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  1. ok, found out... thx for this great contribution... :wub:
  2. fixed it... now i can configure wysiwyg-editor and i can use ist for newsletters, mainpage and email. but the product-description has still the normal boxes. i think i will read the 38 pages of this thread now... :(
  3. hello... i've tried to set up the wysiwyg-editor 1.7 on my ms2 osc-shop. i've tried the fresh copy&paste-install as well as the step-by-step-instructions. my problem is: when i'm in the admin-interface, i can't find anything to config the wysiwyg. usually there should be something like "enable wysiwyg" or "width" ans so on, shouldn't it? the import into the database was successfull, all entries are there. the textboxes are still the normal html-boxes. what went wrong during my install? thx, LuxorN