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  1. Addon installer concept

    Would love to see 2.4 finished - I like what I've seen but it's unfinished and it has no date - if it ever see the light. My idea is about current code.
  2. Addon installer concept

    @burt I have most of the schema done - it's simple as I mentioned before. Need to write the uploading and uncompressing routine to have a functional prototype. If someone is interested in taking a look I'll find a free afternoon next week to finalise it.
  3. Addon installer concept

    Where's that official build?
  4. Addon installer concept

    I'm sorry. English is not my native tongue (not youurs I think), so I can't follow you unless you talk clear. What I'm understanding (of course I may be totally wrong) is that you have some ongoing issue with @burt . If I'm right, I think you should solve it with him and not in this thread.
  5. Addon installer concept

    Sorry now I'm lost - I don't understand where you're going with last post...
  6. Addon installer concept

    @wHiTeHaT We're walking in circles with this conversation. What is your initial goals? To put my grain of sand soing this. Would you like that this installer become a core functionality? Yes. My idea or another that works. If so, what does the current project leader say about it? This What can we do as a community to make that installer work? (if it is accepted to become a core functionality). Get feedback/discuss/program But even when it is not................. What do we need to do.... What we need to follow? Can't do much myself. I'm not the person who can take those decisions. I just can purpose it to be discussed. You've talked to a couple of developers. It would be nice if you ask them to join here and expose their oppinion, but I suppose they've already seen the thread and it doesn't interest them to discuss it, right?
  7. Addon installer concept

    I think I've fixed the addon to work with edge. How can I test it? Do I have to manually create an entry for an addon?
  8. Addon installer concept

    Yes, obviously I'm not trying to convince you, it's clear you want to do it your own way and you're persuading me to not do it. I just answered your question about the purpose of the class file.
  9. Addon installer concept

    To, among other things, inform you on what are you installing, if you already installed it, what version is it, who wrote the addons, what's the support website or any other convenient information. The installer is done to perform common tasks, gather information for the installed addon tables, ask for user input....
  10. Addon installer concept

    @justcatering Even simpler. Here is my logic for vampires :D Developer: Create a directory Place all new catalog files of your addon under /catalog directory, with their directory structure. Place all new admin files of your addon under /admin directory, with their directory structure. Create a .php class file like the one I posted in a previous post. It will contain extra actions needed. The installl() method will run your needed queries etc... Place the instructions needed for the addon at the root in a file called ie."instructions.txt". create a zip file and publish the addon/send it to your customer. Shopowner: Download the addon Go to the admin ->installer Press the upload button, choose the zip file. The addon is uncompressed by oscommerce and placed in a temp directory The installer does some checks (if the addon is already the version is correct, if the oscommerce version is correct and whatever other checks needed along with copirights, programmer's website and other info). Installer reads the class file, processes and shows all that information along with the contents of the install.txt file to the user. If it's installed and version is higher it prompts the shopowner to update it If it's installed and version is same or lower it disables install button, warns the user and offers removing install files. If it is not, prompts for installing it for the first time If the shopowner agrees and presses install/update button then the installer copies the files in temp/catalog/ and temp/admin to the root of the shop (renaming admin if needed) and calls install() method of the class file. There is where the programmer can add methods, for example, to add a configruration constant or create a new table. Standard methods for some processes could be done by installer while other ones should be processed by the class itself. The installer updates the "installed modules" database table and prompts for removing the files from temp directory. Job done! Then if you want to know what you have installed with the installer go to the "installed moodules page" that would show info about all of the installed addons. Example: You want to create an install package for a new language: copy new language files on catalog/ and admin/ folders respectively create the class file on the root. It should have the DB queries to create the entry on the languages db table. zip it. The user just upload the file, sees the information you introduced in screen ie (This is a frenck language pack, for oscommerce 6.9.75). If you don't have that language installed the install button shows. You press it and the installer uncompresses, copies files and adds the needed database rows. That's it!
  11. Addon installer concept

    YEs, it's probably true.
  12. Addon installer concept

    Had not seen it before. Will take a look!
  13. Addon installer concept

    @wHiTeHaT I was talking about an open standard, open code. Seems you were talking about propietary code. Those are simply different things. @justcatering great to hear that. I'll try to resume my idea better and post it here for duscussing.
  14. Addon installer concept

    That's the main difference, then. I want to make a public addon. Any vampire who wants to improve it is welcome.