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  1. I have tried this module - and gone through updates carefully but Product_info.php displays: 1146 - Table 'violateclothing-oscommerce.TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES' doesn't exist select additional_images_id, images_description, thumb_images, medium_images, popup_images from TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES where products_id = '32' [TEP STOP] http://www.violateclothing.com/catalog/pro...;products_id=32 Any ideas would be really helpful Graeme
  2. e1boy

    CSS Menu

    Hi i have downloaded the latest version of CSS Menu - is there anyway to just show the top categories - ie i don't require the fly-out sub menus Also the menu has picked up: BOX_INFORMATION_ALLPRODS BOX_SPECIALS_ALLPRODS BOX_WHATSNEW_ALLPRODS which i don't requrie http://www.violateclothing.com/catalog/index.php