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  1. dccsupplies

    The Feedmachine Solution

    Hi Tony, Thanks, that worked! I had played around, and changed this earlier, but hadn't tried that particular option! Rgds Andy
  2. dccsupplies

    The Feedmachine Solution

    Hi, - This contrib looks like is just what I need, thanks! I have two issues though: 1) Prices in the upload file are rounded to the nearest whole value i.e. 1.02 is priced at 1.00 and 63.79 is priced at 63.00 neither includes tax. We price in uk UKP (£) 2) When ftp is enabled the log file locks up. The upload file is generated, but no text is displayed. I get this error in my server log: Premature end of script headers: php-script, referer: https://www.dccsupplies.com/shop/admin/feedmachine_admin.php I'm running: Server OS: Linux 2.6.9-78.0.13.ELsmp Database: MySQL 5.0.67 HTTP Server: Apache PHP Version: 5.2.8 (Zend: 2.2.0) Thanks for any help you can offer!
  3. dccsupplies

    [Contribution] PayOffline (Pro)

    Hi, I figured out that it's something to do with tep_image I made the following replacements, and I get barcodes! I'm not familiar enough with PHP or OSC to figure out why, although we are running PHP5: Checkout_success.php Replaced: echo '<p align="center"><a href="'.tep_href_link(FILENAME_PAYOFFLINEPRO_PAYSLIP, 'oid='.$payofflinepro['oid'], 'SSL').'" target="_new">'.tep_image($payofflinepro['BarcodeURL'], 'PayOffline Barcode').'</a></p>'; with: echo '<p align="center"><a href="'.tep_href_link(FILENAME_PAYOFFLINEPRO_PAYSLIP, 'oid='.$payofflinepro['oid'], 'SSL').'" target="_new">'."<img src='$payofflinepro[barcodeURL]' alt= 'PayOffline Barcode'>".'</a></p>'; And in Payofflinepro_payslip.php echo '<p align="center">'.tep_image($details['BarcodeURL'], 'PayOffline Barcode').'</p>'; with: echo "<center> <img src='$details[barcodeURL]' alt='PayOffline Barcode here'> </centre>";
  4. dccsupplies

    [Contribution] PayOffline (Pro)

    Hi, Yes, however, the latest upload has fixed the problem. Everything works now OK, other than the barcode! The checkout_success screen displays the 'no image' graphic, rather than the barcode, as does the print link form this page. The email however, does have a barcode There are no PHP errors occuring. Thanks in advance!
  5. dccsupplies

    [Contribution] PayOffline (Pro)

    Hi, Just upgraded to latest version, but.... It broke the installation. I get the error PHP Fatal error: Class 'soapclient2' not found in /var/www/html/shop/includes/modules/payment/payofflinepro.php on line 98, referer: https://www.xxxxxxxxxxx Changing soapclient2 to soapclient gives a whole world of other errors. Could you point me in the right direction to sort this out please? Also, there is a filename error for the post office logo, file is called po_logo_large.gif, file called is pp_logo_large.gif - simple fix, but just thought you'd like to know! Cheers Andy
  6. dccsupplies

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    Hi, I've just installed this contrib, thanks for posting it, as it is exactly what I need. - Everything works great, other than when I click on a thumbnail for a pop-up image, the <alt> text appears. I can't figure out why this isn't working, I don't have any other problems that have been reported. The image urls are: Thumbnail. http://www.dccsupplies.com/shop/oscthumb.p...473232460cf2560 Pop-up. http://www.dccsupplies.com/shop/oscthumb.p...;h=960&fltr[]=fram|4|4|CCCCCC|FFFFFF|000000&f=jpg&q=95&hash=67ca8ad6692326c9674d1c199e9ae109 If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful! Rgds Andy
  7. dccsupplies

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi, I've looked back at posts, and may have missed the answer to this one, so my apologies if that's the case. I've just installed V1.5, and get this error when clicking on 'all articles' Current Articles 1054 - Unknown column 'OScatalogue.au.articles_id' in 'on clause' select count(*) as total from ((articles a) left join authors au using(authors_id)) left join articles_description ad using(articles_id), articles_to_topics a2t left join topics_description td using(topics_id) where (a.articles_date_available IS NULL or to_days(a.articles_date_available) <= to_days(now())) and a.articles_id = a2t.articles_id and a.articles_status = '1' and ad.language_id = '1' and td.language_id = '1' I've installed the mysql5 fixes, and tried a few other things, but I can't seem to change the outcome, otherwise, everything works fine. Any pointers or advice gratefully received.