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  1. aiyou

    OSC 2.3 order editor?

    Hello Installed Order Editor (release of 8 Aug 2011) and also have Purchase Order 1.4.1 (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1892). If I change the Payment Method to "Purchase Order", I would like to have the purchase order specific fields become available for update. I saw a similar question posed in the 2.2 thread back in 2006, but couldn't locate an answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rob
  2. Hi Rob

    Good to hear from your side. I have sorted the issue. I changed the shopping_cart.php in classes which help me to solve it out. Now i can get discount categories according to the Categories / products no matter what the attribute is.....



  3. Hi Aiyou

    You had mentioned regarding Quantity Price Breaks issues with Product attributes.... I am also facing the the same issue can you please help me out regarding the same....

    URL :


  4. aiyou

    USPS Shipping Methods v2.3?

    I just gave it a very quick try in a test store, and domestic shipping within the US appeared to function okay. With that said, while setting up the module, I noticed that the earlier ability to enable/disable different shipping options via radio buttons is missing. So, I'll likely just comment out those options that I know are not applicable to my products (media mail, library, bound printed matter, etc), and do the same for international as well. Also, on checkout_shipping, the available options are sorted alphabetically, where in (4.3 I think, and perhaps earlier), the output was sorted in ascending price order. I might try to reorder those, too. Rob
  5. aiyou

    Subtract Media Mail price from Priority Mail?

    I was thinking of something similar, but have not tried my hand at coding it yet. My thought was to subtract the lowest priced quote from each element of the array. This would require the process to sort the array lowest-to-highest price first (which looks like is being done with USPS Methods 4.3.2), and (likely) have a requirement that the array of quotes contain more than a single item (thus eliminating the possibility of waiving express shipping costs when the post office changes things on their side again). I didn't realize that quotes are called again upon submit, so still might be problematic. Perhaps the adjusted prices could be stored in a secondary array (or, an additional dimension of the original quotes array), and these could then be referenced on subsequent pages. Just vaporware thoughts at this point. Rob
  6. Hello. After finally resolving the latest USPS change, I got to wondering how to resort the array of shipping options per method. Currently, with USPS and UPS installed, my results are sorted as: United States Postal Service Express Mail: Estimated 1 - 2 Days $15.15 First Class Mail: Estimated 1 - 5 Days $3.06 Priority Mail: Estimated 1 - 3 Days $6.40 United Parcel Service Next Day Air Early AM $60.35 Next Day Air $27.18 Next Day Air Saver $23.97 2nd Day Air $18.14 3 Day Select $12.41 Ground $11.21 I know I can control the display sort order of the individual shipping modules from within Admin. However, how do I resort the methods within both USPS and UPS so that each array of methods is sorted by shipping cost, lowest to highest? The USPS domestic methods seem to sort alphabetically, while USPS international (not shown above) will sort by cost, highest to lowest. UPS also sorts highest to lowest. I've looked at each module, and can't locate a specific "sort array" function. Thanks in advance
  7. Sam, Great contribution - many, many thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  8. Hello I started down this path with Slimbox, then saw the demo for Fancy Pics and decided to give it a whirl. Here's my dilemna... I also have Additional Images 2.1.1, and my goal is to include (when applicable, based on product) any additional large images for a slideshow effect. The basic display of the large image works fine with either Slimbox or Fancy Pics, but I can't seem to figure out how to incorporate an array of additional images. I did see an Additional Images/Lightbox combination, but would rather stick with the Fancy Pics (preferred for aesthetic reasons) or Slimbox. My guess is that it would go somewhere with the Fancy Pics 1.1 Step 5 mods, along with a query towards the top to build the array of additional images <!-- fancy pics --> <div id="fancy"> <div id="pics" style="display:none;"><?php reset($image_list); while (key($image_list) !== $CurrentProduct) { echo '<a rel="lightbox" title="' . $image_list[key($image_list)]['title'] . '" href="' . tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $image_list[key($image_list)]['image']) . '" target="_blank"></a>'; next($image_list); } ?></div> <?php echo '<a rel="lightbox" title="'.$product_info['products_name'].'" href="' . tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['products_image']) . '" target="_blank">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['products_image'], $product_info['products_name'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT, 'hspace="5" vspace="5"') . '<br>' . TEXT_CLICK_TO_ENLARGE . '</a>'; ?> <div id="pics2" style="visibility:hidden;"><?php next($image_list); while (key($image_list) !== null) { echo '<a rel="lightbox" title="' . $image_list[key($image_list)]['title'] . '" href="' . tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $image_list[key($image_list)]['image']) . '" target="_blank"> </a>'; next($image_list); } ?> </div> </div> <!-- eof fancy pics --> I'm not committed to Additional Images 2.1.1, so if there is another multiple image module that would be easier to integrate with this, I'm game to make that change. I'm still in an early dev state for a re-design. Thanks in advance Rob
  9. aiyou

