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  1. bluephoenix

    Points/Rewards Module

    For those with tep_array_merge error find the line with tep_array_merge and change it to array_merge or try the new filein the contrinutions area. Just replace the old points_config with the new one.
  2. bluephoenix

    Points/Rewards Module

    All the pertinent files are in the zip. Follow the install instructions
  3. bluephoenix

    Discount Code

    Look in the discount module - credit gc etc http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...search,discount
  4. bluephoenix

    Points/Rewards Module

    Points/Rewards Module This module is so you can award points to your customer per assigned amount they spend. The points can then be redeemed at a specified value for specific products. You can mark points as pending, awarded, etc. You can manually award points and also points can auto-award after a designated number of days. You can also remove points for say order cancellation, return of items, etc.
  5. bluephoenix

    Points/Rewards Module

    This contribution is a module for awarding points to customer per designated amount they spend. You decide how much each point is for awarding and for redemption.
  6. did you check if the Master Products would work?
  7. bluephoenix

    Manual Point-of-Sale Contribution

    Well, Take oscommerce, add the multiple stores wth 1 admin and add the manual order the (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1911). If the online store is set to only use categories from a certain store then it will work. Change the interfacte to make it simplier. Add in the RMA module with a few changes so that returns can be done in the store and voila. You can also add an inventory module fairly easily using the stock count mechanish. Put in the name of the vendor when you input the item and create a vendor contact sheet. You can then do the stock reorder report by vendor. I did something similar for a POS last year but don't have access to a copy now as everything was turned over to the client. They ended up with a POS that they tracked per store a well as online. All info in one db. The customer number and order number was barcoded to the packing slip.
  8. bluephoenix

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Will this mod allow you to see all the differnt stores available from a main page? Is it possible for the shopper to see all orders centrally regardless of where they placed the order from? I know there is no central store but I really need for the shopper to be able to see all orders globally. I guess more than anythign what I need is a mod that lists the items in the cart by the vendor and also calculates shipping per individual vendor set in the cart. However too busy unfortunately to deeply think on this
  9. bluephoenix

    Discount code module...

    Search contributions for giftcertificate/discount
  10. DOes anyone know of a preorder or aa checkout later module? What I need is for the customer to be able to preorder the item but not have to pay until they are billed later.
  11. bluephoenix

    Option to Charge to In House Account

    Take one of the mods that do the credit card number collection and change that to take the cardor account charge number. Or, use the invoiving payment mod
  12. bluephoenix

    cieto Featured Products 2.5 MS2

    1 bug - in categories with no featured the box still shows up. Suggestion: How about also having a page in admin where featured items can be directly administered like in Specials. After the item is added - it becomes a pain to go back through all those categories and subcategories, etc to administer them if one has a lot
  13. bluephoenix

    Installment Payment Module

    What problem exactly are you having? Did you read the install - I tried to make it clear when I translated it. It is not a full installment payment/lay-a-way mod as it will not maintain a history of payments nor will it allow the install payments to be made using it. It is meeant to say show the customer what their payments and terms will be if they lease or whatever. Expansion to make it a full mod is needed but I have too many things to do right now so I cannot tackle it.
  14. bluephoenix

    Installment Payment Module

    THis is not a full installment module - it is meant to calculate the payments due and the terms for payment and then pass the process to a lending or leasing agent.
  15. bluephoenix

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Well, I think if each time you are not creating a new item, then it might be best to just add that item to the database and put it in a hidden category. That way you have the auction ad to reuse if you sell more than one of the items. Not sure if this will work but how about this, If you use the auction creation script, it could possibly be set so that each time the csv for an item is downloaded a new item is created in the database. Then after there is an auction id, the store can add the id to the database. When the auction ends ebay immediately sends out an email to the seller. That email could be parsed and pertinent parts auto-populated to the database. That way no additional mapping would be necessary. Or instead of parsing emails a cron job can be set to check with Ebay and get the data and update the database. That way the user would be able to check out. Or maybe that is all too convoluted?