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  1. Very well done! Could you release a new version of the plugin which is also compatible with paypal?
  2. Nope. Currently not. But it is a good idea. Might fix that ^^
  3. You mean that in: catalog/admin/stats_products_purchased.php You would like to be able to see which products with which attributes did sell best and not only which products, regardless of which attributes was chosen, did sell best? This is a good idea. However you may want to be able to change between taking account of attributes and not take account of them... The two views will give you different information. This will be a bit tricky to program. I don't have time right now. Someone else could do this :rolleyes: Another comment. This could be a contribution on its own. This contribution would have no connection to QTPro as you should list all attributes and not only the one stock is tracked for... I don't think this contribution exists currently.
  4. Interesting. I was not aware you could change the stock quantity directly from catalog/admin/stats_low_stock_attrib.php ;) (you can't) However you can change the stock in catalog/admin/stock.php?product_id=xxxxxxxx and there are links to that page from stats_low_stock_attrib.php ... aha! :) I think: You do not have the latest version of QTPro. In previous versions there where a bug where products with summary stock 0 did not appear in the stats_low_stock_attrib.php Is this the case? Can you upgrade?
  5. Nev Version online! 1.3b Authors: "Olof Larsson" New in this version: * Bugfix. In previous version i forgott to add the folder catalog/images/pcs_images. This empty foler is added now and that's the only change. For you who experienced a slideshow without images this is the solution. Sorry ^^
  6. Please explain further... More in detail please. When would this opportunity be given? What should the doctor do?
  7. Yeah could be. Check in the products_cycle_slideshow.php. You can find the text error1 there. I don't have time to explain the solution for you but somewhere you call pcs_href_image($src_path) and $src_path does not exist. Good luck.
  8. Currently not supported by the contribution... Why would you want to do that? :rolleyes: Reasons Not to simply adjust size: *Browser resized images look ugly in most browsers *Image size is larger
  9. The white color is in the css and in each generated jpg image. JPG does not support transparency. You would have to reprogramm the code to use PNG with transparency and change the CSS ^^
  10. Sorry, I missed some posts you wrote. :rolleyes: sorry. My bad. Yes, to use var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); is a solution. However other contributions might use jquery in it's $ form... Perhaps usage of var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); will make this contribution unusable with other contributions...
  11. Prototype and Jquery may work bad together as they both use the function name '$'. To not miss things in installations; use Beyond Compare ^^
  12. New version online: Products Cycle Slideshow V1.3 New in this version: *PHP4 compability *Server- and Browser-side cache *Image output quality configuration option in the admin panel. *Easier installation *Fixed a bug for horizontal positioning of images Please report any bugs you may encounter ^^
  13. %20 is an url-encoded space. Why is there a whitespace there? Have I put it there or have you somehow? :blink: I'll look into this later.
  14. Thank you! You found a bug. NEW VERSOIN ONLINE V 4.51a New in this version: Bugfix: The "stock table" and "Actual Price Pull Downs" in products_description.php will now handle specials correct. Previously the special price was not considered and the original price was used instead.
  15. I tested this on my last version of QTPro (4.51a). I don't have your error. Make sure you have installed correctly (Use Beyond Compare). Make sure you acctually track stock for both the options "Color" and "Size".