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    Quickly Update Product Stock

    Hello all, Just thought I'd pass on a 'bug fix' I found the other day when fiddling about with this great contrib. It's not really a bug, but some people may find the following useful. If, like me, you have a shop which doesn't have Manufacturers, the corresponding Manufacturers drop down list will be blank/Null. If you're running STRICT mode on MySQL, quick_stock will report that it has updated the item(s) (i.e. the stock number), but not actually run the script. As far as I can work out MySql in Strict Mode doesn't like running an SQL statement with a NULL or empty value for the Manufacturer field. I added the following code if ($items['manufacturer'] == '') {$items['manufacturer']=0;} before the $sql variable is defined (somewhere round about line 377) Of course, the other alternative is to have a dummy manufacturer. Cheers
  2. jimbob_pooley

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    I've found the solution to my problem. The line $sts->stop_capture('dmbox','box'); needs to be changed to: $sts->stop_capture('dmbox'); in sts_user_code.php.
  3. jimbob_pooley

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Hello all, I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to OSC and PHP programming so I am hoping that someone can come up with a solution to my problem. I have the latest version of OSC, STS and Dynamenus installed and all seems to work fine except for one minor problem. I would like to add a horizontal drop down menu to my sts_template, but not in a standard infobox. I have added the necessary placeholder in the sts_template.html file and set $menu_type = 0 and $show_dmcats_as_box = false in the dm_categories.php file. The problem is that if I set this combination in dm_categories.php I can only get the main categories to display and an error is generated when the the mouse over event is generated. Bizarrely any other combination seems to work. have done a bit of investigative work and as far as I can see the scripts parse correctly until it calls the "tep_make_cat_dmlist()" function on the following line in the dm_categories.php file. // Generate the menu data output (uses configuration options above) $categories_string = tep_make_cat_dmlist(); Also, the test if ($menu_type < 2) { // Setup for DHTML style menus seems to be ignored if $menu_type=0. This means that the necessary scripts: "includes/functions/dynamenu/libjs/layersmenu-library.js" and "includes/functions/dynamenu/libjs/layersmenu.js" are not included so the error in the browser is generated. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can solve this problem? I have tried manually inserting the code from the two scripts and this solves the problem, but i would rather have a "proper" solution than my hack job. Many thanks in advance.