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  1. Ok, so I've spent the last two days trying to get UHTML to work properly with my PayPal IPN, and finally i have succeeded.


    For those still fighting with it and can't get certain information to display (eg. customer name, order number, address etc), note the comment line in ipn.php that reads:


    // $order variables have been changed from checkout_process to work with the variables from the function query () instead of cart () in the order class


    First follow the instructions in a previous post by grgr here


    Then open your newly created checkout_process_paypal.php and edit the variables that are causing trouble.


    Here are the correct variables to use (in my version of IPN anyway...)




    Find all instances of



    And replace with






    . $order->customer['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->customer['lastname'].


    And replace with

    . $order->customer['name'].





    . tep_address_label($customer_id, $sendto, 0, '', '<br />') .


    Replace with

    . tep_address_format($order->delivery['format_id'], $order->delivery,  0, '', '<br />') .



    . tep_address_label($customer_id, $billto, 0, '', '<br />') .


    Replace with

    . tep_address_format($order->billing['format_id'], $order->billing, 0, '', '<br />') .


    I think i've covered everything.. I hope this saves some time for those either just starting to modify the contrib or those who have been pulling their hair out like me!





    Very well done!

    Could you release a new version of the plugin which is also compatible with paypal?

  2. The standard Products Purchased report doesn't take account of QTPro/attributes.


    Does anyone have a fix for this?


    You mean that in: catalog/admin/stats_products_purchased.php

    You would like to be able to see which products with which attributes did sell best and not only which products, regardless of which attributes was chosen, did sell best?


    This is a good idea. However you may want to be able to change between taking account of attributes and not take account of them... The two views will give you different information.


    This will be a bit tricky to program. I don't have time right now. Someone else could do this :rolleyes:

    Another comment. This could be a contribution on its own. This contribution would have no connection to QTPro as you should list all attributes and not only the one stock is tracked for... I don't think this contribution exists currently.

  3. Hey,


    I recently installed qtpro ...and think i may have discovered a bug.

    Because I sell through other channels in addition to my oscommerce store, I often find myself changing the quantity of certain items on the low stock report page. I've discovered that if you change the quantity of an attribute to zero, that attribute then disappears from the list of attributes (on the low stock report page). This means that when new stock arrives you can't use the low stock report page to update the quantities.


    Has anyone else experienced the same problem ...and does anyone have a fix?


    Great contribution by the way! I have lots of products with attributes and qtpro works a treat.




    Interesting. I was not aware you could change the stock quantity directly from catalog/admin/stats_low_stock_attrib.php ;) (you can't)

    However you can change the stock in catalog/admin/stock.php?product_id=xxxxxxxx and there are links to that page from stats_low_stock_attrib.php


    ... aha! :)


    I think: You do not have the latest version of QTPro. In previous versions there where a bug where products with summary stock 0 did not appear in the stats_low_stock_attrib.php


    Is this the case? Can you upgrade?

  4. Nev Version online! 1.3b


    Authors: "Olof Larsson"


    New in this version:


    * Bugfix. In previous version i forgott to add the folder catalog/images/pcs_images. This empty foler is added now and that's the only change. For you who experienced a slideshow without images this is the solution. Sorry ^^

  5. Hello Olof


    I installed your contribution, v1.3a and all ican see is a white box with the product title description scrolling on the top. Under the white box, I can see the same description and image number buttons, but no image is to be seen. In IE, it shows a red "X" in a box, as imaage not found. It does show ERROR 1 in the image properties.

    Where is it looking for the images? CATALOG/IMAGES folder? I do have an image "sub-directory' modification installed. Could that be causing the problem?


    Thank you!




    Yeah could be. Check in the products_cycle_slideshow.php. You can find the text error1 there. I don't have time to explain the solution for you but somewhere you call pcs_href_image($src_path) and $src_path does not exist.

    Good luck.

  6. Great add on. Is it possible to not have the images resize and or adjust the size of the image?


    Currently not supported by the contribution... Why would you want to do that? :rolleyes:

    Reasons Not to simply adjust size:

    *Browser resized images look ugly in most browsers

    *Image size is larger

  7. Hello,

    I've searched how to delete the white background underneath each image, but couldn't guess how : int CSS, int the cyle js file, it's always remaining white.



    Thanks a lot



    The white color is in the css and in each generated jpg image. JPG does not support transparency. You would have to reprogramm the code to use PNG with transparency and change the CSS ^^

  8. Olaf,


    Not sure if you mis interpreted my replies,


    i installed the contrib perfectly, nothing got missed, however the instructions leave problems that needs to be fixed as explained above. the slideshow does not work on all pages unless you install the fix and re-assign the $ to another variable, once done this work perfect, i believe those adjustments should be added back into the contrib and a revised edition uploaded (if you agree and validate what i have said, i dont have time at this point to do that but may do in the future).


