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  1. I don't use this feature but there's a "SEO title" apart of the "title" of the product. Maybe you can use one for SEO and the other for being shown in the product?
  2. It's not a good sign at all for us shopowners to see this kind of questions unanswered. I understand some debates are not for the public, but we see days, weeks, months and years pass and official oscommerce is still at the same point with only promises and a community that wants to move forward but is weaker day by day. Please Harald, give us a clear answer and don't let these questions lie here forever. If you do, people will understand the silence as a disregard to us.
  3. I solved the issue in a similar way by creating two new columns on the orers_products_attributes table: products_options_id and products_options_values_id. Those values are stored separately so you don't have to decode the brackets into attributes and values. I also added those values to the orders class so I can work easily with those values, for example on a report or a stock/sales table.
  4. @burt, What's the status of this project? Will you continue with it or will it just became 2.3.6 and finish your community version effort? I'f love to see the admin side integrated with bootstrap like 2.4 is.
  5. With facebok and google accounts: Data incomplete - social login aborted. Please choose another login method.
  6. @@mattjt83 thanks, I'll re-install again with a blank database, maybe that's the problem.
  7. I was just playing with this and found an incompatibility. When you access modules->content the messagestack from the shop side is being executed, and being different to the one in the shop side it throws an error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method messageStack::size() in E:\_responsive_admin\includes\modules\content\header\cm_header_messagestack.php on line 37 A patch to avoid it may be adding an empty size() method to the admin class for now, but more incompatibilities might raise. @@mattjt83 @@GLWalker did you keep working on it? Did you found something else?
  8. What happens exactly? I was thinking it was finished
  9. @@John W the code is for the who's online enhancement ; the stock module does not have any code for bots.
  10. I imagine there was no need to keep the spider flag once the cookie has been forced. It's interesting for who is online addon but the stock module is very limited.
  11. I've wondered why who's online addon did not identify bots other than googlebot and showed as normal users. I have updated spiders.txt for each bot I find, but none of them showed as bots on this addon. Today, while adapting this addon to recent osc versions, I finally found the problem: If you have SESSION_FORCE_COOKIE_USE set to true oscommerce skips completely the check for spiders and $spider_flag variable is not set at all. So, if you experience this problem with your configuraton, all you have to do is do the check on the includesfunctions/whos_online.php file: Right below: function tep_update_whos_online() { global $customer_id, $spider_flag, $user_agent; add: is_spider (); and in the end of the file add the function itself: function is_spider () { global $user_agent, $spider_flag; $spider_flag = false; if (tep_not_null($user_agent)) { $spiders = file('includes/spiders.txt'); $n=sizeof($spiders); for ($i=0; $i<$n; $i++) { if (tep_not_null($spiders[$i])) { if (is_integer(strpos($user_agent, trim($spiders[$i])))) { $spider_flag = true; break; } } } } } Now the bots will show as boots :) assuming the correct strings are on spiders.txt
  12. I'm curious on how this will work. Will still be allowed to just upload an app via ftp or will be mandatory to download and install them via the marketplace?
  13. Thanks for the update - I'll take a look as soon as I can
  14. It can't be done on a stock oscommerce install. You need an URL rewriter. @@aurelou I personally use Ultimate seo urls 5 contribution, that allows each page to have a different URL for each language (because my store is 10 years old and well indexed, and I don't want all the pages to loose its rankings) but there's also a newer URL rewriter that allow the same results: But if you want to have completely different domains I'd go for the seecond solution, yes.