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  1. I have installed this and everything seems to be working just fine! Where i'm having trouble is in my CVS db. what field name do I use for main and additional images? I have v_products_image and v_products_image_2 etc.. but they aren't loading. I tried to download the attributes file but it won't download at all it just keeps loading but doesn't do anything. I hope someone can shed so light for me. Thanks
  2. Thank you for answering my question but where do i find the code in the EP.php? or myphp?
  3. I've read through the support pages and the included faq pages. I cannot find what the answer is as to why i'm receiving this error message: 1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_image_description' in 'field list' SELECT p.products_id as v_products_id, p.products_model as v_products_model, p.products_image as v_products_image, p.products_image_description as v_products_image_description, p.products_price as v_products_price, p.products_weight as v_products_weight, p.products_date_available as v_date_avail, p.products_date_added as v_date_added, p.products_tax_class_id as v_tax_class_id, p.products_quantity as v_products_quantity, p.manufacturers_id as v_manufacturers_id, subc.categories_id as v_categories_id, p.products_status as v_status FROM products as p, categories as subc, products_to_categories as ptoc WHERE p.products_id = ptoc.products_id AND ptoc.categories_id = subc.categories_id I don't have this "field" in my database at all and when I tired to include it, I still got the same error as above. Doesn't seem to matter what I do and i've check to make sure i have the right database as well. My site contains easy populate. Other then that I have no other contribs. I have unistalled and re-installed the sql, and the included files to the appropriate folders beyond doing what i've done i'm at a lost. Please Help Me in layman's terms Thanks,
  4. File uploaded. Temporary filename: User filename: EMData.csv Size: 0 ##Can not open file for reading. Script will terminate. I get this error everytime I try and upload a database that I have already had up and running before I upgraded to the MS2.2RC2 by means of a clean install. So I also had to do a clean install of Easy Populate 2.76f-MS2. I've used easy population and never had any problems. As far as I know the installation went fine it uploaded fine. I followed the installation directions to the "T" How can I get my data to load? My shop has been down for 5 days!! now. HELP Please