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  1. LooInSpain

    Featured 1.5

    Hi, I'm trying to do something different with this conrtibution. I'm trying to add a seperater between each product, like the transparent ones from the oscommerce default, but these are visible. The idea looks like this here. The products are seperated by the dotted lines. As you can see, I'm using another contribution for the products display, and I'd really like to make the Featured Products look the same, but every variation I use seems to either put the dotted lines through the second row or before the products, or it totally removes the products and just shows dotted lines. Does anyone have an idea of where abouts on the featured.php page I can insert the code so the products are seperated by these dotted lines?
  2. Sorry to have to post this again, but it's driving me nuts. I just can't figure out why anything that has had a discount applied to it cannot be edited afterwards... Please Help me Guys
  3. Hi all, kgt this is a fantastic contribution, nice work. I'm having a slight problem with it though, the codes work fine, everything works brilliant throughout the shop, BUT when looking at the orders in admin, all orders that have had the discount code applied do not show the order confirmation, comments etc. boxes. The order cannot be edited from pending to delivered, which is a problem. Have I missed soemthing from the install, or is this a common thing. Is there a way I can get the order edit selection back, as it is fine with all orders not placed with a discount, only with orders placed with a discount do I lose the comments table Any help would be great
  4. LooInSpain

    Paypal Deposit Payment Module?

    Anyone have an idea with this?
  5. LooInSpain

    Paypal Deposit Payment Module?

    Is there a Contribution to allow people to pay a deposit with PayPal? I am designing a website that sells holidays in Spain. Due to problems with no trading accounts (it's a new venture) we have been unsuccessful in applying for a Merchant A/C, and no response from NoChex, we have been left with little option but to go down the PayPal route. This is all well and good, but as we are selling holidays, we would like people to pay a 20% deposit of the final total through PayPal and then return 6 weeks before the holiday date to pay the remainder. I have searched and found a deposit module, which I have installed, but this is based on a cheque or cash payment, it will not forward people to the PayPal site. Is there any way to modify this module, so that people are forwarded to PayPal, or is there a contribution that already allows this? Please Help, the only sticking point of the site is this, so I really need to get this sorted.
  6. LooInSpain

    Order Deposit

    Hi, I picked up osCommerce this afternoon, so I am very new to this software and therefore may be very ignorant, so please excuse me. I would like to setup a website for Holidays in Spain. The idea of payment is complicated. The problem I have is that I would like people to pay a deposit of £100 to book the holiday, then pay the remaining balance six weeks before the holiday. That way I can plan each holiday well in advance. Is there a way to do this? If so, is there a way I can automatically set it up so that they can pay the remaining balance of the price at their leisure, with an automated payment reminder email being sent to them 6 weeks before the holiday dates if they haven't paid the balance? I understand that I can just set the price of each holiday to a deposit price, then create another entry nearer to the date, but is there a way to automate this process? Another thing is a single room occupency. I have 4 rooms each sleeping 2 people, if a single person books, the price has to include a supplement and I need the "stock" of the places available to be reduced by 2, not just the one. Another thing is this water into wine thing... I could go on!!!! :rolleyes: Any help would be fantastic, thanks Loo