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    Get 1 Free

    Hi Jim, This is a great contribution,thanx very much. I have the same problem with the free gift doing strange things in the shopping cart when you remove the qualifying product and the update problem mentioned by Marco. I have downloaded version 1.2a which also had something called "gift ideas" is that what i have to install to fix the bugs? because i really dont need any of the stuff mentioned in that contribution in my shopping cart. Cheers, Akshay.
  2. Hi, I've used this contribution and its gelled pretty well with my site,just one problem though, When you go to the product_listing.php from the store, you see your carrot product on the list, and it also has a buy now button on it,which is definitely confusing for a customer, as this product wont be added to his cart being a carrot,can some1 plz help me with this ..? Thank you in advance.