    Actual Attribute Price V1.0

    Lindsay. Idea coming your way... I've just been using Actual Attribute Price for a short while, but not combined with Attributes QTY and Attributes Sets. The functionality for Actual Attribute is pretty straight forward and may be (easily) modifiable for use with Attributes Sets - may take a change to the attributes select query (/classes/shopping_cart.php and perhaps elsewhere). Basically, it keeps the existing functionality of adding (+) or subtracting (-) the attribute price based on the prefix, or returns the Actual Attribute price if the prefix is null/empty. As for the default "-" value, that may have been set during installation of the Attributes Sets contrib (sorry - looked at one v1.3.3 of attribute sets plus) and it has a default value of "+". Altering the column to default to null may resolve this, allowing you to enter + or - as needed. Then, combined with a modified Actual Attribute select statement, this might get you where you want to be. The above is offered without warranty or guarantee - just my idea. Don't forget to backup. --Rob
  10. Thanks Steve. I had not seen Discount Per Products Quantity contribution previously. Having just looked at the general contribution overview, it's not quite what I was after, but may be worth pursuing if I can't get my desired approach to pan out. To make things simple, many products might share a similar price break scheme, but that is not a requirement. I liked the concept of the original QPBPP, but with the use of attribute pricing, not all product/attribute combinations were seeing the same percentage of savings (as a $10 item, with a $1 off 5 or more would be 10% savings, but if the same $10 product had a $10 attribute selected, the same $1 discount would be applied, resulting in a 5% savings). The use of actual attribute pricing further complicated matters, but was a necessity to address customer confusion in pricing. So, now a need to apply a quantity percent discount. I did find that my use of $factor within the PriceFormatter was not being carried back to shopping_cart. For a php programmer, probably a "well, yeah" observation, but this has been some of my most in depth php coding short of merging contribs. By redeclaring it as this->$theFactor and then referencing it from within shopping_cart as $pf->theFactor, the value was available for use. I have some rounding issues that I need to address, and some more testing to ensure that the discount factor is applied correctly to items in the cart (and balances to the cart subtotal). And, after seeing some other threads regarding discounts and their impact on payment authorizations (PayPal, Authorize.net, etc), I now know I need to double-check that aspect as well. If any are interested, I'll post the in-progress modifications for review and feedback.
  11. Hello All. I'm trying to implement a different approach to Quantity Price Breaks, where as the discount is a percent off of the list price, rather than a fixed amount. The reason for this is that I also want to use Actual Attribute Pricing (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1716), and I need the discount percent to be applied to the attribute price, in addition to the base product price. My starting point is QPBPP v 1.3.5. I modified the computePrice function in PriceFormatter as follows: function computePrice($qty, $nof_other_items_in_cart_same_cat = 0) { $qty = $this->adjustQty($qty); // Add the number of other items in the cart from the same category to see if a price break is reached $qty += $nof_other_items_in_cart_same_cat; // Compute base price, taking into account the possibility of a special $price = (true == $this->hasSpecialPrice) ? $this->specialPrice : $this->thePrice; if (is_array($this->price_breaks) && count($this->price_breaks) > 0) { foreach($this->price_breaks as $price_break) { if ($qty >= $price_break['products_qty']) { $price = $price_break['products_price']; //aiyou $factor = ($price_break['products_price']) / 100; } } } // end if (is_array($this->price_breaks) && count($this->price_breaks) > 0) $price = ($this->thePrice * (1-$factor)); return $price; } So, this adjusts the product base price by the discount percent (or, at least it seems to in my limited testing so far). However, I've stepped through the shoppingcart.php and priceformatter.php file trying to find where the attribute price gets added to the base price, but nothing seems to work. The attribute price (whether +, - or actual) ends up getting added to the (now discounted) product price at 100% value. I've tried various modifications to the attributes references within the calculate and attributes_price functions within shoppingcart.php to no avail. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance. Rob
  12. aiyou

    Country-State Selector

    Hello. I've been testing the AJAX 1.5.5 version, and would like to have the address input fields conditionally formatted, based on Country selected. I've reordered the fields, setting Country as the first item. My default country is United States. If the selected country remains (or gets changed back to) United States, I would like the remaining input fields to be listed as : Street Address City State (from AJAX List) Zip/Post Code For other countries, until I can possibly code for them as well, I would like it to revert/remain to the standard layout of Street Address Suburb Post Code City State/Province I have the HTML layout content coded, but can't figure out how to test for the selected country from the list. Is it a new or existing Javascript function??? Thank you in advance
  13. Hello. Recently installed this contrib, and find it quite handy. There are a few cosmetic items I'll need to address (logo image sizes, fonts sizes, etc), but most of these have been at least addressed in earlier posts on this thread. However, I'm stuck with the issue of tables within the product descriptions. Most of my products contain part numbers and corresponding dimensions. The content of the table is being output, but is not retaining the formatting - it's all scrunched (sorry for the non-technical term) into the center of the page, in a column approximately 1" in width, and results in the table content being cascaded for pages. Complicating matters, each of the tables may have different layouts, due to the nature of the product's physical attributes. The table as part of the description works well when viewed online, as it automatically adjusts to display settings. I found a reference to Tables with MultiCell on fpdf.org. Is this the only way to do it, with some new tables to control table/column layouts etc? Products also have other images incorporated into the description that are not being displayed...I'm considering an additional image contribution. Would these be included in the rendered PDF, and if so, could I make a separate image of the table data, and output it as well? Thanks
  14. aiyou

    PDF product details

    Not sure if you've found this or not, but I just installed it. Very easy, but it may require additional tweaks to meet your particular needs http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1077
  15. Hey Justin.. Sorry, it has been a while since I've had to check in on the site...the shop has been steady, and life has been busy, so not too many opportunities to dig in and work on this. However, for your specific need, you may be able to modify an Invoice/Purchase Order form that you would normally print and send to the customer - this could be linked to another of the quick buttons at the bottom of the customer order. Print to PDF and attach via email to supplier. You could also probably add a 2nd email to the order confirmation process, creating the PO to the supplier. May need to be modified further if multiple vendors are utilized, so that each vendor gets a PO with their specific info. I could probably handle the modified Invoice/Purchase Order form, but would certainly be challenged by the email component at this point. --Rob