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  1. Fitty.dk

    Request Product Reviews

    The source code is empty. I cant see this line #!/usr/local/bin/php. But if i write something as html it is shown as normal...
  2. Fitty.dk

    Request Product Reviews

    The first line of review_mail.php arent showing.... Could this have something to do with it?
  3. Fitty.dk

    Request Product Reviews

    I havent removed the first line of code in review_mail.php (should i do that???) I have runned the SQL command, and when i look in my database the table order has a field named "reminder_sent" so everything looks fine there.. (and the line in "Configuration" exists as well) I have created a test order, and set the date to 2008-01-01. And i have also set the order status to 3. And the configuration: Days delay for review email 2 Review email limit 0 So i really dont understand what can be wrong.....
  4. Fitty.dk

    Request Product Reviews

    HI I just get a blank page when i run the script manually. And i only recieve one email. That is the email telling me that i have used the script and that 0 emails where sent.. I've changed the "Days delay for review email" to "2" and "Review email limit" to "0"(I am using guest account so my costumers doesnt signup at my newsletter automatically... Any ideas on why i dont get the email? My site has no problems sending emails out...
  5. Fitty.dk

    Problems with SEO-G

    Hi everybody. I have a problem with SEO-G. I've installed it and everythings appears to be fine, but when i turn it on, no matter what link i press on my page, i get redirectet to cookies_usage.php Anybody who knows what could cause this? And more important, how can i fix it?