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  1. Is there any contribution that enables the user to create a wedding list from the products in the store and send the list to the friend and family via email? The list should be able to seen when user logs in to edit etc ... Thanks, Yizi
  2. OK i have a small problem, i installed the script and everything looks fine until i enter the detail and press continue. What it does rather then taking me to the checkout process it takes me back to the login page where i have a choice to create account, checkout without registration etc ... Anyone know how i can solve the problem so it carry on to the checkout process.
  3. I manage to install the script without any errors and it's activated! how do i add a coupon code?! and where does it display in the store?!
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a simple coupon generator where the admin create one in the admin section of the site and the user is able to use it at the check out! I have already tried the easy coupon but it messes everything up, is there anything else out there that can help me?! Thanks, Yizi