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  1. I have two questions that I think are simple for those of you that know this software a heck of a lot better than me. 1. How do I change the wording that is seen in my checkout shipping page regarding the country shipping to and the weight? I'd like to change the wording "shipping to [the 2 digit ISO code]" to the full name of the country. I also would like to remove all reference to the weight. 2. If I want to offer two different shipping choices to only the US, can I do that and how? Can i copy the zones files (and which ones) and rename them? Thanks
  2. Bump, in hopes for and answer on the other issues.
  3. Thanks Lyn. Lets hope we get an answer to part two. Anyone want to take a stab at question #2
  4. Hello - hope someone out there can help me. I have a small problem. I'm running version 3.31 and created coupon codes using an "&" in the item #. I am assuming this is no good because I can't edit these coupons nor delete them through the admin screen. How can I get rid of them, perhaps delete them from a file or database? I took a quick look at MySql, but honestly, I don't know what I'm doing there and am afraid of F-ing something up. I couldn't even find a list of the coupon codes. Thanks in advance.
  5. I have been using this contribution for quite a while and it has been working great. I have about a dozen coupons. the problem is that with 3 of the coupons, the edit feature does not show up and I can't change or delete them. Any ideas?
  6. I have an idea for an enhancement to this contribution for someone who commands the skills. I'd like to see a per item discount option. That is if you have a fixed price off and item and buy 2 items, you get 2x the fixed discount amount.
  7. Boschett

    Please recommend a shipping solution

    Thanks. I ended up going with multiple table rates.
  8. Hi - I'm hoping someone here can recommend a shipping solution or contribution for me. Right now I'm using the multiple flat rate shipping contribution. I have three shipping methods, USPS - Priority, Express & International. I sell watches and this works fine for buying one watch. The problem I have is if someone buys more than one watch, I'd like to increase the price. Also, sometimes I collect pre-order deposits and I don't want to charge shipping on these. Is there anything that will allow me to require shipping on certain products and not on others? Thanks
  9. Boschett

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    OK, Does anyone know how to make the "Payment Method" field wider so that more text is printed?
  10. Boschett

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Getting some things fixed. You may disregard.
  11. Boschett

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Well I must have missed something significant. I have several other contributions so I was not able to just upload the files. I will search this thread to see if I can find anything, but the 65 pages will take some time. My problem is that I hardly get the full revised invoice layout. It mostly looks like the original. I have attached a copy. If anyone knows what I missed please let me know. Many thanks, Keith
  12. Boy this is fun. I found the fix my problem in the common problems section. Now I need to find out how to have the discount applied before tax. I'll keep plugging away.
  13. I apologize for all the individual posts. I fixed the subtotal doubling. This instruction fixed it. I "added below" when I should have "replaced with". OPEN catalog/includes/classes/order.php FIND on line 244: $shown_price = tep_add_tax($this->products[$index]['final_price'], $this->products[$index]['tax']) * $this->products[$index]['qty']; $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price; REPLACE with this code: //kgt - discount coupons if( is_object( $this->coupon ) ) { $applied_discount = 0; $discount = $this->coupon->calculate_discount( $this->products[$index], $valid_products_count ); if( $discount['applied_discount'] > 0 ) $valid_products_count++; $shown_price = $this->coupon->calculate_shown_price( $discount, $this->products[$index] ); $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price['shown_price']; $shown_price = $shown_price['actual_shown_price']; } else { $shown_price = tep_add_tax($this->products[$index]['final_price'], $this->products[$index]['tax']) * $this->products[$index]['qty']; $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price; } /************** $shown_price = tep_add_tax($this->products[$index]['final_price'], $this->products[$index]['tax']) * $this->products[$index]['qty']; $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price; **************/ //end kgt - discount coupons Now I've added 2 test codes, one $ and one %. Neither work. When I enter the coupon code the page refreshes and clears the coupon code field. If I continue to checkout the full amounts show up.
  14. Update: I'm close to a fix. I had the wrong database_tables.php loaded in the admin section. Now I see the admin section of the coupon module. Yeah! Right now, I still have the subtotal doubling and this is both with the contribution turned on (true) or off (false). I'm going to start looking for this issue within this post and the forum, hopefully I'll find an answer. Please, if anyone can help with the doubling of the subtotal please respond.
  15. I also noticed that my subtotal has doubled. Even though I have the coupon contribution not enabled.
  16. Oh BTW, I'm trying to use v. 3.31 dated 9/27. Should I use the temporary bug fix by Agra that was added to the contribution on 10/22?
  17. Yes. I see the coupon filed in the checkout process when set to true. I don't think the tables loaded (what I mean is that I saw no process happen when I clicked install) ASCII/Binary? I don't know what you mean. Programming dummy here. I uploaded the files the same way I've done with other contributions. Since the catalog/includes/modules/order_total file is a new file I only uploaded it as is. BTW, I ran the SQL query manually still no luck.
  18. OK, I can't edit my post. I found a more recent post a few pages back with the same issue. A response asked if ot_discount_coupon.php was installed and mine is. So I still don't know how to fix this.
  19. Hi there, I just completed the install. I'm getting the following error in the admin section of the coupon module: 1146 - Table 'boschett_p_os2.TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS' doesn't exist select count(*) as total from TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS cd [TEP STOP] I saw early on in this post that this meant the tables did not get created. I don't believe they were. I got no error when updating/installing the module and I did not see anywhere that the tables were being created. Where I saw this post it also gave instructions on creating the database tables, but there are more tables in the current instructions (I think it may have been an answer for an older version). Anyway, I ran the SQL queries in phpMyAdmin, but still no change. I noticed that there are no records in each of the new tables, I don't know if this means anything. I'll attempt to go through the remaining pages of the 83 to find some help, If anyone can help me I'd truly appreciate it. Thanks.
  20. Boschett

    Authorize.net Simple Integration Method (SIM) Support

    Thanks Sam, really appreciated the help. I will give it a try.
  21. Boschett

    Authorize.net Simple Integration Method (SIM) Support

    netstep/Sam, Thanks for posting this contribution. I was wondering if you know how to change something. When the credit card is declined the error message comes up just under the breadcrumb bar in the same background color as the bar itself. Do you know if and where I can change the background color of the error message? Is it in the stylesheet? Thanks, Keith
  22. I'm looking to add a contribution that adds a coupon code field during checkout. I'd like to have the option to have multiple codes. I've searched the forums and the contribution pages and all I seem to come up with are ones where there are issues or bugs. Who can recommend one that works? Thanks
  23. Boschett

    Coupon code contribution that works?

    What's the deal with the "temporary fix" that is referenced in the latest two download files. This makes me a little leery.