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    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi, I really need all the experts help. I am thai, and english is my second language. I need to set up the HSBC secure-epayment page working on my website. Unfortunately, I have only a tiny clues about all the C+, java, php language. And everything I have learn (including this english language) is through google. I got a documentation from HSBC and google it for step by step instruction. And I have read almost of every topics and posts here but unfortunately I have not understand at all. I have ask my hosting to install .so files on the shared libary but they said since I am my own hosting I can do it myself. (which i just learn that I have to do it through SSH) but I have no clue how that works. and how to add path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. THE HSBC sale girl is selling me this service and told me that its only take a little html knowledgable which I am stuck as I have absolutely no clue at all. The support desk does not know what I am talking about because I failed to explain to them what I need. I failed to read the instructions from 100 experts on here because I am not sure where to run command and everything. I only need step by step guide if anyone will be able to help this poor little girl :D my email address is nattysajiko@hotmail.com hope I can hear from you guys. Thanks in advance.