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  1. Morbantokk

    Quickbooks Customer Import v1.0

    when you have no filenames.php you use an older version of oscommerce, maybe MS1. try this: put the things from the filenames.php and database_tables.php into your "application_top.php"
  2. Morbantokk

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi Adam, great work you did!! a few months ago i coded some functionalities to an older quickbooks contribution. i see that your customers only imported from the registered customers table. i did add functionality for shopowners using "purchase without account" maybe you have a look for this old contrib to use for your work: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2191 its all in the sourcecode. all settings are only possible in the code..maybe you could use my functions for your files with some checkboxes for users using" purchase without account" and users with different languages. i added some german files too.. but its too long ago.. i can?t remember the whole changes... you should see it yourself.. greetings from Germany Ronald
  3. Morbantokk

    Quickbooks Customer Import v1.0

    the new version is uploaded: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2191
  4. Morbantokk

    Quickbooks Customer Import v1.0

    if you have a customer with the id "x" and you import a new one with the same id both will co-existing! so nothing get lost, but its not a perfect solution. maybe it would be better to create 2 different contributions: one for shops with registered customers and another one for users using shops without registration. so we can use the customers table for the registered version and otherwise the orders table for shops without registration... what would you say?
  5. Morbantokk

    Quickbooks Customer Import v1.0

    hi author ;) i?m using quickbooks 2004 plus. the software is new and i?ve done nothing until today with it. but in the future i?ll use it for my business. your idea with the checkboxes would be very helpful because its circumstantial to export every single customer... i?ll re-upload my changes this weekend.. greetings from germany :)
  6. Morbantokk

    Quickbooks Customer Import v1.0

    it seems that i spam this thread ;) another important change for shop-owners using "purchase without account" -contribution: old code new code the contrib pwa does not write any informations to the customers table because they do not register. so the file has no name while create import-file... my change fix this and so every file gets automaticly the name from the orders table! what do the author think? :)
  7. Morbantokk

    Quickbooks Customer Import v1.0

    its me again, i have made it! to generate and import the customers_id i?ve made the following changes: old code my new code: maybe this isn?t interesting only for me?!
  8. Morbantokk

    Quickbooks Customer Import v1.0

    first i have to thank you for this contribution. very helpful!! my ask: is it possible to import the customers_id too? i?ve tried to put "NAMENUMBER " to the customer_export.php but it doesn?t run. can you help me with this? regards from germany Ron
  9. Morbantokk

    MOECTOE Suite public BETA 1 Support

    you are absolutely right: most important thing is that the contrib ist running :) what you want modify in later releases?
  10. Morbantokk

    MOECTOE Suite public BETA 1 Support

    great contribution!!! i?ve tested it within a few minutes. works great. much better than older other contribs with manual order entry! maybe you should change your install-instructions.. you have forgot to tell about the "define(FILENAMES_bla', 'filename.php');" in the application_top or filenames.php... keep up your good work! greets from germany Ronald
  11. Morbantokk

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    hi hobbzilla, great job!! but in the sql-file is a simple error. there is a "," too much.. error-sql: INSERT INTO stores (stores_id, stores_name, stores_image, stores_url, stores_config_table, stores_status, stores_admin_selected, date_added) VALUES ('1', 'Default', 'oscommerce.gif', 'http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com/', 'configuration', '1',,'1', now()); fixed sql: INSERT INTO stores (stores_id, stores_name, stores_image, stores_url, stores_config_table, stores_status, stores_admin_selected, date_added) VALUES ('1', 'Default', 'oscommerce.gif', 'http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com/', 'configuration', '1','1', now());
  12. Morbantokk

    adding an email button in orders.php

    its a nice simple mod. really useful! but my problem ist that i have customers which are not registered to my shop...purchase without account... i would like to have this working for non-registered customers.. this time it works only with registered users.. do you think you can make it possible?
  13. thats my problem too: the new created customer cannot login with the password in the email. whats the error?
  14. i?ve installed both contribs: option type and attributes sorter and copier. i?ve no problems and all works fine... what?s your problem?
  15. oh, sorry, i was wrong... yes, first the upload runs and after it the check of the filesize... on my local installation on my pc it seemed to run.. but a local upload runs within 1 second..but online i see the real upload-time...