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  1. Thank you for your replies. I have checked on the log and there are no errors, I did a test order to see if I could bring up an error but nothing saying an error. I also checked with my host and they said they do not change the PHP software without our permission, I am currently running PHP 5.5 and the system default is PHP 5.3
  2. Hello, We are using osc v2.3.4 with PayPal App v5.018 but recently we are having problems with PayPal express and normal checkout. After logging in to PayPal we get sent to the Payment Information page, instead of the confirmation page, we continue the process but it happens again, in a loop. Has anyone else encountered this problem and is there a fix? Thank you in advance.
  3. Thanks for all the replies, I'll look more into the suggested solutions. Up to what version of PHP will version 2.3.4 be ok to use? thanks
  4. We are using osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 Does anyone know how we can block certain products from being brought from international customers? We sell a few prohibited products/heavy items which we cannot send outside the UK, does anyone know if there is a module which we can use? Thank you in advance!
  5. Paypal duplicate orders

    OK, thanks for confirming, I have a problem with duplicate orders in admin, just trying to find a fix, going round in circles lol
  6. Paypal duplicate orders

    Hi reflex-ocasion Did you have a problem with duplicate orders showing in admin or just duplicate emails? Thanks, Pete
  7. Paypal duplicate orders

    Unfortunately after we installed the PayPal app module, we get duplicate orders several times a day. I have searched high and low but unable to locate a fix.
  8. Paypal duplicate orders

    I've been having this same problem ever since we installed the new paypal app, which was months ago. PDT and IPN is already enabled on my PayPal account, can anyone help?
  9. Maximum ONE per customer

    Does anyone know if there is a version which can be used with osc v2.3.4?
  10. Paypal IPN Duplicate Orders

    Hi, I'm having this same problem, did you ever solve this issue?
  11. I've spoken to PayPal technical support and they have said the following: Please can someone confirm if the PayPal app will resolve this problem? Thank you.
  12. Hi Harald, Just to be sure, you are referring about the PayPal App? The PayPal modules I have installed are: PayPal Express Checkout - Version: 3.0 (online status) API Version: 112 PayPal Payments Pro (Hosted Solution) - Version: 1.0 (online status) API Version: 112 Do you think these modules will be ok with PayPal after the 30th of June? Thanks, Pete
  13. Thank you very much for your reply.
  14. Hello, Does anyone know anything about the new PayPal changes for "IPN Verification Postback to HTTPS Microsite" ? https://www.paypal-knowledge.com/infocenter/index?page=content&id=FAQ1916 Has anyone made this change? or know how it can be done? Thank you in advance. Merchants and partners use Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to receive notifications of events related to PayPal transactions. The IPN message service requires that you acknowledge receipt of these messages and validate them. This process includes posting the messages back to PayPal for verification. In the past, PayPal has allowed the use of HTTP for these postbacks. For increased security going forward, only HTTPS will be allowed for postbacks to PayPal. At this time, there is no requirement for HTTPS on the outbound IPN call from PayPal to the merchant’s IPN listener. To avoid any disruption of service, you must verify that your systems are ready for this change by June 30, 2017
  15. Hello, I've installed this discount code module, but I am unable to add anymore customers to the customer exclusions list Does anymore know how this can be increased or if this an error? Thank you in advance.