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  1. Problem is solved by adding '/' infront of 'catalog/' -> define('DIR_WS_CATALOG', '/catalog/'); in .../admin/includes/configure.php (dont know how it is in the original) So now everything is working fine on RC1. (Forgot to say I put the lightbox and thumbnail creator. Also, running on PHP5 and SQL 5, register_globals is 0 I think)
  2. Hello there, I installed More Pics on a clean RC1. All is fine (show pictures on the front part) except that it doesnt show any pictures in the admin - it adds "catalog/admin/" to the address of the pictures (and flags, but not to buttons and folders' icon). Here is one of the standard subcategory pictures addresses: "http://localhost/catalog/admin/catalog/images/subcategory_graphic_cards.gif". It also doesnt show the flags in the edit product page, but shows buttons and folder icons (http://localhost/catalog/admin/catalog/includes/languages/english/images/icon.gif). Compared the categories with the MS2 and all the differences are added in my categories.php (RC1), so no problem in the transfer. Any ideas???