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  1. cleverflo

    Paypal IPN incorrect link

    Hi, I have managed to install the Paypal IPN v2.3. When I tried to pay for a test order, I got the following error message: The link you have used to enter the PayPal system contains an incorrectly formatted packing value. How can I solve that? Thanks, Florence
  2. cleverflo

    Some paypal orders dont come through anymore

    Hi, I started having the same problem when my web host made changes to the server. When I checked I noticed that my file named http://www.mysite/catalog/ext/modules/paym...pal_ipn/ipn.php was gone. In fact, the whole "modules" directory had disappeared so I uploaded the file from an old backup, did a test order and it worked. So you might want to check with your web hosting company. Hope that helps. Best regards Florence
  3. cleverflo

    PayPal IPN - Order Status NOT updating all of a sudden

    Hi, I started having the same problem when my web host made changes to the server. When I checked I noticed that my file named http://www.mysite/catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php was gone. In fact, the whole "modules" directory had disappeared so I uploaded the file from an old backup, did a test order and it worked. So you might want to check with your web hosting company. Hope that helps. Best regards Florence
  4. Hi UncleSteve, I have the same problem and was wondering if you have managed to find the solution to the capping. If so, could you post the code? Thanks, Florence
  5. Hi, I installed 2.1d but I still got the "too many redirects" problem and also I lost the SEO urls for my links which was a big issue for my links exchange, so I reverted back to 2.2.2e. I have read somewhere the too many redirects can be caused by a wrong htaccess configuration. Maybe Jack can help... Thanks for your reply anyway. Best regards, Florence
  6. Hi, I have been having the "too many redirects" issue for the last 2 months and haven't managed to fix it. I have found your "Independant Validation" fix which I have installed it but I still get warnings in Webmaster. I have reset the SEO URL cache and disabled the automatic redirects but nothing works. Here is my SEO set up: I believe I have the v2.2e by Jack. I don't know what else to do now. Should I install v2.1d instead?
  7. cleverflo

    RSS News

    Hi Jack, I've found the problem, it was due to my own style infobox. Best regards, Florence
  8. cleverflo

    RSS News

    Hi Jack, Thank you very much for this great contribution. I have just installed it and it's working perfectly. I just have 1 layout problem: the title RSS News appears twice in my right column. I have tried to amend the rss news box without success. Your help would be much appreciated. Florence
  9. cleverflo

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Ok found it in create_sitemaps.php I had been looking in dynamic_sitemap.php!
  10. cleverflo

    [CONTRIBUTION] Admin products paging

    Hi I am getting the same SQL error. How can I solve this?
  11. cleverflo

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Hi there, I do not want the manufacturer xml to be generated, as I don't want it indexed. Would anyone know what code to remove and where? Thanks in advance. Flo
  12. Hi, Would someone know a code to show a set price per total weight for example: if total order weight <200g = gift wrap = £1 if total order weight > 200g = gift wrap = £3 etc... I'm selling jewellery items and I'm having an issue where if a customer buys 1 ring the gift wrap shows £1 but if he buys 4 rings the gift wrap shows £4, whereas I can wrap them all together in the same pouch so it looks like I'm riping off my customers! Any idea? Thanks Flo
  13. cleverflo

    SEO Assistant

    Hi Jack, Thank you, I have found and added the code. For info, regarding my page rank showing "failed url", now it's ok, my site is found and PR shows 0. I assume the reason it failed before was because my site was new so it wasn't ranked yet. Or maybe it's because I had some errors in html validation which I have now corrected. Best regards, Flo
  14. cleverflo

    SEO Assistant

    Hi Jack, Thanks to you, I've more or less sorted my KD issue. My problem was in my categorie_css file (linked to the index) and I moved the css into my stylesheet and it still worked! No problems! Now my KD doesn't show "suckerdiv" or "ul" anymore. However it shows "accessoriesbraceletspiercing" as a whole word instead of accessories, bracelets, piercing. I can't see the category words in my file so I don't really know how they can be attached, maybe it's something to do with the <li>. I will write a post in the relevant contribution forum. 2) PR I'm working on that httpS redirection. It was ok until I installed Adsense. Now it's a question of do I want my website to show it is secure on all pages, or do I want the Ads... Thank you once again for your help.
  15. cleverflo

