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  1. Thank you Jared, it worked brilliantly :thumbsup: Emma
  2. I already have ollacart installed and have been using it for a few years, does anyone know where I can remove the need for the server key instead of installing it afresh. I want to keep it it as I have it. I cant see in the download where the changes need to be. any help would be fab but I need to do it before 21 Nov as that when the server is offline (I missed the email) Thanks Emma
  3. (Bark) What Lassie, Timmy's in Trouble? (Bark) You Mean He's Stuck in a Well?

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    2. MrPhil


      Get out of here, you dumb mutt! I'm trying to watch the game! Timmy will have to wait.

    3. clippers


      (Bark) What was the score? :)


    4. MrPhil


      Red Sox 9, Yankees 2 :)

  4. You like cheese! You like peas! You love cheesey peas!

    1. PupStar


      prefer cheesey beans :)

    2. Mort-lemur


      No time to make cheesy peas..use the instant version, squeezy cheesy peas

    3. clippers


      lol its easy peasy

  5. This week i mostly be eating ..... Muller Rice

    1. clippers


      :) ive been watching The Fast Show in case any of you thought i lost the pot....

    2. g2777


      I was clearing out my loft and I found an original copy of the Bible... Which was nice.

    3. clippers


      You like cheese! You like peas! You love cheesey peas!

  6. I love my template from Mini template Systems :heart: its design is exactly how i had it in my head. I have had various oscommere websites for many years and always had to change the front page coding every time a new season of stock came in or sales started or even bored of the colour scheme. With the ease of this system my staff can make the changes without me :) this has freed up my time to continue with my addons and having the knowledge that this system has not change my shop core coding too much, helps with making the changes. Customer service of Mini System Template is excellent and I would recommend George's service to anyone as he exceeds his parameters of the Product by helping modify existing modules to fit and work well with no conflicts and also adds extras if they enhance your site. George is a pleasure to work with and has the patience of a Saint if you can’t quite get a across what you need and want. Lucky you if you get a chance to work with him, He’s a Star. :thumbsup:
  7. clippers

    edit prices in the category

    if you mean edit prices for a sale or reduced amount, try the mod called "special by category" :)
  8. The last 60 winners of Miss Universe pageant have been from Earth.....i dunno seems fixed to me

    1. MrPhil


      Yeah, last year I thought that Miss Proxima Centuri B was the clear winner.

    2. clippers


      oh no i thought Miss Bellerophon was the closest thing to a star :-)


  9. osc only allows you to make attributes but it doesnt stop sales of attirbutes if they become out of stock, ie i have 1 medium, 2 large 1 xl in stock and list them on my website as attributes med, large, xl ..... qtpro allows me to keep the ratio 1 med, 2 large, 1 xl and not sell any if attribute is out of stock where as osc allows you sell 2 xl's. Ebay i use variations options like qtpro... med, large, xl and i also put in 1 med, 2 large, 1 xl At the moment im removing stock by hand if one sells on ebay i remove it from the web, if one sells on the web i hand remove it from ebay, i need something that allows me to sync the stock lol sorry if that doesnt make sence i'll send you a link by pm of my ebay listing Thanks @@tedbooks
  10. ohh sounds good, would it be usable with Qtpro, as i have a apparel site and need trackable attributes :-)
  11. clippers

    Margin Report v2.10

    hi 14steve14 thats what i did :-) I missed out one p.products_cost, after installing Header Tags SEO and editing $product_query = tep_db_query, All fixed now thank goodness, lol sometimes you have to stand back if the code goes all burry the contribution works lovely now thank you
  12. Has anybody managed to use this with 2.3.1 yet, I have tried using magnalister but it didnt work with Qtpro nor multiple images, has anyone manged to use it with Qtpro as i really need it (w00t)
  13. clippers

    Margin Report v2.10

    @@EchoGuns i havent got it fixed yet, but i dont use easy populate, i have ajax attributes and qtpro, i think it has to be some thing simple such as its not being saved to the database when opened, have you had any luck yet?
  14. clippers

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack I have the module working perfectly now and i didnt have to do anything to it other than switch off SEO URL-5 pro. (both modules work perfectly just not together) Do you know any URL SEO modules that work with this module without conflicts ? or do you know how to make these 2 work together Thank you so much for your time Emma :-)
  15. clippers

    Margin Report v2.10

    Hi i have this mod for the 2.3.1 shop (the http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8147 Contribution) and it works lovely except, it is not saving the cost price when i reopen edit product, it does however stay there if i dont touch the product, but now and again i have to edit the description and then it just disapears and i have to insert it again. Any ideas ? Thank you x