There were at least a couple more attemps here in the forums by other members who added some of the features long time ago but nothing finished I think. I'll install again and see shat0s really done on it.
  2. In my case updating stock from the warehouse with a tablet or changing an order status with the phone while I'm travelling saves a lot of time - now I can't live without those features. For other tasks like adding products it's not that useful, but a cleaner and quicker interface on a PC without those side boxes and static menu helps a lot to work quicket, too.
  3. Of course. It's your own project and you decide.
  4. @burt that's understandable but that's not the same as saying it's not being functionally needed. It's just a question of priorities and I simply think you're wrong with that premise. Maybe you should delegate some tasks like that one to the community instead of doing everything yourself (or talk to others that have been working on it and add their work tp the community edition). For example, here is an attempt of making a responsive admin that looks nice and could be used as a base: https://apps.oscommerce.com/LCrov&bootstrap-v4-oscommerce-admin-ce
  5. I think you focus too much on shop side (end customer) and consider the admin side (working staff) as very secondary stuff. It's not just cosmetics - having a responsive admin is a must for me and - I assume- for everyone that uses their mobile devices to control their stores when they are out of the office or at the warehouse, that can impreve drastically productivity and that's money on the pocket for the business. Managing the old 2.3 admin on a cellphone is almost impossible with all of those side menus and huge tables, and I'm sure you're aware how many people uses mobile devices for work. Also, all those improvements in shop side like geting rid of that jquery UI and gif buttons stuff, header and footer scripts, modules, bootstrap modals or fontawesome would make life easier when installing a complex addon and reduce redundant clicks everywhere. 2.4 responsive admin was promising - shame it will not be adapted for community edition.
  6. @shetch Nice work, thanks for sharing. Do you plan to expand it to new functionalities? If yes please consider adding something like these addon for organizing modules: https://apps.oscommerce.com/3DQyi&improved-content-modules-admin-for-2-3-4 https://apps.oscommerce.com/sJbv1&improved-modules-admin-for-2-3-4 Getting rid of the right menu boxes would be nice. This allows more space on mobile devices and quicker workflow. BTW I found an align issue in dashbboard with big resolutions:
  7. piernas

    International SEO

    Every time SEO Urls has been metioned I've heard "there's no point on using it nowadays". Well this is a true example of why these are still useful and why oscommerce has a poor localization. If you have a multilingual shop and you want it to be correctly indexed you really, really need a SEO addon that rewrites urls for each language. BTW I've been tweaking the latest versions of SEO urls 5 and there's a glitch with hreflang tags not being correctly shown until session is set - so spiders can¡t see it. I'll fix it and upload again in case someone wants to use it.
  8. Here you have another example: https://apps.oscommerce.com/s9Kqr&alternative-navbar-with-extra-buttons
  9. piernas

    Shipping table is now a real table :)

    It shouldn't be too difficult - I'll take a look as sson as I have some time.
  10. piernas

    Shipping table is now a real table :)

    @LeeFoster I'm currently overwhelmed by work but can help if you have troubles adapting it!
  11. piernas

    QTPro BS

    This may be a silly question but I cannot find an answer myself... Imagine you have shirts on sale. You have color (2) and size (2) as options. You sell these products only: Size: small, Color: red Size: small, Color: blue Size: large, Color: blue You don't sell this option: Size: large, Color: red If you build a product with those stock options the unwanted fourth product option will be added with no stock, even if you have track stock set up for both attributes of the product. Is it correct or I'm missing something? Also, is there a way to sell only the three options marked only without the fourth one if stock check is set to false?
  12. piernas

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Yes I made a blank install to test but making me doubt if every file was overwritten... I believe they were but I'll double-check. Anyway as you say this would not hurt.
  13. piernas

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    @raiwa warnings are still there. This fixes them: in attributeManagerInstant-class.php Change: function addAttributeToProduct($get) { $this->getAndPrepare('option_id', $get, $optionId); $this->getAndPrepare('option_value_id', $get, $optionValueId); $this->getAndPrepare('price', $get, $price); $this->getAndPrepare('prefix', $get, $prefix); $this->getAndPrepare('sortOrder', $get, $sortOrder); to: function addAttributeToProduct($get) { $this->getAndPrepare('option_id', $get, $optionId); $this->getAndPrepare('option_value_id', $get, $optionValueId); // check if the variables are passed to the function: if (isset ($get['price'])) $this->getAndPrepare('price', $get, $price); if (isset ($get['prefix'])) $this->getAndPrepare('prefix', $get, $prefix); if (isset ($get['sortOrder'])) $this->getAndPrepare('sortOrder', $get, $sortOrder);
  14. piernas

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Thanks @raiwa; will do this weekend!
  15. I've bootstraped parts of the admin, added header tags to it and I'm working on making categories page modular. I've split categories.php into categories.php and products.php files I'm moving actions, buttons and javascript to their own directory and removed right side table in fvor of action buttons (like 2.4 did). Yes I'll share it once it's functional. Some parts has been already added to the addons website (like the sidebar and the modules page admin tool).