    SEO Assistant

    Hi Jack, Thank you for your reply. Could you please give me further help: 1) KD I think the keywords are taken from my information pages as they are in html format and those words (ul, div) appear all over the pages. I am thinking of disallowing these pages in my robots.txt file as I don't need those pages indexed anyway, then I expect the words won't be found. Using html was the best way I found to create these pages as it was very awkward with php, and I wouldn't dare to reformat them using the stylesheet.css. And regarding javascript, I'm even worst! Is this robots solution a good idea? 2) Failed URL I am very concerned about that error as I wouldn't want it to exclude my site from ranking. Unfortunately I didn't really understand your reply, sorry! Just one thought, when I use the search Index Position my site is found so I take it my url is ok. My Alexa ranking is "none". Could that explain why the search says "failed to read url" when searching the Page Rank? Florence
  16. cleverflo

    SEO Assistant

    Hi Jack, I have installed this great contribution thank you. I have two questions: 1) KD When I do a check, I get the list including: - ul - suckerdiv - subfolder - color - a:hover etc Surely this is not right, is it? 2) PR When I check my page rank, I get the following message: Failed to read url: www.pebblestar.com It's a new live store so even if my ranking is 0, shouldn't it show 0? I have tried with http: and https: but nothing works. Is there a problem with my url? Thank you in advance for your reply. Florence
  17. Hi Alex, I have managed to install MS2, and now it seems to be working properly. I have just uploaded Paypal IPN v2.3 but I can't install the module in my Admin. It doesn't appear. They were 2 folders in the catalog fileof the zip: - ext - modules no folder for Admin. Should I have downloaded something else? Flo
  18. cleverflo

    Pop Up Mouseover Images

    Hi, Where can we find these codes?
  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I searched for hours but thought my problem was due to Products Listing Columns! I'm so glad I found this post I had to thank you.
  20. cleverflo

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    Hi, Please, please, please: I really need help with the split page. My links redirecting to page 2, 3, 4 and Next do not work. They do work with the new products page in row but not with the Products Listing in Columns. I don't know what to do... I have had a look at page_split_results but I can't see nothing wrong but then again I don't know anyting about codes. But surely it can't be a page_split problem if the new products page works fine?... I would be very very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Florence
  21. Hi Janet, Was checking if I had a reply to my post and came across yours. Just to let you know, it's working fine on my site. If I remove all items in the cart then the carrot disappears. Florence
  22. Hi, I have installed the Dangling Carrot contribution and it works perfectly but I'd like to offer free shipping on it. I'm charging a fixed price for the 1st item + fixed price per extra item so I'm not using the weight and I tried to install all the free shipping contributions and none are working with my set up (i.e. free shipping per item, per category, per zero weight, etc...). For example, the customer has to buy 1 item to be entitled to the free product so I will charge him £1.50 postage for the item he's buying and with my actual setup he will also be charged £1 for the carrot. But this free carrot being worth less than £1, it doesn't seem fair to charge so much shipping for it and I think it might put customers off. I'm not a coder and can't find a way around it... Any help would be very much appreciated. Florence
  23. cleverflo

    Improved Stats Products Attributes Page

    Hi, Found it. I copied codes from other contributions and managed to get my picture and manufacturer name showing.
  24. cleverflo

    Improved Stats Products Attributes Page

    Hi there, I thought I would ask for your expertise if possible. I'm using Products Listing contribution (stats_product.php) and I'd would like to add: 1) the manufacturer name 2) the product image I've managed to get the manufacturers_id but can't get the name even though I added a manufacturers_name field in my products database. I have added this code to the stats_product.php: <td class="main"><?php echo tep_image(DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES . $products_image, $products['products_image'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT); ?></td> but the picture doesn't show. All I get is a blank square with a red cross. I don't know much about codes and your help would be very much appreciated. If you post your contribution, maybe I can use your manufacturer code in my stats_product.php file... And maybe you have an idea on how to show the picture? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Florence
  25. Hi, I've installed Ultimate SEO and all the links are working perfectly except for my header picture. The little linking hand shows https://www.mydomain.com/ . HEADER_IMAGE_LINK . when I click on it, it redirects to the error 404 page https://www.mydomain.com/.%20HEADER_IMAGE_LINK%20. I suspect it's a problem with .htaccess and I've asked my host to correct the file but they said everything is set up all right in my htaccess file therefore they can't do nothing for me. Does anyone know how to solve my issue? Please. Thanks. Florence