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  1. bastien34

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    Hi everybody I did install thid contribution, it is working well, I just would like to arrange the display a little bit. I did try different thing but cannot find it. To have an idea this is the page with the contribution here I would like to change the categories and put them horizontal. So it will be like this Categories1 Categories 2 Categories 3 etc..... Also i would like to add the button "Add to Basket" in each categorie ( next to the button "info") So once you select a product you can add straight in the basket. If someone knows where top change this ( compbuild.php ou prduct_list) please let me know. Thank you Bastien
  2. bastien34

    PC Pro Creator

    Problem fix Thank you again for this great contribution Bastien
  3. bastien34

    PC Pro Creator

    Thank you for this great contribution, i did install it. I have a little problem every thing looks ok on mozilla, but on internet explorer it is impossible to choose the products. When you want to choose a product there is a stange link only available. I live the link of the page you will understand much better. The page If someone has an idea Thank you Bastien
  4. Hello, I just install sid Killer, it looks working well but when i choose the french language, and clik to an other page the page came to English. And when i choose the french language it is impossible to add something in the basket. Maybe we have to change something here, but i am not shure if ($HTTP_GET_VARS['language'] && $kill_sid) { $l = ereg('[&\?/]?language[=/][a-z][a-z]', $parameters, $m); if ($l) { $parameters = ereg_replace("[&\?/]?language[=/][a-z][a-z]", "", $parameters); $HTTP_GET_VARS['language'] = substr($m[0],-2); } if (tep_not_null($parameters)) { $parameters .= "&language=" . $HTTP_GET_VARS['language']; } else { $parameters = "language=" . $HTTP_GET_VARS['language']; } } Thank you for your help Bastien