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  1. cuebux

    Meta Tag Controller Support

    LOL Another error... Take out the line in index.php that i told you to add before and just add the line to header.php WHEW.. I THINK ITS WORKING PERFECTLY NOW YAY!!!
  2. cuebux

    Meta Tag Controller Support

    Ok Im back and i figured it out add require('includes/meta_tags.php'); at the top under <?php in includes/header.php
  3. cuebux

    Meta Tag Controller Support

    I dont have the time right now.. (Just spent 4 hrs on my contrib (STS + SEO Friendly + Metatag + Multipic) installing and creating file dirs for upload and easy install of all at once) but I found that this soulution does not work for the product page.. Im sure that I will find out how to do it.. Probably insert the same code "require('includes/meta_tags.php');" in to another file... IF SOMEONE ELSE WANTS TO DO THE LEG WORK .. PLEASE DO,, I HAVE TO GO TO WORK OTHERWISE I WOULD FAK AROUND WITH IT
  4. cuebux

    Meta Tag Controller Support

    Solution to the meta_tag_title problem: SOLUTION TO YOUR META TAG PROBLEMS Simply modify index.php Find "require('includes/application_top.php');" around line 3 and place require('includes/meta_tags.php'); Under it