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  1. We have this discount code setup, everything is working as it should. But I have recently noticed a problem, we have a valid discount code setup to use as a one-time use only but we have found out that customers who pay using PayPal Pro (card payments) can use the code over and over again. Please can someone help us fix this problem? Thank you in advance.
  2. pete2007

    Contact Us Form ~ Set Time

    Thank you for your replies. @burt The software we are currently using is v2.3.4 (we are waiting for v3 to be released) @Yepi Spam emails aren't coming through, but we can see attempts on who's online for example: 00:06:27 0 Guest 13:39:53 13:40:06 /contact_us.php/action/send Would you recommend we block all these IP addresses, or can they be ignored?
  3. pete2007

    Contact Us Form ~ Set Time

    That's great, thank you.
  4. pete2007

    Contact Us Form ~ Set Time

    Hello, Is it possible to only allow one email/per customer for every 30 minutes, when using the online form. I get alot of spammers/bots trying to send us emails, I have to manually block their IP addresses... so if I can reduce it would be great. Thank you in advance.
  5. pete2007

    Using PHP 7.1 with Osc 2.3.4 is it safe?

    Its the official version, I have been waiting for v3, but not sure if I should wait or go with the new community edition..
  6. pete2007

    Using PHP 7.1 with Osc 2.3.4 is it safe?

    Thank you Jack, most appreciated.
  7. I am running osc v2.3.4, I had it set to PHP 5.5 (the lowest our host provides) I changed the PHP software to the maximum 7.2 just to see if it works and the website is stable and working fine. Is it safe to stay on PHP 7.2 or should I revert it back? Thank you in advance.
  8. pete2007

    is osCommerce safe to use?

    Sorry is the Phoenix Edition v3 or will this come later?
  9. Sounds great, thank you @peterbuzzin once again, great to have people like you around here on the forums. Most appreciated.
  10. Thank you for the reply @peterbuzzin The issue has now been resolved, we found out that a module on our server automatically kicked in called spam assassin, so I turned this off and our emails are working again. Safe to say we won''t be using the osc newsletter module again and we will definitely look into your recommendation for the mailchimp module.
  11. pete2007

    PayPal Express ~ Duplicate Orders

    @peterbuzzin works perfectly, most appreciated once again!
  12. pete2007

    PayPal Express ~ Duplicate Orders

    @peterbuzzin is it possible to add a script like this to the contact us submit button, this is also very slow? thanks
  13. pete2007

    Hack attempt - is there a way to prevent this?

    Thank you for your reply, where about's can I limit the text for the search?
  14. I sent a newsletter via oscommerce newsletter manager yesterday but now I am not receiving my order confirmation emails. Is it possible that my IP address and email is now blacklisted? Is there anyway to check? Is there anyway to fix the problem? Thank you in advance.
  15. I've been trying to setup a user/pass for my admin directory but every time I set this up and visit the admin panel I get pushed to the homepage. I've checked all .htaccess files and can't see anything that will redirect. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a better way to add an extra layer of security over the admin panel? Thank you in advance.