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  1. Mormegil007

    Store Selected Shipping Info

    I need the info stored separately. What is stored in order_totals is a string inside of an array. It looks like this: "module_SHIPPER service type" I need the method and service separated so that I can export it properly and automatically from the admin section. I didn't want to have to write some obfuscated string search code that only works for the methods and services I've programmed it for because it isn't a very modular solution.
  2. Mormegil007

    Free Shipping and Other options

    I did this once before. You have to get into the code and change the part of the quoting portion of the code that goes something like this: if ($free_shipping) { output free shipping } elseif ($module) { output module } to something more like this: if ($free_shipping) { output free shipping } if ($module) { output module } More specifically, you may just need to go to checkout shipping and look around line 112 or something for this: if ($shipping == 'free_free') { $quote[0]['methods'][0]['title'] = FREE_SHIPPING_TITLE; $quote[0]['methods'][0]['cost'] = '0'; } else { $quote = $shipping_modules->quote($method, $module); } and change it to something like this: if ($shipping == 'free_free') { $quote[0]['methods'][0]['title'] = FREE_SHIPPING_TITLE; $quote[0]['methods'][0]['cost'] = '0'; } $quote = $shipping_modules->quote($method, $module); This may or may not work for you, and it may or may not be complete. It's been a long time since I've done it. Good luck.
  3. Mormegil007

    Store Selected Shipping Info

    I need to store information about which shipping method was selected during the checkout process. I would like it to be a lot like the way that the MVS module does it, but I don't want to install the entire MVS module for this one function. Does anyone know of any such module? Thanks in advance.
  4. Mormegil007

    No Ship Zones?

    There must be something out there to restrict the customer from selecting certain zones for shipping. I can't seem to find a contribution, but I can't imagine I'm the first person who ever needed to block shipping to certain states. Anybody know of anything like this?