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  1. Very nice contribution! I have only one question. If I set "limit quantity" = 0 then the program will stop sale when article runs out right?
  2. When i start contrib. I get this HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error): any help??
  3. LencTPH

    Image preview?

    any one?
  4. LencTPH

    Image preview?

    Hy, does any one know where could I get an ADD for this kind of image previewing. Click on image in this shop: http://www.rammsteinshop.de/catalog/produc...products_id=368 Thx in advance. Lenc
  5. LencTPH

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Helow i have downloaded this 2.0 designe pack. Can anyone tell me what execly I have to do now? Little newbie :) Thx for your help!!