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  1. pete2007

    PayPal not charging postage/shipping

    Thank you Jack
  2. pete2007

    PayPal not charging postage/shipping

    As always thank you for your reply Jack. Is there anyway to disable/disallow the ability for the customer to change the amount?
  3. pete2007

    PayPal not charging postage/shipping

    We use Oscommerce v2.3.4. for some orders (small amount, maybe 1 in 25) PayPal doesn't charge the customer for postage/shipping. We get this message after payment has been submitted in orders.php OSCOM Error Total Mismatch: PayPal transaction value (119.17) does not match order value (123.46) Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way to fix it? I have reported it to PayPal technical support but I am still waiting a response. Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you for your replies. I have found out the cause of the problem, the DNS settings weren't set up correctly, this must have changed after my host reverted the changes back. However I will still take all your advice onboard to improve the overall speed of our website. Thanks again, Pete
  5. Update: I've just done a search on Google PageSpeed Insights and on desktop we have a score of 73, but interestingly we only have a score of 58 for mobile (which we are also having loading issues for) There are a few issues with large images which I can resolve, but the the treemap indicates the following: ext/jquery/jquery-1.11.1.min.js 93.5 KiB 49.4 KiB https://www.paypalobjects.com/muse/muse.js 64.1 KiB 22.3 KiB https://ssl.google-analytics.com/ga.js 45.2 KiB 13.7 KiB /store/osc/ext/jquery/jcarousel.js 20.0 KiB 16.2 KiB https://cdn.ywxi.net/js/1.js 18.4 KiB 10.5 KiB Do you think its the jquery which is causing the problems? Thanks, Pete
  6. Thank you for your replies. We have done lots of tests, GTMetrix shows the site as B rating. I've scanned the site for malware using sucuri.net and its all clear/and not blacklisted. Regarding Jack's Database Optimizer addon, can I backup the current database then use this addon? then if anymore issues arise could I then upload the original database? Thanks again, Pete
  7. Thank you for your replies. I've come to a conclusion that it maybe an issue with the database. When I try to access admin I have to refresh the page several times just to get access, but sometimes an error comes up saying 'cannot access to the database' If I change the password to the database, are these the only places I need to update on the server? /includes/configure.php /admin/includes/configure.php Thanks, Pete
  8. pete2007

    Royal Mail Click and Drop

    Hello, Has anyone managed to intergrate Royal Mail Click and Drop into Oscommerce software? Thank you in advance.
  9. A month or so ago the main website on our server was closed down (no longer needed) so we asked our host to make our other website (which uses v2.3.4) primary on our account, however they attempted to do this and had lots of problems so they reverted back the changes. But now we are experiencing lots of loading issues: Desktop: Which is connected via ethernet cable, occasionally I have to refresh the page a few times to bring up the website (so not that bad) Laptop: Wifi connected, is worse, needs to be refreshed alot of the time, but still brings up the site. Phone: My iphone 8 with wifi works fine, but using my data its very temperamental, most of the time the site doesn't load up at all, but sometimes it does. I have spoken to my host about this many times and they have tryed lots of different things to fix the problem, but they have now basically said that as they cannot see the problems themselves they cannot troubleshoot. Overall we've had about 10-15 customers contact us over the month who are also having the same issues, alot of them are using newer phones. However we have noticed that by resetting the internet settings on their device will give the customer access but only for a few hours then the website won't be accessible again. We have tried all the usual things such as removing cookie/caches, clearing internet settings, spoken to our ISP and tried lots of things they suggest, removed any bars/restrictions from the network provider, etc but we cannot find a permanent fix. I was starting to wonder if its something to do with the age of the software? Has anyone else had any issues recently with using v2.3.4? Any help or advice would be most appreciated, thank you in advance. Pete
  10. pete2007

    Menu Editor

    I don't suppose you have a demo of the back-end yet, or will this be released shortly? thanks
  11. pete2007

    New management and osCommerce v4

    One of the most important factors we hope the new version has is speed to process an order and stock updating 😁
  12. pete2007

    New management and osCommerce v4

    This is great news! We've been waiting for the new version for several years now, we almost moved to a different platform... We have worked with Holbi several times over the years, they actually built our amazing template 👍 I have many questions, but the most important, will all/most modules that run on osc v2.3.4 work on the new v4 when released? Thanks, Pete
  13. Thank you for your reply, unfortunately our website is so heavily modified using osCommerce CE isn't an option yet, but definitely a possibility in the future. We were hopefully that version 2.4 would be released but that doesn't seem to be to happening.
  14. Thank you for your replies. I am using Oscommerce v2.3.4 existing store, been with oscommerce since 2007! We recently changed our version of PHP from 5.5 to 7.2 so maybe this could be the reason why it stopped working.
  15. We are using the Batch Update Status & Comments Toolbar 4.0 addon but it doesn't send out more than one email at a time, is there a fix for this? Any help would be most appreciated, thank you in advance.