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  1. Thanks again d7 for your reply. Sorry I don't know how to do a screen shot, however, I am pretty confident it is nothing with when I set the coupon. As I have tried entering nothing but $10 in the amount field. The min order is left blank. I have made up other coupons and I am still getting the same result (Order needs to be $2 more than the coupon to work).
  2. Just had another play around... it seems that if i make the order $12 , the coupn will work. It just didn't work for under $12, so the order total needed to be $2 more than the coupn amount However, I also tried doing it with a larger amount... I made a order for $50, and used a $50 coupon - it worked! I just don't get it! d7 - what code should I show you?
  3. d7recruitment - thanks for your speedy reply, however it is definitely a $$$ coupon as I have other % discounts that work. I double checked it and it is definitely coming up as a $$$ discount.
  4. I am having major issues with my discount codes... and it's doing my head in! I have a customer who has been given a coupn for $10, her order total is $11.70, yet when the discount is entered... this is what comes up... Sub-Total: $9.99 Discount Coupon OCTWC2 applied: -$1.71 Flat Rate (Best Way): $5.50 Total: $13.78 I have been searching for so long on how to fix this and found nothing.... please someone help me!
  5. dannii_b

    Discount Coupn Problem

    Okay, have been looking into it more and it is definitely that the customer is new and have not placed an order yet. I know this because all new customers it doesn't work for, but existing customers that have placed an order before it does work for. Just need to know how to amend this now, any ideas?
  6. dannii_b

    Discount Coupn Problem

    Okay I am having a major issue with my discount codes. I am making up $10 vouchers for people, but when they go to checkout, it only gives them a 2c discount. However if I use it in my account, it works! No idea what is going on here, can anyone help? ETA: I just had a thought, the customers that have trouble are new customers that have not placed an order yet, but my account has placed a previous order and it works for that. Could that be the problem? If so, how can I make it so that new customers can still use discount coupons?
  7. This cont looks perfect for what I am wanting, just curious though... I am new to all of this.... when I click on the link in the first post of this thread... the one taking you to download the cont. There is a list of all different possible downloads, how do I know which one to download? Sorry but prob seems like a really stupid question, but I am a newbie and don't want to download the wrong thing. Thanks in advance!
  8. dannii_b

    Which one?

    thanks, but which one do i install from that list? there is such a long list... do i install Discount Coupon Codes 3.3? also, does this do the free shipping for selected products as well, or is there another one for that?
  9. dannii_b

    Which one?

    Hi! Thanks for looking at my question, I hope you are able to help me... I am wanting to be able to give my customers vouchers to use in the shop, but I don't know what to download... I am a newbie so need something simple for me to install and use if possible Secondly, I am wondering if it is possible to make free shipping on selected products? If anyone can help, that would be much appreciated!
  10. dannii_b

    Adding Quantity Box to Products Page

    never mind - i got it!
  11. dannii_b

    Adding Quantity Box to Products Page

    Ummm... sorry to be a pain, but I don't understand... where do I download this "compare and merge" from?
  12. Okay, so I went to tips and tricks in the OSC knowledgebase, and followed the instructions for this... Adding Quantity Box to Products Page Once I did that, if I tried clicking on the "add to cart" button in the products page, it would add the item to the cart, but 29 or 30 times! So I thought, stuff that I will delete it. So I just went back and delted the codes that I put in... Well I have stuffed up somewhere along the track... and now when the add to cart button is clicked it doesn't add anything to the cart. I am thinking I am going to need the original scripting for product_info.php and includes\application_top.php, and just replace everything I have with the original... can someone help with this please? I am really needing my shop up and running TOMORROW!
  13. I have installed the contribution for discount coupon codes... I can see the module in my order total modules, but can't see anything else. There is no place for coupons to be entered at checkout, nor can I see how to create a coupon. Can someone help please - need this done asap!
  14. dannii_b

    Newbie needs help installing contribution

    Okay, so I have now installed it with help... it's the discount coupon codes btw... I can sew install it in the order total module section... but I don't see where to get the rest working... No option to add coupons comes up at checkout, and I don't know where I get the codes from anyway. Can someone help please?
  15. Hi there! I am trying to install a discount coupon contribution... I managed to upload the files file in Step 1, but I don't understand what it is telling me in step 2... **************** STEP 2 **************** Create the database tables Run these statements via the SQL tab in phpMyAdmin. CREATE TABLE discount_coupons ( coupons_id varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', coupons_description varchar(64) NOT NULL default '', coupons_discount_percent decimal(7,4) default NULL, date_start datetime default NULL, date_end datetime default NULL, max_use int(3) NOT NULL default 0, min_order decimal(15,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000', PRIMARY KEY (coupons_id) ); CREATE TABLE discount_coupons_to_orders ( discount_coupons_to_orders_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, coupons_id varchar(32) default NULL, orders_id int(11) default 0, PRIMARY KEY (discount_coupons_to_orders_id) ); Can anybody give me clear instructions? Remembering that I am a newbie? Many Thanks In Advance!