    Sorry, I missed some posts you wrote. :rolleyes: sorry. My bad.

    Yes, to use var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); is a solution. However other contributions might use jquery in it's $ form... Perhaps usage of var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); will make this contribution unusable with other contributions...

  9. Good Contrib, installed easy, i have 10+ major contrib installed already and luckily none had used the 3 main files that need to be edited / replaced, however i think i have noticed 1 typo which doesnt seem to cause an issue but thought i would flag it anyway.


    \catalog\includes\boxes\best_sellers.php in the original has a $, in replacement does not, as shown below


    if (isset($current_category_id) && ([color="#FF0000"][b]$[/b][/color]current_category_id >0)){




    when you go into product info page, the Javascript sources do not get loaded, and the slideshow does not work, unsure if i missed something or have a modofies index.php which causes the issue but i fixed it by adding the javascript sources into catalog\product_info.php


    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/prototype.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/scriptaculous.js?load=effects"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/lightbox.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/builder.js"></script>
    [color="#FF0000"]<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-1.2.6.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.cycle.all.pack.js"></script>[/color]
    ** please note may not have all these scripts installed but the above indicates roughly where you should place the new lines)


    see this contrib in action here - fireplace2u.co.uk


    (still work in progress)


    Prototype and Jquery may work bad together as they both use the function name '$'.

    To not miss things in installations; use Beyond Compare ^^

  10. New version online: Products Cycle Slideshow V1.3

    New in this version:


    *PHP4 compability

    *Server- and Browser-side cache

    *Image output quality configuration option in the admin panel.

    *Easier installation

    *Fixed a bug for horizontal positioning of images


    Please report any bugs you may encounter ^^

  11. Hiya All,


    I have installed qtpro 4.51 and all is working great BUT yes here it comes LOL


    The Special Items arent being correctly listed and priced with items that use qtpro


    for example:



    normal price $20

    special price $15

    but as soon as you use the size or colour option the price goes back to $20 :(


    Is there a fix for this so my "specials" items can retain their specials prices?






    Thank you!

    You found a bug.



    New in this version:


    Bugfix: The "stock table" and "Actual Price Pull Downs" in products_description.php will now handle specials correct. Previously the special price was not considered and the original price was used instead.

  12. I have a problem here. Let's say:




    Red XS - 2 stock

    Blue S - 3 stock

    Black M - 5 stock


    TOTAL STOCK = 10


    *** Stock checking in product info listing have no problems, as out of stock item will not be display out , so I assume it is working fine ***


    But when click I Add to Cart for Red XS, and in shopping cart there, it display "Product" as Jacket - Red XS", "Quantity" as 1, "Total" as $100.00.


    The Quantity option in shopping cart is editable, meaning buyer can enter any amount should they wish to buy more.


    When I try to enter 2, it is ok, when i try to enter 4, it is still ok (even though stock is 2 only), when I try to enter 11, error message pop up saying quantity over the stock available. So, I know that, this only check the TOTAL STOCK available (in this case 10), NOT the inidividual stock RED XS!!


    Anyone can help how to solve this ? Or just remove the feature that enable them to add extra quantity in shopping cart ??


    I tested this on my last version of QTPro (4.51a). I don't have your error. Make sure you have installed correctly (Use Beyond Compare). Make sure you acctually track stock for both the options "Color" and "Size".

  13. WOW!!


    This guy is good!!!


    Talk soon. I have work for you just trying to decide what, be back in town after Tuesday!~



    Thanks lol :lol:

    Thank you (everyone) for telling me that fixing this was important. I did not fix this in the beginning as I did not use transparency in the images on my store and all my images was so large they where resized down in size by the thumbnailer class (making me immune to this black-background error). However it will happen that stores has smaller andor transparent images thus making this important to fix.


    This forum is great. Thanks people. Without all your help with error testing and ideas the contribution would not improve this fast :)


    Improvement ideas i currently have:

    * I'm not sure if the resized images can be cached by browsers right now... This should be possible and fixed if it currently is not possible.

    * The images should be preloaded before the slideshow starts. Otherwise, if you have a slow Internet connection, you will see the slideshow moving and images loading at the same time (ugly).

    * Custom items in the slideshow (Would make demonstrations of other stuff than products possible)

    * Sort order for items in the slideshow.


    Does anyone have any more ideas?

