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  1. Thanks Brian, I had been wondering how to have a slash between category name and product name. I followed your instruction and I could change my URL from http://www.xxxxx.com/category-products-p-65.html to http://www.xxxxx.com/category/products-p-65.html And I changed '.html' to slash. So currently my URL is 'http://www.xxxxx.com/category/products-p-65/' But I'd like my URL like this finally; http://www.xxxxx.com/category/products/ Does anyone know if it is possible not to show '-p-65' ? Thanks Aki
  2. I have installed the latest version and it is working all right. Thanks a lot! But my client requested me one thing and I've been wondering how I could do... My URL is currently like this; http://www.xxxxx.com/country-manufacturer-mirror-p-65.html All products are categorized under countries and manufacturers. But my client asked me to change the URL like this; http://www.xxxxx.com/country/manufacturer/mirror.html I thought there were 2 tasks. 1.alter '-' to '/'. 2.delete '-p-65'. To solve No.1, I tried to change this line in seoclass.php. $define = 'define(\'PRODUCT_NAME_' . $product['id'] . '\', \'' . $this->strip($product['manufacturer'] . ' - ' . $product['name']) . '\');'; But nothing has been changed. And No.2 is also very difficult for me. I think 'p-65' is important to send the product's value and I have no idea how I should change. Could anyone have done like this? I appreciate any answer Thanks Aki
  3. webarton

    manufacturer2 2.0

    Thanks a lot, Rachael! Your sample helped me to show manufacturer2 on my product listing. I added a data as PRODUCT_LIST_MANUFACTURER2 on configuration table. And I duplicated PRODUCT_LIST_MANUFACTURER & renamed it as PRODUCT_LIST_MANUFACTURER2 on index.php and product_listing.php. Thanks, Aki
  4. webarton

    manufacturer2 2.0

    Hello. Thanks for the constibution. I'm using it to categorize as 'Country'. I have one question. Has anyone been showing manufacturer2 in product listing? I installed 'Product Listing Enhancements, Thumbnails & Manufacturer Headings' and manufacture is shown in product listing already. But I'd like to show manufacturer2, too. 'PRODUCT_LIST_MANUFACTURER' is shown in index.php and includes/modules/product_listing.php. So I thought I could duplicate the parts and named 'PRODUCT_LIST_MANUFACTURER2'. But it doesn't work. Could anyone give me some advice? Thanks in advance. Aki
  5. webarton

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Hello. Thanks for the contribution. It helps me a lot. I have one problem. I'd like to add some words on 'Total:' which is shown in the bottom. I grepped 'Total:' in files of my site and changed every part I've found, but 'Total:' in my basket is still 'Total:'. So I tried to see the souce of \includes\modules\shipping_estimator.php but I couldn't understand. maybe new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, false, false); $otTxt='<table align="right">'; $otTxt.=$order_total_modules->output().'</table>'; This would be the part I shold see but where the exact souce of '$order_total_modules->output().' is written? Could someone give me advice? Regards. aki
  6. I changed index.php and I could make it show as I'd like to. Thanks. aki
  7. webarton

