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  1. pete2007

    Clickjacking Vulnerability?

    Thank you Burt, your advice is most appreciated as always.
  2. pete2007

    Clickjacking Vulnerability?

    Hi Burt, thank you for your reply, here is the email:
  3. pete2007

    Clickjacking Vulnerability?

    V2.3.4 Hello, I've just received an email to say that there is a clickjacking vulnerability for the account_password.php page. Is this something I should be worried about and if so what action can I take? Thank you in advance.
  4. pete2007

    Adding Google Recaptcha to Customer Login Form

    Thank you Jack once again, most appreciated.
  5. pete2007

    Adding Google Recaptcha to Customer Login Form

    Hi Jack, Thank you for your reply. All I was trying to do is add the recaptcha to the returning customer login section, isn't worth installing here? I thought it may prevent any brute force attempts etc.. We already have the recaptcha inside the register an account page. Thanks, Pete
  6. pete2007

    Adding Google Recaptcha to Customer Login Form

    Hi Jack, Thank you for your reply. I think you installed the honey pot addon for us? How can we use it for the login form or does this work instantly? Thanks, Pete
  7. Oscommerce Version: 2.3.4 Hello, we are trying to add a Google Recaptcha to the customer login form by editing the following files: includes/modules/content/login/templates/login_form.php includes/modules/content/login/cm_login_form.php The google recaptcha tick box is visible but we are able to login without ticking the box. Are we editing the correct files? Thank you in advance.
  8. Thank you for your reply, unfortunately our website is so heavily modified using osCommerce CE isn't an option yet, but definitely a possibility in the future. We were hopefully that version 2.4 would be released but that doesn't seem to be to happening.
  9. Thank you for your replies. I am using Oscommerce v2.3.4 existing store, been with oscommerce since 2007! We recently changed our version of PHP from 5.5 to 7.2 so maybe this could be the reason why it stopped working.
  10. We are using the Batch Update Status & Comments Toolbar 4.0 addon but it doesn't send out more than one email at a time, is there a fix for this? Any help would be most appreciated, thank you in advance.
  11. Thank you @raiwa I'll give it a try.
  12. Hi, I installed this discount code module, everything is working as it should. But I have recently noticed a problem, we have a valid discount code setup to use as a one-time use only but we have found out that customers who pay using PayPal Pro (card payments) can use the code over and over again. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thank you in advance.
  13. pete2007

    Change Layout For PayPal Hosted ~ paypal_pro_hs.php

    @JcMagpie thank you for your reply. I have tried changing the settings within my PayPal account but after changing it to A,B or C a blank screen appears, so I assume it must be coded in somewhere and set to MiniLayout.
  14. pete2007

    Change Layout For PayPal Hosted ~ paypal_pro_hs.php

    Here is an image which PayPal support sent to me. I need to somehow change the settings to either A,B or C so that PayPal hosted page is automatically mobile friendly, my website must be showing up as MiniLayout which is not mobile-friendly. Please can anyone assist me with this issue, thank you in advance.
  15. Hello, I am trying to change the layout for PayPal Hosted. I first tried within my PayPal account using "Customise Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution" but soon realized it must be coded in. I visited paypal_pro_hs.php and noticed that there is a piece of code stating 'template' => 'templateD', I changed this to C but it made the PayPal card section disappear so I have reverted back for now. Please can someone help? Thank you in advance. Pete