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  1. Guest

    Dear Loran,


    Please can you help me with the MATC contribution version 2.3.4


    I am stuck at steps 5, 6 and 7 ...so can u help.


    I am not sure where the code should go ...i have tried to find the places but not 100% certain its the right place as we have made many changes to the files previously.

    The changes relate to files


  2. Hi Olof,

    I've installed your contri for Standard order comments, executed everything that's in the contrib but I seem to miss something, shouldn't there be a edeting file in the admin/localization were I can edit my remarks? I'm working with php 5.2

    Hope you can help me,


  3. Hi,

    Just installed the slide show addon - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6238 - Is there a way to adjust the area that the images show in? Right now it's showing my thumbnails of the last 3 products I added, but the thumbnails look very dwarfted in the space provided. So is there way to either have it use the large/full size images or reduce the space that it displays the thumbna...

  4. Hi Olof,

    I am interested in a custom template for our website. Can you please contact me?

  5. hi larsson excusme for distrub

    how i populate my oscommerce 2.3.1??are there a script similar easypopulate o anew script for importing my products ?


  6. Olof Larsson

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Very well done! Could you release a new version of the plugin which is also compatible with paypal?
  7. hi!Larsson .You did a good job for slideshow on oscommerce .But , after i installed .I found a problem.I In the configuration admin panel >>Products Slideshow.I try to change some setting on the slideshow and CLICK SAVE ,it bring me to a BLANK Page.

    please help!

    thank you very much

  8. Hi Olof

    I hope you can help me because of your involvement with QTPro contrib. I'm not getting any response from the forums so sorry to try you direct. In QTPro they use the GET method to update admin/stock.php it results in a redirect to login.php everytime you update a stock quantity. I can't seem to find a way to stop this and am surprised it hasn't been tackled....

  9. I am very happy with your work on Products Cycle Slideshow.

  10. for being able to visualize the relative component? Moreover nell' address I would want to insert also the number of I telephone of the customer. Thanks if you will be able to help me

  11. hi, first of all excuse for my English, i'm using babelfish for the translation, I wanted to know if a modification can be made your contribuzione (U HTML Emails), I uses contribuzione (CCC) nell' email dell' order unfortunately I do not succeed to visualize the component of the relative product ' customer' , you could suggest to me as to modify the rows checkout_process.php...

  12. Hi! First: thank you for this great contrib!

    Almost everything works. But the mail from order.php (sent when changing order status) is in the old style although I installed everything and edited the design of the order.php-files?

    can you give me a hint?

    when I sent Emails from the osc-admin, can I edit that design too? if yes, where?

    thank you!

  13. Olof Larsson

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    Nope. Currently not. But it is a good idea. Might fix that ^^
  14. You mean that in: catalog/admin/stats_products_purchased.php You would like to be able to see which products with which attributes did sell best and not only which products, regardless of which attributes was chosen, did sell best? This is a good idea. However you may want to be able to change between taking account of attributes and not take account of them... The two views will give you different information. This will be a bit tricky to program. I don't have time right now. Someone else could do this :rolleyes: Another comment. This could be a contribution on its own. This contribution would have no connection to QTPro as you should list all attributes and not only the one stock is tracked for... I don't think this contribution exists currently.
  15. Interesting. I was not aware you could change the stock quantity directly from catalog/admin/stats_low_stock_attrib.php ;) (you can't) However you can change the stock in catalog/admin/stock.php?product_id=xxxxxxxx and there are links to that page from stats_low_stock_attrib.php ... aha! :) I think: You do not have the latest version of QTPro. In previous versions there where a bug where products with summary stock 0 did not appear in the stats_low_stock_attrib.php Is this the case? Can you upgrade?