  14. Great contribution, but this is a quirk that may have to make us pull it from our site. The pictures with the black background surrounding it is really, really annoying - it just looks like we didn't add pictures correctly. The only fix we can recommend is using full size pictures specifically for this, that give you the appearance you want or display only pictures that do not have this background (by this mod) - something not feasible for most.


    Still working on this...


    New version released: 1.2


    New in this version:

    *Pictures with transparency will not get black background anymore. All images are outputted as JPG with white background. :lol:

  15. Hi guys and Girls


    Is there a way to make this work in a box ? like the shoppingcart and languages and that sort of thing ?


    If there is.. could you tell me how please ??


    GREAT contri..


    Yeah! ^^ Just make sure that you put the "require code" enclosed in a td-tag. But this would make that box expand like hell because the slideshow is big and won't become smaller automatically. For it to become smaller you will have to modify the CSS related to the slideshow. But if you do: Yes then it could look good.

  16. WOW, was impressed by this Contribution! Looks really good, but unfortunately i didn't get it to work on my store. It displays the text, but does not sho up any images or any errors. just one simple plain textline "product titel, price" and this one is fading ;)


    have to correct myself: it just DOESN'T WORK IN FIREFOX.

    Internet Explorer shows up the images as they should be, but mentioned by Carry (nice eye(s) btw ;)), ive got black background too


    This seems to be due to something... eh...

    Try... following these general tips: (I say this when I have no good answer):

    *Try the program Beyond Compare

    *Get Web Developer Toolbar for firefox and Disable -> cache

    *If this has not helped you install on a fresh store to see if there is "bad cooperation" with another contribution

  17. Yup that's me in the pic - why do guys always ask that lol...


    Anyway, for my pet store, I am trying to do the product slideshow but for some reason, the background of the pictures shows up black on some pics and other white. Is there something I am doing that could cause that - it looks really terrible as the site is all white background (with paw prints)?




    GREAT improvements btw.


    Guys ask because you look good, obviously ^^


    This black background appears if you install the contribution on a completely new store. Because the product photos are transparent gifs (I think). The thumbnailer is not perfect. Transparency becomes black. I'm not sure but are your images, the turns-into-black ones, gif's with transparency? Perhaps it works with transparent png's?


    (I hope so! I hate gif! it is an awfull format :angry: people should use png instead! It has alpha transparency and smaller filesize etc etc :lol: )


    Thx for comment on improvements ^^

  18. New version online: 1.1


    New in this version:


    * Many more options in the admin panel

    * Added support for the jquery Easing pluggin

    * Bugfix in the manual


    The config options are now:


    Items - Number of New Products

    Items - Number of Specials

    Items - Number of Bestsellers

    General - Pause onMouseOver?

    General - Display randomly?

    FX - Transition FX

    FX - Easing

    FX - Sync transitions?

    FX - Transition Speed

    FX - Timeout


  19. Hate to be soooo active but I like this mod....sorry.


    Is there a way that I can just select the products to appear in this scroll? This would be a great feature as well as being able to select categories to choose from, perhaps a checkbox.


    just what i was looking for tho, great job O!




    Haha :lol: its nice that you are active, it's helping me. You have got good ideas!


    I'm creating version 1.1 now containing more options in the admin panel. However I must say I don't currently need custom slideshow items, custom selected proucts or custom selected categories myself right now... I will, perhaps, fix that later. It is more work so I must feel motivated :P


    If you would like to fix custom items in the slideshow you could hardcode it into the modulefile. Read about the jquery plugin cycle and you will understand how.


    Nice avatar photo btw. Is that you :rolleyes: ?

    What are you programming? A site for yourself? Someone else?

  20. hmm found this: http://rochakchauhan.com/blog/2007/09/12/h...-work-in-php-4/


    so i took the php4 version of thumbnail.inc.php and it didnt work either. so i think it is incompatible.



    php4 based servers wont work with your contribution.


    The thumbnail.inc.php used in the contribution is a little modified. All things in the class are made public due to a thing made in show_resized_image.php have you changed this? Anyway you can reprogram my contribution to work with PHP4, somehow but I won't fix the details.


    I don't care so much if it don't work with php4 honestly (: PHP5 is better.

  21. Well this means that there is something wrong with the word "public" (:

    Read the php4 manual on how to get things in classes public. I'm not familliar with classes in php4.


    Hi Olof,


    this one is the error message:



    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /hp/ae/aa/ma/www/fruitster/includes/classes/thumbnail.inc.php on line 21




    Line 21 is this one:


    public $errmsg;



    thx for youe help!