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    Sorry but I don't get the idea of "traditional osCommerce". The community could well translate at Crowdin, much easier and safer and better. You could even use a oscommerce.com subdomain for it. In any way you're free to control the team members, if it should be open for all, or just by request - and also who should be the language proofreaders. Now tell me, what's the difference in using Excell over notepad? There is no translation memory, no context info, no proposals, no nothing. Also you talked about providing the files previously, so I guess there is no backend ready with a translation interface, having support for translation memory etc. Sorry if I got you wrong, but I got a feeling you don't have any experience with translation work or tools like Crowdin, so I would recommend checking it out and consulting the Crowdin team. Crowdin is free for open source projects, with public available code ... 👍
  2. syntaxerror


    Why not just use a online tool like Crowdin? Going back to translating files in t.ex. notepad in 2021 sounds like a bad idea, but if arranged in other ways I could consider contributing to Norwegian Bokmål.