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    clippers reacted to FWR Media in KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta & Canonical Header Tags   
    Bug Update
    Who it affects: -
    Any payment system file or other file not in root that calls template_top.php
    Thanks for the catch Ausgirl
    The package has been updated locally but no new package has been uploaded to osCommerce addons as yet.
    Code changes are below: -
    Find ( line 88 ) ..

    Replace with ...

    if ( $this->module instanceof KissMT_Modules ) { $this->module->process(); }
    Find ( line 141 ) ..

    trigger_error( 'KissMT could not find a valid base filename, please inform the developer.', E_USER_WARNING );
    Replace with ..

    return (((strlen(ini_get('cgi.fix_pathinfo')) > 0) && ((bool)ini_get('cgi.fix_pathinfo') == false)) || !isset($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SCRIPT_NAME'])) ? basename($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['PHP_SELF']) : basename($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SCRIPT_NAME']);

    Find ( line 184 ) ..

    private function loadModules() {

    Replace with ..

    private function loadModules() { if ( !tep_not_null( $this->basename ) ) { return false; }
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    clippers reacted to tedbooks in [Contribution] osc2ebay - oscommerce to ebay synchronization   
    i have used it with 2..3.1. with the basic necessary modification . I have also developed a complete ebay management tools for the admin section based on this addon, which i am testing now. it can do almost everything. add feedback, answer emails, adding eBay orders to the shop and a lot more. almost everything that you can do from ebay.
    i will release it soon for testing
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    clippers reacted to 14steve14 in Margin Report v2.10   
    If your data is not being remembered from the data base you may have missed a bit of code in the admin categories somewhere. Make sure you have added products_cost, after or before products_price. There are also a few instances where you have to add p.products_cost, after p.products_price, And also check that you have again added 'products_cost' => '', after 'products_price' => '', in the if ($action == 'new_product') {
    Also make sure that you have added the sql file code.
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    clippers reacted to multimixer in Google Analytics for v2.3.1   
    You don't need any addon for google analytics in version 2.3.1
    In your admin panel go to modules>header tags, install the analytics module (same way as you do eg for boxes) and paste your code into the input field.
    That's all
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    clippers reacted to Jack_mcs in Article Manager v1.0   
    That could be the problem. The css really should be in an external file and is probably interferring with the css in 2.3. It is needed for the separator, if you want that, but it can be done from an external class. It won't affect how the code works though.