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  1. If you read the info sheet in the document it tells you the password used to protect the sheets! Sheet protection was used to make it easier to update prices using TAB to move between fields, and hopefully to allow editing with less risk of corrupting the sheet. I have uploaded a new corrected version as 121009_UK_Postal_Rates.zip, so there shouldn't be any confusion. Please download it from http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4473.
  2. labbs

    Airmail shipping options not displaying

    Does your test product have a weight of more than 2kg? I notice in your list of national shipping options you do not include RM 2nd class which is normally limited to 2kg, incidentally this is the maximum weight that Airmail/Airsure will allow. In general when no shipping method is available then you find that the customer gets to the payment stage directly.
  3. Airmail is limited to a maximum of 2kg in weight. What is the price and weight of your test product? In general all the methods have minimum and maximum values for weight and value, and can be set to split shipments where maxima are exceeded.
  4. The shipping modules were created for UK based stores.
  5. No the module would not have changed any of the character settings. The shipment modules return the shipping cost as a number, and because they are designed for UK use the number is in pounds. Also none of the shipping modules actually have the currency symbol hard coded, or in their language files. For a UK store you should have the default currency as GBP, and you'll notice in Admin->Localization->Currencies that you can edit the details for a currency including the symbol displayed for it. The problem could be that your MySQL database has the characterset as UTF-8, and as a result some munging occurs and you get weird output, such as the Squiggly-A £. You could try resolving this by editing the settings for GBP, and as the currency symbol enter the HTML entity £. Hope that helps...
  6. The weird squiggly A is something I normally associate with UTF-8 settings. Once you have installed the latest version (e.g. v2.2.2), you will then need to update the prices. You should find a recent Excel spreadsheet on the contributions download page at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4473, which you can then use to cut & paste new prices into the configuration.
  7. AFAIK the latest FULL package at UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods 21st Aug Prices is UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods v2.2.1 uploaded by jwilkins on 7 Jan 2010. Once you have this installed and working you'll need to update the prices by editing the values for each module. One way to start is using the included spreadsheet (090406_UK_Postal_Rates), work your way through the Royal Mail site http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/product1?catId=500185&mediaId=400023 updating the prices in the spreadsheet as required, and then finally using cut and paste while editing a method in the Admin control panel to insert the new price and compensation strings.
  8. It can be a steep learning curve, but keep persevering :) These shipping methods all use weight calculations that centre on the way that osCommerce applies Package Tare Weight and Larger packages percent increase to the weight of goods in the cart. Here's the basic code: // Calculate shipping weight taking into account // Maximum Package Weight you will ship // Package Tare weight // Larger packages percent increase // // as is done in ..../includes/classes/shipping.php line# 70 - 79 // if (SHIPPING_BOX_WEIGHT >= $total_weight*SHIPPING_BOX_PADDING/100) { $shipping_weight = $total_weight+SHIPPING_BOX_WEIGHT; } else { $shipping_weight = $total_weight + ($total_weight*SHIPPING_BOX_PADDING/100); } The variables above are: SHIPPING_BOX_WEIGHT: Package Tare weight SHIPPING_BOX_PADDING/100: Larger packages percent increase $total_weight: Weight of products in the cart $shipping_weight: The weight of the shipment including packaging If Package Tare weight was 1 and Larger Package percent increase was 10, then for cart weights of upto, and including, 10 the weight of packaging would be calculated as 1, so the shipping weight would be cart weight PLUS 1, e.g. a cart weight of 6 ends up in a shipping weight of 7. Carts heavier than 10 would use the Larger packages percent increase to calculate the packaging weight to add to the cart weight, e.g. a cart weighing 20 would result in a shipping weight of 22. The package Tare weight and Larger Package percent increase cause a deal of confusion with people, and what works for one store won't necessarily work for another. You just need to test things and try different values until you get to something that works for you. For instance if you primarily sell small light items weighing about 100 grammes each (0.1Kg), and have small jiffy bags (e.g. 0.02Kg) which can hold 4 items along with larger jiffy bags (which weigh more than 0.02Kg), then you might start testing with a tare weight of 0.02 and a percent increase of 5 (4 items weigh 0.4Kg, and 5% of 0.4Kg is 0.02Kg). Some people find their brain starting to overheat trying to set these values appropriately, take the easy course of setting them both to ZERO, then adding a handling fee for a shipping method or increase the weights of their products to compensate for packaging costs! :blink: I hope the above helps you to better understand how osCommerce and these shipping methods work.
  9. The method installs a default for the maximum value to ship as £2500, as this is the maximum RM will allow you to insure a shipment for. Solutions: Raise the maximum value you will ship but remember that RM will only pay a maximum £2500 compensation. This will result in the module displaying 'Uninsured' for shipments over the £2500 value limit. Split shipments on Maximum Value creating more than 1 package each of which can be insured.
  10. That would probably be the easiest way to create an International Parcelforce48 method. The way the rmintsig method decides which zone to use is: Check if the shipping destination is in the list of Invalid ISO Codes. If the destination is Invalid then don't allow the method! [*]Check if the shipping destination is in the list of Zone 1 ISO codes If it is then set the Zone to 1 If it isn't then it MUST be in Zone 2 To create a new method with a name of 'intparcelforce48' here are some basic instructions. N.B. the method name is closely tied to the file name, so it is important to be consistent! Copy .../includes/modules/shipping/rmintsig.php to .../includes/modules/shipping/intparcelforce48.php Globally Search and Replace RMINTSIG with INTPARCELFORCE48 Globally Search and Replace rmintsig with intparcelforce48 (the case is important!) Around line# 48 change $this->num_zones = 2; to the number of zones you want. Around line# 368 in function install there is a loop that populates the configuration, you will see in rmintsig that the loop has two if blocks e.g. if ($i == 1) { , which set the default values. You'll want to add if blocks so that each of your zones has one, and have the last block similar to the current if ($i == 2) { block. [*]Copy .../includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/rmintsig.php to .../includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/intparcelforce48.php Globally Search and Replace RMINTSIG with INTPARCELFORCE48 To test your new module you will need to complete a REMOVE/INSTALL cycle in the osCommerce admin to ensure the defaults are installed in your shop. If all has gone well you should now have a new International shipping method that you can use. The main points to remember are; set the number of Zones you need, add additional code to initialise the database in the install routine, and that the method defaults to the last zone (so keep that for All Others).
  11. labbs