    manufacturer2 2.0

    Sorry to bother you. I could solve the problem. Thanks aki
  8. Thanks Sam! I'm sorry, I had totally misunderstood as you said. I had been wondering why manufacturers description wasn't shown though I chose 'thumbnails in grid'... sorry! I'd like to show as 'thumbnails in grid' and manufacturers description also. I'd like to try to change the source. product_listing.php should be modified? I really appreciate if you would give me a hint. Regards, aki
  9. Hello, thanks for this contribution. I first installed v1.5b but changed to V1.6. It's working all right but manufacturer description isn't shown though I set 'Product Listing Manufacturers Description True' in admin. There's a text in 'manufacturers description' column of 'manufacturers_info' table. I can insert and update it via admin panel. One thing I didn't do as the installation of this module is includes/boxes/manufacturers.php because I had changed the file as below already. Am I having trouble because of it? Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Regards, aki <?php $manufacturers_query = tep_db_query("select manufacturers_id, manufacturers_name from " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " order by manufacturers_name"); if ($number_of_rows = tep_db_num_rows($manufacturers_query)) { ?> <!-- manufacturers //--> <tr> <td class="pb20"> <?php $info_box_contents = array(); $info_box_contents[] = array('text' => BOX_HEADING_MANUFACTURERS); new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, false, false); // Display a list $manufacturers_list = ''; while ($manufacturers = tep_db_fetch_array($manufacturers_query)) { $manufacturers_name = ((strlen($manufacturers['manufacturers_name']) > MAX_DISPLAY_MANUFACTURER_NAME_LEN) ? substr($manufacturers['manufacturers_name'], 0, MAX_DISPLAY_MANUFACTURER_NAME_LEN) . '..' : $manufacturers['manufacturers_name']); if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id']) && ($HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id'] == $manufacturers['manufacturers_id'])) $manufacturers_name = '<span class="TextHighlight"><b>' . $manufacturers_name .'</b></span>'; $manufacturers_list .= '<p><a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, 'manufacturers_id=' . $manufacturers['manufacturers_id']) . '">' . $manufacturers_name . '</a></p>'; } $info_box_contents = array(); $info_box_contents[] = array('text' => $manufacturers_list); new infoBox($info_box_contents); ?> </td> </tr> <?php } ?>
  10. webarton

    manufacturer2 2.0

    Hello. I appreciate this contribution. It helps me a lot. But I have a problem same as lsousa04. I installed MANUFACTURER2 MODULE but when I add or update a product, I can't save manufacturer2. The data is saved except manufacturers2_id. I checked sql which is provided and saw my database. There is manufacturers2_id column in products table. And I checked installation of the module. I think I did as it says. I didn't get 'check the code that write on your db. consult the installation instucctions'. Could anyone give me some advice?
  11. webarton

    [Contribution] Session Regeneration

    Hello, I've been wondering how I can avoid session hijacking and I found this contribution. I'd like to try it but I'm not sure if that's enough against session hijacking. I also set 'true' in 'Check SSL Session ID' , 'Prevent Spider Sessions' and 'Recreate Sessions' in my admin page. I heard I should set as session.referer_check = "www.test.com" in php.ini but I can't edit php.ini because my web space is in a shared server. and I also tried to edit .htaccess as php_value session.referer_check = "www.test.com" but once I upload the .htaccess file. 'internal server error' occurs. Unfortunately I'm not goot at these things but I'd like to make a safe shopping site. Should I do anything more against session hijacking? Thanks osCommerce 2.2-MS2.
  12. Thanks Joe Garite II. I changed create_account.php and the shipping address page is shown in SSL mode! I changed line 258 in Purchase without account ver. pwa_1_2_5b if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['guest']) or isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['guest'])) tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING)); to if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['guest']) or isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['guest'])) tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING, '', 'SSL')); Thanks again!
  13. webarton

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Hello. I've just installed this contribution,Ship In Cart v2.2.1 and it is working. But when I log in, 'Products Quantity' shows '1' though nothing is in my basket. I tried to find from which table this number '1' appear or in which file the code is written, but I couldn't solve. Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello, I set up osCommerce 2.2 MS2 and installed purchase without account, pwa_1_2_5b and pwa0910-jhfix1. I'm testing it and facing a problem I can't solve. I'm using shared SSL for pages which should be secured. When I go straight to checkout process, 'My Account Information' page is in SSL mode. But the next page 'Delivery Information Shipping Address' page is not in SSL. If I go to the next step, the page is in SSL again. Only shipping address page is not in SSL. I have no idea how to fix it. Could anyone give me some advice? Thanks
  15. But I think shoppers would be confused if their shipping address appears soon after they change their billing address. I know basically shoppers would be the person who will pay but when shoppers log in, they have the shipping address page and a billing address page. I think it's more shopper friendly if the procedure for shoppers who check out without account would be in the same process.