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  1. Tariq

    PayPal IPN Invalid Process

    Check your addresses on the Paypal site. Some things where changed when I went and looked up information for the site that I did, that we did NOT change.
  2. Tariq

    Upgrade PayPal IPN?

    I have asked this several times and have yet to get an answer, and am not sure if it is because no one knows, or if its just too broad of a question. We are using .098 IPN on the cart that was made a year ago.. I need to know if it is necessary to update, and if so, HOW do you update? Do all the old files get reverse-engineered out or do they just get over-written by the new files as necessary? Thank you!!
  3. Tariq

    Paypal IPN Contribution Vs Built in Paypal

    I still do not know if or how to update from my IPN .098 version.. Could someone tell me if that is necessary, and how to do it if so?
  4. Tariq

    Paypal Confusion

    http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...arch,paypal+IPN Check in the contributions part then to the Search box. And its oscomerCe, not oscomercce :) Thats where the confusion came in.
  5. Tariq

    another paypal problem..

    Thats kinda of weird, bkk.. I have the option in my module to have all that info pre-populated into Paypal.. but my version is old.. its .098
  6. Tariq

    Paypal Confusion

    They changed some settings around.. I went in and fiddled with a few things, but want to make sure they are correct... Website Payment notification set to Return to cart, and pointed to the success_checkout.php IPN, set to point to the checkout_process.php Are these right now with the changes??? Have IPN .098 on the cart now..
  7. Tariq

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Am using IPN .098 Do I need to update, and if so, how? And if so, HOW?
  8. Tariq

    Paypal IPN Empty Cart

    Have you set your confirm to head back from the Paypal site to direct to your own page? I remember doing something like that in order to get the cart to work but dont know if the new way they did things is the same. Im having issues on the site that I set up for my client too. Something is not working right with the Paypal IPN, and I dont know if its just needing an update or what.
  9. Tariq

    PayPal IPN v3.1.5

    What version did you have on your shop? And how did you upgrade it? Did you back out all the changes from the old one, and redo with the new? Or just go over with the install directions from the new? We have an old one in the shop that I set up for my client, and its acting wonky. She said she just recently got the stupid thing to start paying her right, and it is not sending the full information to Paypal that includes the shipping and tax.. Im not sure the dumb thing ever worked right :blink:
  10. Tariq


    feh... No support or luck with this Addon? Any ideas are appreciated :< Though I guess I could just start adding and making sure I have copies of EVERYTHING in triplicate... poo...
  11. Tariq


    Apparently it was me editor that was not letting me see the Readme, though I am still not finding out if this can work with the Login5.2...
  12. IF This can be used if you already have the LoginboxV5.2 installed and running? It seems that the Readme file is empty, and the other files in there do not state anything concerning earlier versions, and I did not see anything in the progression to this point from the Author of the other files. I searched the forum, looked for info on this and for the author, and apparently am either ignorant, or cannot read any longer, cause I couldnt find either... Help?
  13. Tariq


    The question is, will this effect us, since, effectively, it states that it will only be the version that is changing in the normal use IPN info...
  14. Tariq

    PayPal IPN?

    Now, I DO know that once you have the Paypal IPN successfully installed, in the Payment Module in your Admin section, there is added a Paypal IPN selection that you enable to allow that to show on your storefront, just like you do any other Payment option. I missed that the first time I looked. Do NOT have both regular Paypal, AND the Paypal IPN enabled. It will show as Paypal IPN on your storefront, unless you change the wording, which I am going to do myself, and say that if you use the Paypal, additional signup is needed, and for Cash/Check options, and leave the Auth.net option for Credit Card Processing. Hope that helps.. As far as the checkout necessary through the Paypal IPn ON the Paypal site, I BELIEVE it is whateveryourstoreurlis/checkout_process.php Since no one else answered that yet. Hope thst helps a little anyway
  15. Tariq

    PayPal IPN?

    I am having a problem as well. I too am trying to find which address it comes BACK to. This is the wording from the Paypal site, where it asks for the IPN info. `````````` Instant Payment Notification integrates PayPal payment notification and authentication with your website's back-end operations. Check this box to activate Instant Payment Notification, and enter the URL at which you will receive the payment notifications below. This URL should be a URL which you own and at which you receive HTML posts. ```````` It will NOT let you update this to allow the IPN to work without the URL. I BELIEVE It should be the checkout_success page, correct? I have seen several people say that you use the same notify_ file that is pointed to in your IPN Module in Admin, but this does not post BACK to the site, does it?? Any input on this is greatly appreciated, as I think it is the one major thing stopping many people. It may be that this is a new implimentation from Paypal, however, in any case it is something that needs to be fully covered. Thanks TONS!!