    Exact Shipping Cost Modules

    I rewrote UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods 21st Aug Prices (contribution #4473) earlier this year to satisfy some user requests, and tried to write the modules in a way that would make it easy to adapt them to another countries postal system. For shipping to different countries you create 'zones' in the modules, which are essentially lists of country codes. The number of 'zones' is set with $this->num_zones = <WHATEVER YOU NEED>; at the top of the module. Then at the end of function install you can add the extra default 'zone' info within the loop. There's no basic reason why you couldn't have one 'zone' for each country, it would just make for a very long screen in the admin. I hope you'll find the set of modules easy enough to adapt to your needs. Best regards
  12. labbs

    Module Help

    I never touched modules.php at all during the attempted installation of the new module so I can't figure out what has happened? When you install a shipping module using it's INSTALL button, osCommerce adds the module name to a list held in a record of the configuration table. The .../admin/modules.php reads this record to get the list of installed shipping modules, and since you have deleted the files this could explain why you are experiencing the error above. If you want to remove a shipping module then use it's REMOVE button if possible to cleanly remove it from osCommerce, before deleting it's files. You could try putting the files back into your installation, and then using the REMOVE button before deleting them again. Best regards
  13. Depends which country you are in... You could have a look at v2.2.0 of UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods 21st Aug Prices. The contribution was created for UK based stores, but it would be possible to configure/modify it to work with the postal services in other countries. Best regards
  14. I had the same problem on my 'MySQL 5.0.67-Max' system, but I created a work around. See Post #4704 above... Best regards
  15. In the v2.2.0 modules for those methods that have insurance cover there are compensation rates, that are a string of value:additional cost pairs separated by commas. e.g. in RM Standard Parcels you will find RM Standard Parcels Compensation Rates 39:0,100:1,250:2.25,500:3.5 This means that RM automatically give you £39 cover in the basic price, but you can purchase additional cover for increased shipment values, for example £250 cover for an additional £2.25. In its default install you'll see for a cart value of £58.47 and a shipping weight of 1.35Kg, this reults in the shipping option being displayed in the checkout as: Royal Mail Standard Parcels Delivery Weight : 1 package of 1.35 Kg's (Insured upto £100, ships normally within 3 to 5 days) £5.41 The basic shipping cost of £4.41 plus an additional £1 for cover up to £100. You can remove compensation cover by clearing the string in the compensation rates field. This will result in the shipping option being displayed as: Royal Mail Standard Parcels Delivery Weight : 1 package of 1.35 Kg's (Uninsured, ships normally within 3 to 5 days) £4.41 You could further remove the insurance display by disabling it in the method, select the 'No' radio button under 'Display Insurance', which then results in the shipping option being displayed as: Royal Mail Standard Parcels Delivery Weight : 1 package of 1.35 Kg's (Ships normally within 3 to 5 days) £4.41 Best regards