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    Request Product Reviews

    Hey...Moderators Please delete my previous post. Problem Solved It was issue of my mail server configuration. Anyways Thanks
  2. shan.devlop

    Request Product Reviews

    i have uploaded the module, and modified all the database tables according to readme file. but my test customer is not receving any email after test oredr i modified all details according to readme file. One more think review_write.php is not showing any message just a balnk page. Can anyone help... Thanks in advance
  3. shan.devlop

    QPBPP v1.2.3

    Hey I have just installed QPBPP.. everything seems to work fine. but what i want that on my index page. product price to be shown in as a range. for instance if 1 piece of a product is for $10 and the price for highest quantity is $8. i want product price at index and adv._search pages as $10-$8. it is currently showing as $10. I am open to any new ideas Thanks for help