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  1. TurboNed

    New Attribute Manager Released..

    Tom, We're going to need your help again. After your posted that solution everything worked until now. Now it is still the same, when I click EDIT nothing happens. Keep in mind that I haven't been editing my products in a while. The last thing that i did was about 6 months ago or so when i renamed my admin folder but it worked back then. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance...
  2. TurboNed

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    Hi, installed this contribution and everything seems to be working except that all of my sub-categories are not showing up, and all images that I used for sub-categories are PNG images. Does anyone have any idea what to do with it? thanks in advance
  3. TurboNed

    Zones Intenational Default

    Got ikt don't worry
  4. TurboNed

    Zones Intenational Default

    Hi all ;) I was re-setting up my USPS Zone Shipping for 1, 2, 3, 4+ lbs But I was wondering if its possible to set different value for items that weigh less than 1lb, because I don't want my Canadian customers to pay more money if it's gonna take me less to pay for shipping through USPS Example if items weighs 2oz, I don't want them to pay $4.66 for 1lb instead of $1.00 for 2oz And I am using this add-on: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/920 Any help will be more than welcome thanks, Ned
  5. TurboNed

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Easier said that done, it's not that easy like regular php'ing
  6. Certain contributions or any? Can you tell me which ones?
  7. So far I have Quantity Price Break for discount contribution, but would like to have 1 or 2 more for different options, like for certain customers, etc. Let me know if its possible? Ned
  8. TurboNed

    Quantity Price Breaks

    hey Jan could you take a look at my posts on page number 10 and that message I sent you the other night, please?
  9. TurboNed

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Ok there's been one small mistake in css file, that I forgot to put in there, now it looks a bit better, but still, my item's text is too far from its name, there's big gap between it, any ideas how to fix it?
  10. TurboNed

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hello folks, this is one pretty good contribution, but however I have this silly question to ask you that won't take too much of your time, maybe a minute or two I just set these quantity's for only one of my items, and thats on this link: http://www.etextremegraphics.com/catalog/p...products_id=118 But as you can see its just out of proportions, quantity box is just too big, if you know how to shrink it down and make it look more professionally link this one on this pic below, please let me know http://img376.imageshack.us/img376/7811/pr...kcatalogut4.gif thanks, Ned
  11. Just trying to do something with my shipping, searched forums and then found out about your contribution for international shipping, but need your help to see if its gonna work with my products I have online store for graphics, stickers & banners and I would like to offer Free Shipping to all states in North America while rest of the countries, such as Canada, South America's countries, European countries, other continents countries will be paying for shipping Please let me know if its possible to have together with your contribution, so I can offer free shipping for domestic states, while customers from rest of the world will wait for me to calculate their shipping ?