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    Master Products - MS2

    Hello, I was able to solve myself the problem of layout. Now I please need help for somthing more important. I wsould like that the name/description of Slave product be Clickable with link to slave porduct. The best will be a little popup window showing picture, price and description of cliked slave product. Anyone can help please ? Thanks :)
  2. pardesi

    Master Products - MS2

    Hello, I dont know if this was answered before but reading 92pages will be so hard :'( so I am asking. I installed the master product on my RC1 and it work great :) I just have some layout problem : - The Quantity selecter for Master product is at the bottom insted of being beside Add to cart button. - The Quantity text is the php code and not the Language text how to fix that - I have 2 time This product was added on (i have changed the text in my languiage file to last updated on) how to delete one ? See screenshot to understand. Thanks in advance for all your help :)
  3. pardesi

    Product Description 1.3

    Also for featured product Add on there is a mistake , it says to find : featured_products.php but this file deosent exist, which file to edit ? Thanks
  4. pardesi

    Product Description 1.3

    Sorry I found it, i had missed one line. How can I make the Short description leave one empty line and ad List tag and not to be bold ? Thanks :)
  5. pardesi

    Product Description 1.3

    Hello, I installed this Mod and all went ok But I dont see any short description on my products :( i oduble checked and everything was edited fine. What I am doing wrong why no short descriptiokn showing :( In Admin it work well and all is well saved. Please Help, i need this contrib please :'( P.S : I am using latest RC1
  6. Hello, I need a little help, i just installed Product Attributes - Option Type Feature 2.1 but i have a small problem, it work only when I choose Radio or Select type when i choose Text or Checkbox it just show them without my option text :( what to do ? anyone can help please ? :'( Thanks :)
  7. Hello, I have default link bar code in header and in stylesheet also but for category link in navigationbar it is showing in Gray color instead of white but strange is that other link like my account, cart content are in white. I am geting crazy here is what i have in header : <tr class="headerNavigation"> <td class="headerNavigation"> <?php echo $breadcrumb->trail(' » '); ?></td> <td align="right" class="headerNavigation"><?php if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) { ?><a href="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_LOGOFF, '', 'SSL'); ?>" class="headerNavigation"><?php echo HEADER_TITLE_LOGOFF; ?></a> | <?php } ?><a href="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_ACCOUNT, '', 'SSL'); ?>" class="headerNavigation"><?php echo HEADER_TITLE_MY_ACCOUNT; ?></a> | <a href="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_SHOPPING_CART); ?>" class="headerNavigation"><?php echo HEADER_TITLE_CART_CONTENTS; ?></a> | <a href="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING, '', 'SSL'); ?>" class="headerNavigation"><?php echo HEADER_TITLE_CHECKOUT; ?></a> </td> </tr> In Stylesheet : TR.headerNavigation { background: #286d28; } TD.headerNavigation { font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10px; background: #286d28; color: #ffffff; font-weight : bold; } A.headerNavigation { color: #FFFFFF; } A.headerNavigation:hover { color: #ffffff; } Thanks for your help
  8. anyone can help as it is very annoying :(
  9. Hello, I would like to Sell phone scratch cards and would like to know if there is a way that once the person has payed and that it is a confirm payement, he receive by email or it shows on a page after payement the code of card that he bought and then this code is taken out of the stock offcorse. I want something secure as dont want someone to get all my codes by a script lolzzz. :-" Thanks :)
  10. Hello, I am making a site where I ll sell gifts, I was looking for templates to have a nice look, by searching on Google i found some professional sites, the template do look good and they also off some extra options in them to easily customize. But as I am just beginning I dont want to spare that much money on that. as it is From 100 to 200 USD. So I was wondering if there were site where there are free or cheap template with professional and rich contents management. Also they talk a about CRE what is this ? Thanks for your help :)
  11. pardesi

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    Hello, How to do when each product is unique ? like calling cards code, How can i do that once paid people cna see code either on the page and/or emailed ? Thanks for youe help :)
  12. pardesi

    Where can i download the Osc v3?

    Any demo and features list of this new OsCommerce ? thanks :)
  13. pardesi

    13 OsCommerce Customized Templates

    Thanks, but I stattred modifying basic template and i am learning fast how it works :D But need a little help, I have put on the bottom of logo the currency, language and cart (by copying boxe code to the header for each) but for each option i have a Square Box arround it :( How can i take off ? I figured out that it has something to do with : new infoBox($info_box_contents); but how to use other variabel to not have that square box arround ? Thanks for your help :)
  14. pardesi

    13 OsCommerce Customized Templates

    I overwritten my files except configure.php with all files from template sport and now site is not more working and i am getting the following error : What i have to do ? I had backup my confugure file before and uploaded it what am i missing ?
  15. pardesi

    13 OsCommerce Customized Templates

    Thanks for this detailed reply :) I am playing with it but i need to know which files are used for designing purpose of the site I saw right, left header and footer in include is there any other files ?. The templates you are proposing free can i just overwrite my OSC files are they up to date ? or I must manual do all edits ? Do you know any free tool that can let me do merging ? Are you planing to realse or help me for gift site template the one that i showed you above payed link ? if you got MSN we may talk more easily ? Thanks
  16. pardesi

    13 OsCommerce Customized Templates

    I know how to manual edit things as I use phpbb for years now. I use Pspad and dreamweaver for editing, But the thing that disturb me in Oscommerce is that there is no separate template thing. So you have to do direct modifications in php files ? also the Template already got a lot of options how do they program it ?
  17. pardesi

    13 OsCommerce Customized Templates

    Thanks dangerstudio :) I will do directly my personalization when you ll make a gift template :) While you release those I ll try to play with templates myself. You advise me to install STS 4.5 ? Is it more easy with this ?
  18. pardesi

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hello, I am completely new to OSC I just installed a clean lates version. Now I need to have some templates to test, by searching templates I found this interesting Topic. But i have some questions. Which version should I download of STS in my case to easily install ? there are so many and it is confusing :( Can I just overwrite my file or i have to use merging thing ? if yes how to do merge thing where is that tool / option ? Where can i find good templates for STS ? Thanks for your help for a newbie :)
  19. pardesi

    13 OsCommerce Customized Templates

    Hello, Nice collection do you got any Gift Shop template please ? Something like this : http://www.oscommercetemplates.com/p351/Gi...oduct_info.html or http://www.oscommercetemplates.com/p383/Gi...oduct_info.html They are too expensive, i am going to start my cart and i cant invest that much money already in template :( Thanks :) for your help
  20. pardesi

    How to download add ons ?

    OMG i was clicking on the one that was on top (legend) it is quit confusing :( Thanks for your help
  21. Hello, I am new on oscommerce, sorry if this is really a stupid question but i was unable to find anywhere any thing when i go in contributions for exemple google checkout that download is Grayed I tried other add ons they are also with gray download text unclickable. :blink: How can I download add ons pelase ? :'( Thanks for your help