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  1. dub3325

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Heya Bill, I posted this to your PM but am posting here also just in case anyone else in here can add their 2 cents also. ============== This is a question regarding the ADD NEW PAGES contrib for this addon. I have used and modified it a bit to fit my website and have gotten a lot of good feedback on it nationally. I do have a question with the contribution you shared about adding new pages though. I guess I'm somewhat of a php newbie so as of now, I have a lot of pages to add using your posted method. HOWEVER, what I'm trying to do is create subpages within my pages so that I do not have to edit all of the files that you specified...everytime I want to create a new page. For instance: www.iloveono.com/about.php is a page created using the "add new pages" contribution method. I want to add subsections, like "biographies, timelines, company history...etc" while still just using the about.php as a main template....vs creating a new page for every subpage I offer....it just cuts down on time for me as I want to create many pages. Does that make sense? and is it possible? I am assuming yes, but my lack of php knowledge is constricting me now. Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing your response. Viet
  2. dub3325

    [Contribution] Mindsparx admin

    wow.....great job with the admin section.....its a million times more eye appealing....I havent installed it yet, but will soon. I'll post my feedback asap.